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Levi Johnston: My Future is Bleak

2/11/2010 7:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston has just fired back at his baby mama, Bristol Palin, and unlike grandma Sarah Palin, Levi didn't need to write crib notes on his hand.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin

Levi is responding to Bristol's demand for $1,750 a month in child support. In his opposing legal papers, Levi's lawyer, Rex Butler, says Levi's income is "erratic." Bristol claims that Levi raked in more than $105,000 in 2009. But attorney Butler says, prior to 2009, Levi never made more than $10,000 a year.

In the legal docs, Johnston agrees to pay 20% of his adjusted 2009 income -- though he doesn't say exactly how much he made. He also agrees to file quarterly income reports. In his declaration, Levi says in 2010, his only contractual guarantee for income is $25,000 plus "some contingencies based on my Playgirl shoot." He says he doesn't see how it's possible to pay $1,750 a month in child support.

And there's this. According to the docs, "Levi Johnston stands before this court as a 19-year-old with good hopeful for an entertainment career but the chances of increased income are as unknowable as it would be for any young person working his way into the entertainment industry: not particularly good."


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Working in the entertainment industry does not generally provide a stable income for most people. If he's willing to submit to quarterly income reports, then maybe he should pay that way. Otherwise, he really should look into something that's more 9 to 5.

1654 days ago


The PALINS are instigating the bad blood.

BRISTOL has chosen to not allow Levi 50/50 custody w/o a court order. THEREFORE, SHE is responsible for not only raising the baby, but also WORKING to raise the baby. If she did 50/50 custody, she'd have PLENTY of time for a job.

SARAH has said OVER AND OVER that the extended family is oh-so-helpful and supportive... plenty of built in babysitters for Bristol to work a few hours a day.

And BRISTOL should have listened to Mommy Dearest and ABSTAINED.

Sarah ALLOWED them to share a room! Talk about an IDIOT!

Two things are Levi's fault: not wearing a condom and not filing for joint custody a year ago. And I hope to heck he's already had a paternity test. Bristol is a KNOWN sl*t in her community, and the baby could be any one of a number of guys' kid.

The rest is on the Palin Klan.

1654 days ago


Custody and support should be split 50/50. I do hope though that the money earned by Brsitol whoring out Tripp's pictures went into a college fund.

1654 days ago


Raising a child is a full-time job 24/7, 365 days/year, legally for the next 18 years. Bristol has that job. So, where do you mindless morons get the notion that Bristol needs to "go get a job" because she is sitting around on her butt?

Man up, Levi. You have a son to support. We don't give a rat's azz that you are only 19. Lots of 19 year olds support one or two children. You are not needed in the entertainment industry. $1,750.00 is not unreasonable. Each month, 1/3 goes into the child's bank account toward his college education; 1/3 buys food, diapers, clothes, shoes, toys, entertainment, and, 1/3 is for medical, early child education, and other descretionary needs. Alaska is an expensive state. If your future earnings are bleak, you still have an option. Enlist in any of the 4 branches of the military. That is a steady paycheck for the next 3-4 years.

1654 days ago


You people at TMZ are liberal loons with a very slanted bias towards those right of center. You have been deleted from my bookmarks and will not waster my time reading your site in the future.

1654 days ago


No reason for surprise why Fox (or Rupert Murdoch) is building a TV studio at or near Palin's in Alaska. 1)Sarah Palin has a track record of not playing well with others. 2)She can keep family secrets and other stuff away from Fox staffers. 3)She will be near to her ghost writers who are in Alaska--too hard and too conspicuous to drag them along with her to and from New York. 4)Palin needs presence of her family to help keep her mental trolley on its tracks. (How many times have you seen her without family in the near background)??
Pertinent to blog entry above--Palin's daughter Bristol has sued for total custody of Tripp. I could be wrong, but...With a potential Presidential run for 2012, Tripp would be a younger, more manageable campaign prop (and we do see Palin uses her kids as props) than Trigg, who has Downs Syndrome and will be much larger, possibly less manageable. Think of the photo-ops Palin could do with Tripp. I feel so sorry for her kids.

1654 days ago


SS: What you are FAILING to understand is that Levi is NOT refusing to pay and HAS paid several thousand to Bristol.

What you ALSO fail to understand is that BRISTOL has CHOSEN this! If she was unprepared to work to support her child, she should have LISTENED TO HER MOTHER and ABSTAINED. She now has a baby and can NOT expect to sit around doing nothing while Levi is expected to be 100% of the financial equation. She is responsible for HALF of what it costs to raise the baby.

And for a 19 year old, $1750 is abhorrent. That means it costs $3500 per MONTH for this child. Even I don't require that kind of cash to live reasonably! Just because Bristol is a lazy wh0re who wants to live off a guy who wants nothing to do with her doesn't mean he should be forced to allow it.

The baby is insured for life as part native via Former First Dud. Medical expenses are limited, if any.

Diapers, food, clothes? $500, and that's generous. He's only 1 year old, for God's sake!

