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Nancy Kerrigan: I Will Help My Brother Fight

2/11/2010 5:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a letter to friends and family, Nancy Kerrigan says the official cause of death for her father -- homicide -- was "unjustified" and her family plans "to help my brother fight."

Nancy Kerrigan: Click to launch

The Medical Examiner determined Dan Kerrigan died from cardiac dysrhythmia after suffering a neck injury during a fight with his son, Mark.

Nancy writes her father "was the ultimate role model. We will miss my dad every day ... our family is stronger for having had him in our life."

Mark faces criminal assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily injury ... prosecutors could file more serious charges following the autopsy findings.


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Hates Conan like crap    

This dumb bitch can't help her brother for the next three weeks.

She's going to be a commentator at the Winter Olympics.


1682 days ago

Karen Ann    

I agree with #11! Did you know that this man just got out of prison for serving 2 years for battering his ex-wife???? He's a loose cannon and needs to be off the streets ASAP!!!!

1682 days ago


Lock the nutcase up and throw away the key. It looks as though the Kerrigans have tried to help Mark for his entire life and NOTHING has worked. He's mentally ill and there is no amount of love or enabling that will cure it. He needs to be in a mental hospital, a supervised environment where he can get proper medication, therapy and care. He cannot and will never be able to live as a normal person, because unfortunately he is not a normal person. He is mentally and emotionally ill. His family is handicapping him by their denial. Get over it Nancy, he's sick as hell and needs help. After all he may not have caused your Dad's death but he surely precipitated it. What a whack family!

1682 days ago

John Stone    

Uh,,,,,, didn't the boy kill the Dad?

1682 days ago


Who fricken cares...Nancy showed her true self when she came in second at the Olympics. She was snotty and bitchy because the winner was getting 'groomed' before the medal ceremony.

Nancy had an affair with a married man, her manager, whom she eventually married.

Of course she is going to support her brother...because he is using the poor me I grew up in the shadows of Nancy defense.

1682 days ago


So he was so great no one in the family gives a crap that he was murdered? Nice family. Fit right in with the Manson's.

1682 days ago


They stood by and defended this a$$ after he beat his ex-wife too, ... now he's done it again and killed the person.. I wonder who he will kill next time? This family is foolish, I just hope it's another one of 'them' that he murders next time and not some innocent person.

1682 days ago


Some people were wondering why they are defending the brother.
Yes, I think they're in denial. I also think that in some families and/or some areas, image is everything. When you see a nice white picket fence neighborhood, it doesn't mean that the occupants of the homes are stable. There are so many problems in the world today.

I think what I'm seeing with the Kerrigans is that mindset that some people have that image is everything. In some families or to some parents, image is more important than life itself! It's the most awful thing in the world because it's not real. It's fake. I suppose that some people can't help the fact that they think image is everything. Maybe that's how they were taught as children, and maybe they don't have the mental ability to undo that type of thinking. And maybe some don't care. Either way, it can be a horrible thing.

1682 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

I suddenly have alot of respect for her. Or else the police should start charging wives for murder when they drive their husband to a heart attack.

1682 days ago


Triple Axel, the man just got out of prison for assault and battery of his Ex wife.. he strangled his father enough to fracture the cartilage in his larynx ... the assault caused the heart attack. Nothing to respect about the family 'fighting' to keep him from paying for beating his father to the point where the injuries and fear caused him to die of a heart attack.

1682 days ago


To add to my comment above, some families feel that everyone in THEIR families are the good guys, and that it's only OTHER families that are no good. Kind of like, "No one in my family can do any wrong, only others can, because my family is better than everyone else.(Just a thought. I don't know what it is in this case)

Also, when something like this happens, a family could just be scared sh*tless, and so scared they want to just pretend that nothing happened, combined with the fact that maybe they were raised in a way where no one talks about their feelings and problems and so just try to ignore their feelings or problems and hope that they go away.

1682 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

28. Triple Axel, the man just got out of prison for assault and battery of his Ex wife.. he strangled his father enough to fracture the cartilage in his larynx ... the assault caused the heart attack. Nothing to respect about the family 'fighting' to keep him from paying for beating his father to the point where the injuries and fear caused him to die of a heart attack.

Posted at 5:53PM on Feb 11th 2010 by Kerrigans $uck

Maybe the father shouldnt have started the fight then if his heart couldnt take it. I suppose you wouldn't allow your son to make a phone call either? Pushing someone with a mental problem isn't any more innocent than pushing someone with a heart problem.

1682 days ago


I can't help but feel great sorrow for the Kerrigan family because of this devastating situation. However, Mark obviously has problems and the inability of the family to properly address them over the years has resulted in an absolute tragedy. I was always kind of disappointed in Nancy Kerrigan....she never seemed to have the dignity and grace that so many others did; she seemed kind of sour. This family situation may be the reason....she just didn't have the solid rock family that so many others did. She broke her engagement to marry a much older man when she was clubbed by the Hardington crew and it makes me wonder if she was looking for a father figure.....ouch.....just being honest here. The family support obviously comes because they think he is great's the booze....but they forget that it is a personal decision by Mark to drink and therefore the personal responsibility should be his too for any and all actions.

1682 days ago


Maybe if someone had "helped," or paid a little attention to the brother years ago, this wouldn't have happened. This is a classic case of one kid being the 'star' and the center of the family's universe, and the other kids are treated as wallpaper. Unfortunately, ultimately, you reap what you sow. It's an American tragedy.

1682 days ago


Denial! Denial! Denial! [The] Nile is a major north-flowing river in Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world.

Forgive me for saying this but the Kerrigans are so-oo Irish when they make their denials. The health and police authorities don't know how to do their job but the Kerrigans are to be believed. What else is that family covering up?

1682 days ago
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