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Miranda Kerr

Legs for Days

2/11/2010 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's supermodel Miranda Kerr in Australia on Thursday, without her lucky ass boyfriend Orlando Bloom.


Who wouldn't want to go down under with her?


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12. All Australians are drunken, racist, cultureless morons.

Posted at 5:46PM on Feb 11th 2010 by Allen Ridak

Wake up to yourself Allen....... Its pretty obvious who the racist is.....Moron!!!!!

1714 days ago


Where is her Butt? Yes she has gorgeous legs, but without a butt she is only good for changing light bulbs.

1714 days ago


She looks like an alien!

1714 days ago



This pic reminds me of starving Jews in a concentration camp.

This is NOT a woman.

1714 days ago


Pretty Face but her legs are not sexy at all eat a damn burger or something. Way tooooooo skinny but this is what white hollywood views as sexy smh lol.

1714 days ago


i think her body IS pretty.. but not so much in the face..

1713 days ago


ok so her legs are skinny its ok im naturally skinny ive always had skinny legs and because of people like YOU ALL i avoid showing my legs too much !!! but its not like i can eat and gain weight ive tried and my legs are still skinny i dont gain so much weight so leave that poor girl alone doesnt matter what ur legs look like skinny fat etc who gives a S***

1713 days ago


ewwww she has the body of a 12 year old. No one finds this attractive except for pedophiles!

1713 days ago


DAMN, she has one of the sexiest bodies. Her always looks perfect. She's the perfect woman. I wish all women would take care of their bodies like her.

1675 days ago


Shes a pretty girl. lots of fatties making comments here. shes a model. Its her job to be skinny. fyi high fashion models are alot thinner!

1534 days ago


Boy the fatasses are having a trip over this.

She needs to gain 15 pounds? Why? There aren't enough fat people in the world for you to admire?

Personally I think it's refreshing to see someone NOT carrying around flabs of fat on their body. And oh no, I'm not just talking about you obese mf-ers. Even you so-called "healthy" weight chicks have too much jiggle hanging off of your belly and arms. You know I'm right. You could all lose 15 pounds and be just as healthy if not healthier than what you're claiming to be.

No wonder this chick looks anorexic to you...anything under 130 pounds would if 60% of the people around you are fat or obese.

Nevertheless, the chick is hot. She makes millions of dollars selling pictures of her "anorexic, childish" body. She landed a guy that most of you fat chicks wrote fanfics about. If she's "childish" and "anorexic" then those things are not wrong...they become compliments by being associated with her.

1420 days ago
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