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John Mayer

I Need to Grow Up!

2/11/2010 6:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer apologized a second time last night for his controversial Playboy comments -- this time to his band ... some of whom are African American.

John Mayer: Click to watch
Mayer stopped his Nashville concert Wednesday night to address the interview where he dropped the n-word and compared his you-know-what to a white supremacist -- saying he was trying to be "clever" and "did that at the expense of people I love."

He then thanked his band for sticking with him, adding "I just wanna play my guitar."


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To escrew:

Leave your political B.S. out of this. Based on all the comments I've seen you seem to have jumped the gun a bit.

1717 days ago

Anna Hagy    

He is a narcissist and is a jerk all around with his personality.
Not a gentlemen chip in him, just a self centered jerk

1717 days ago


The white supremacist thing...Does that mean his penis only likes other white penises?

1717 days ago


#80. Daisy - How lame. Rather than regurgitating crap about people you don't even know to begin with (or who could care less about YOU), perhaps you should use all that pent up energy for something PRODUCTIVE in your life, rather than using political references for something (or nothing) that has nothing to do politics. What a loser.

"Rush Limbaugh is taunting you all"..... you're so stoopid. Make sure YOU use a condom too-- we wouldn't want any more ignoramuses running around, would we.

1717 days ago


I wonder if his penis listens to Rap.

1717 days ago


The majority of the people that are saying that us african-americans need to get over it, & what he said was not that bad are deeply fooling themselves. We are not being soooooo sensitive, whiney, what he said was horrible & unforgivable. It's not only the fact that he used the "N" word it was the entire conversation regarding african-americans. If you choose not to date outside your race, fine that is your decison by all means. However; to say that you are a tiny bit of a white supremacist & compared a body part to David Duke a former Grand Wizard of the KKK , & then say the "N" word, was way too much. Then finally when the article is leaked prior to print,is when he decides to come out & say that he was trying to be clever. No the 32 year old John Mayer does not get a pass.

What if John had used a derogatory term in reference to Jewish people, Native Americans, gays, or lesbian's. Would people say "oh his comments weren't that bad, you people need to get over it." Mel Gibson has not been forgiven for what he said when he was totally drunk 8 years ago.

Or should it not matter because he was only talking about black people?

Read the whole article people, stop dismissing ignorance, & make this grown man take account of his actions & words!!!

1717 days ago

Black Barbie    

I really appreciated your gentle tribute to Michael at his memorial. I listened to your interview with Larry King and you seemed like such a decent sort of guy.

You need a muzzle on your mouth or at least a publicist beside you when giving interviews. No mature adult "kisses and tells" or insults his audience.

Epic fail, John!

1717 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Nobody cares that he said it. More people are upset at what he said about Jessica Simpson. Black people use the word all the f'n time!! Therefore, it is fair game. Tough!!!

1717 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

I got a way to punish Johnny-boy...

Let him pay for his crimes by get'n himself neck deep in the ole Black Snatcheroo.
I feel his pain just thinkn about it.

1717 days ago


John- What you OBVIOUSLY do not get is that you LOST fans in your attempts to be witty, way long before the playboy interview. I am one of them. You'll never get me back, your true colors are gross, nothing like the lyrics that you pen. You are fake. AND, you owe JESSICA SIMPSON, not those bandmates, an apology!

1717 days ago


He needs to grow up? What is he 5 years old? All I know is Idiot John Mayer gets the FOTY (Fail Of The Year) Award. We are only two months in, mind you. issue is who cares if thats how he feels. Its common sense to know. You dont go around saying what he said. Knowing minutes later it would be posted for the world to see.

He's feeling the heat now. What an idiot.

1717 days ago



1717 days ago


He's a total douche nozzle.

1717 days ago


I'm sick of this D-Bag and his pathetic quest for media at every turn. He's an immature, moron. His music is okay but as far as his true stripes as a human being...he's shown them and they are not pretty. He just needs to shut his mouth and focus on the music.
I hope he does quit tweeting and blowing his hole all over the place...but he's so immature, I'm sure he doesn't know how to.

1717 days ago


Ever notice how the great musicians and actors almost never say anything. It’s only the has beens or b-listers that THINK people care about anything they have to say.

1717 days ago
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