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Madonna & Jesus Luz Kiss & Make Up

2/11/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Putting an end to the breakup rumors, Madonna and her 23-year-old boy toy lover Jesus Luz got back into the groove by mauling each other at a club in Rio on Wednesday.


The 51-year-old Queen of Pop really does suck.

Kissing celebrites


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@30 K, Your life is about being a fat loser and not getting laid,haha.Good thing you know it and is happy about it.Now,go eat some chips and leave the people who live their lives to the fullest alone.

1681 days ago


Just think of all the diseases they are giving each other.

1681 days ago


I guess he's into that "wrinkled neck and sagging skin" look. Yeeeeech!

1681 days ago


37. I guess he's into that "wrinkled neck and sagging skin" look. Yeeeeech!

Posted at 1:58PM on Feb 11th 2010 by moveover

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Classic case of projection, or simply juvenile stupidity.Grow some brain cells moron.

1681 days ago

that's all    

She is constantly hanging out with this guy instead of taking care of the little girl from Kenya she adopted so she could be like AJolie. Third World countries will give kids to anyone with enough money. Shame.

1681 days ago


I don't care if you're male or female, its difficult at best to have anything in common with someone that much younger than you. She probably has bad habits older than him!!!

1681 days ago

that's all    

grow up---Hello????????????? Maybe it's about her millions.

1681 days ago


He's NOT A KID! Sheesh, you are all nuts. This is a 23 year old MAN. Her children aren't of issue and are very well taken care of. Stop inflicting your rules and chosen lifestyle on HER. It's her choice and who are any of YOU to decide for her.

1681 days ago


So....not only is she in need of a car seat for her children, but, now her boyfriends too?

Come already, I'm so sick of this cougar sh!t, there has always been ladies whom have stayed nice looking into their 40's. Always, we just didn't feel a need to label everybody then.

WHY anyone who is of a certain age, would want to even for ONE SECOND hang out with the twenty-somethings is way beyond my understanding and I'm only 40, Madonna is 50ish and should KNOW WAY better.

Nice role model for them kiddies, future therapy needers of America
rejoice, you may have celeb spwan in the room with you.

1681 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

Disgusting. She is a fool, a very old fool. Does she not see how stupid she looks with a young man who could be her son. She needs help.

1681 days ago


What could she possibly have in common with a 23 y/o? Seriously? What on earth do they talk about, or don't they? I am 35 and wouldn't consider for a minute dating a 23 y/o young man, due to the fact we are not on the same page in anyway in life. this guy might be hot, but I'm sure he is far from intelligent. Hello Madonna, there is almost a 30 year difference, it isn't right. Madonna needs to date someone closer to her own age, even if he is younger that is fine but not that much younger. And please she is tooo freaking old to be considered a Cougar!!!!

1681 days ago



Do you know 23 year old men? They are hardly grown ups, they still live at home, play videos games and say 'dude' all day, they swear like truck drivers, don't take a thing seriously and want to bang anything they come in contact with.

Madonna is in her 50's, she has zero in common with this BOY. Its all about how she APPEARS to the rest of us, sure its her life and business, but she has children for christ sake!

How would you like to be in their shoes? Its not all about her now, she is a MOTHER. I would have been mortified if my MOM was caught in this postion, she is speaking volumes in this picture. If she had no kids, than rock on, but, there are kids.

Its called respect and dignity, of which she has none clearly.Her daughter is watching her Mother, her boys are watching her be a woman, a loose one, but a woman none the less.

1681 days ago


"idiots abound" ... you've certainly picked the right name for yourself! (By the way, you gave it away. You must have a VERY wrinkly neck!) LOL

1681 days ago


45. Disgusting. She is a fool, a very old fool. Does she not see how stupid she looks with a young man who could be her son. She needs help.

Posted at 2:36PM on Feb 11th 2010 by Vanessa Bella
That's the beauty of Madonna. She doesn't care what you think. She's a free spirit. She always has been and always will be. She's in control of her own destiny. When I was 23 I dated a man who was 48 for 7 years. It was the highlight of my life.

1681 days ago


He is young enough to be her son, lol, he's only in it for the money and 15 minutes if fame. She is old and not pretty anymore, she looks grosssssss. He is cute and can get better, younger and hotter. Im sure we will see him on a reality tv show or a underwear commercial after he is done with her. She has no shame, he is just a trinket on her arm just like her adopter children. How is she allowed to adopt children being so unstable in relationships? Her poor daughter, she should think about her children and not herself. She is selfish..

1681 days ago
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