College Fund can't be mandated to my knowledge. And why can't Levi put those funds into an account himself, where Bristol doesn't have control of them?

If Bristol expects $1750 per month from Levi, she should be able to come up with the same herself and PROVE that it's NECESSARY for the secure upbringing of that baby.

She can't do it. She can't prove that $3500 is necessary when she lives and drives "expense-free", and when she isn't willing to contribute 1/2 that amount.

She can put the baby in day care or get the family to babysit. There is NO REASON she shouldn't be working and contributing to a degree she expects from Levi.

1654 days ago


Or, here's an even BETTER idea!

Let the father of that child have 50/50 custody! That would free her up to WORK towards his upbringing!

As to the Tripp vs. Trigg on the campaign stops: First, Trigg isn't Sarah's natural born child. That said, Trigg is PERFECT for campaigning because of his Downs Syndrome. The sympathy vote. The excuse for unreasonable indignation when someone says "retard" (but not when others say it). Trigg is the PERFECT prop!

1654 days ago


This dead beat, loser needs to stay home and get job. Not only could he provide steady support for his child but he owuld no longer be available to torture us by being on gossip shows running down the person that is supporting his child!

1654 days ago

Allred Tree    

Tomorrow when beady-eyed, rat face Joy Behar goes into one of her insane rants about the Palins and the "guy" (as the stupid woman refers to any man they happen to be talking about....she must be so senile she can't remember their name and so blind she can't read the cards she has before her EVERY DAY), I hope Elisabeth Hasselbeck points out what a HYPOCRITE the repulsive Behar is. The ladies of "The View" have notes before them daily and most speakers use index cards. They must think the viewers are so stupid they don't know this but that is understandable with someone like the idiot Sherri Shepherd on the program. Sherri has probably never atttended a debate or paid enough attention, if she did.

Levi Johnston is right in saying his future is bleak as he has shown what a real jerk he is. I am glad Bristol had the good sense not to marry him and they both need to get on with their lives. IMO Bristol has more career options available to her as she definitely seems smarter and more mature than Levi who has used tacky judgment in his photo ops and all else he does.

1654 days ago


Well, I'm tired of hearing about the crib notes! Get a life people. We all do it!

1654 days ago


According to some, Bristol doesn't NEED career options! She can just have Levi support her for the next 18 years.

That said, she is as unqualified for anything as he is. Her experience? Serving up coffee. That's it. That's the extent of her experience. If she's "parenting" 24/7, then she also has no time for college. So where are these "opportunities" going to come from?

One might say SHE used "tacky judgement" in getting knocked up at 17. She's an idiot who will do everything she can to live off her parents and Levi for life. At least Levi pulled in a decent income last year, while she did NOTHING but change a few diapers and prepare a few bottles.

1654 days ago

u r idiots    

LET ME SCHOOL YOU F?UCKIN IDIOTS ON CHILD SUPPORT: It doesn't matter his goodamn age or how much bristal makes a month or how she spends the goodamn money, AM I THE ONLY PERSON ON THIS F/UCKIN SITE THAT KNOWS THAT????????? He pays child support based on his CURRENT INCOME. He claimed $100,000 on his taxes for 2009, that is what they based his child support payment on. It seems to be 20% in Alaska is the going child support rate. CAN ANY OF YOU F/CKIN IDIOTS USE A CALCULATOR AND TELL ME WHAT 20% OF 100K IS DIVIDED BY 12 (THERE ARE 12 MONTHS IN A YEAR). F/CKIN IDIOTS, THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. AND YES SHE CAN SPEND EVERY DINE OF IT ON GETTING HER FINGERNAILS DONE IF SHE WANTS. DOES ANYONE WITH STUPID COMMENTS HAVE A FRIEND OF FAMILY MEMBER WHO PAYS OR RECEIVES CHILD SUPPORT. GET A F/UCKIN EDGMUKATION YOU RETARDDDDDSSSSSS!!!!

Read more:

1654 days ago

u r idiots    

and another thing...
people here act like they have never been to a child support hearing and have never known anyone paying and receiving support. if she waited a year to file the paperwork then he has to pay back child support, even if she waited 15 years. THAT IS A FACT. also, it doesn't matter what she does or how much money she makes, NONE OF THAT MATTERS IN THE COURTS. he has to pay the percentage. he will never get custody, even if she was a stripper on coke, men do not have rights. and the people saying anything about sarah palin, since when does a grandmother's money or anything about a grandparent have anything to do with child support. sarah palin could win a billion dollars in the lottery and it has ZERO to do with how much child support her daughter recieves. people, please stop showing your ignorance and just ask someone who pays child support how it all works, for god's sake call a lawyer and stop posting stupid stuff about sarah, and what difference she makes. bristal could drive a bentley and he could work at macdonald's and he will still have to pay. thank u drive thru to the first window

1654 days ago


He didn't say he didn't want to pay child support.
He in fact agreed to pay 20% of his income.
He is never going to make enough to pay $1700 a month, however. His 15 minutes are almost up.

1654 days ago
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