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Dr. Conrad Murray Impostor Exposed

2/12/2010 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is someone pretending to be Dr. Conrad Murray -- asking his fans for prayers and support -- but TMZ has learned it's a fraud.

Conrad Murray

Just one day after the real Dr. Murray appeared in court to face an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson, a person using a Twitter account under the name DrConradMurray left the following message:

"Please consider that I too am a father, do not judge or condemn me until you have walked in my shoes. Please pray for my family"

But it's all a hoax: TMZ spoke to a rep for Dr. Murray's lawyer who told us, "It is 100 percent fake. He doesn't even have a smart phone."


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The 2010 Winter Olympics begin Friday night with the Opening Ceremony, and mixed martial arts fans who watch the commercials will see a familiar face: Rampage Jackson.

The Nike ad you see here (and will see during the Opening Ceremony) gives Jackson, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, more face time than any other athlete. For the UFC, it's a nice little piece of free promotion during what will be one of the most-watched television programs of the year.

And for Jackson, it's a reminder that even though he hasn't fought in 11 months, he's still one of the sport's most marketable stars. Between his endorsement deal with Nike and his role in the upcoming A-Team movie, Jackson is getting more famous even as he takes a hiatus from MMA.

1716 days ago


Why would he have a phone that's smarter than him?

1716 days ago


So that makes two imposters. Since the man we got to know as C.Murray is not C.Murray. He is somebody else. Well this all is something else. Its defenitely NOT IT. You think im rambling? Just wait and see......You gotta love TMZ, love ya Harve!

1716 days ago


Well, irregardless of the post being fake or not, this man is the poor sucker who just happened to get caught in the cross hairs. Micheal Jackson is the only one responsible for his death. He was careless, stupid and selfish..people with Micheal's money could have bought himself into a great rehab but he chose to fill his body with drugs till he had no veins left. I do feel bad for the Dr., this man looks confused and dazed because everyone is treating him like he killed Micheal..Micheal killed Micheal, and the next group that needs to have fingers pointed at them are Micheal's family. They should have made this public, used the paps etc..whatever it takes, including shaming the man into therapy but they did nothing but hide it....

1716 days ago


29. I PRAY that your children are orphaned as well. Don't play on our emotions you incompetent BASTA#$! What about a talented beautiful life lived short thanks to your ignorance? What about PARIS, PRINCE & BLANKET? WHAT ABOUT MICHAEL'S FAMILY? WHAT ABOUT US FANS? You killed Michael and now are pleading no guilty and I am supposed to pray for you and your family????? Have you lost your mind? FU#$ YOU, FU#$ YOUR PAST GENERATION, FU#$ YOUR FUTURE GENERATION AND FAMILY. I hope you die soon! And I pray you a very painful death! I pray that your children gets to witness it just like Prince witness his dad dying in your incompetent a$$! Sould out mutherfuc#@r! The more you talk and show faces the more you aggravate us, shut the he## up!

Posted at 4:01PM on Feb 12th 2010 by MichaelJACKSON

PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT use ‘Michael Jackson's’ name in the same paragraph with all this vulgar and hate!!! Even when Michael was pissed at Sony‘s, Tommy Mottola, he maintained his cool. Check it out!!

So Please respect Michael! I know you’re a fan, and I know you’re pissed at Murray, but for Michael’s sake, please show a little class!

1st = Michael would NEVER wish a child to be orphaned!!
2nd = Michael would NEVER condone such condemnation against ANYONE!!
3rd = Have YOU lost YOUR mind????

Michael’s fans are a little more compassionate than most; you’re giving us a bad name!!

Chill out! Justice will be served!

1716 days ago


What about your oath...."Physician do no harm". You made your bed, now lie in it.

1716 days ago


of course TMZ, this doctor is an impostor ---> the name conrad murray is an impostor---> propofol is fake---> death is fake---> autopsy is fake---> Michael Jackson is alive---> very intelligent this man, I love his personality, I love you Michael with all my heart, you are the best,

1716 days ago

Terry Joe    

Say what Dr. Murray, " you're a father too,and you asked that no one ' judge you' until they've walked in YOUR shoes ? Just HOW many children do you actually have that you know for a fact that are yours? And, aren't you a dead beat ' father ' who is way behind in paying child support to some of your children. In regards to your having a reputation of being one of thebest, I would rather doubt that. You screwed things up ' from the very beginning when Michael Jackson died at YOUR hands '. True, perhpas Michael did have a drug problem before youwere brought into the picture, BUT, you, as a professional KNEW BETTER than to administer such a powerfull drug you used on him without the proper montoring equipment. I hope you end up being not only jailed, BUT sued by the Jackson family, and lose your medical license. You've tried to cover your butt from day one, but seems you weren't smart enough to cover your tracks.

1716 days ago


I knew it! Michael come back !:P

1716 days ago


Thanks for that, I have added him, I'm desperate for friends on my twitter account. Does Arnie Klein have a twitter account too?

Add me on twit...ruthywoothy, I'm desperate.

1716 days ago


Here we go again... Our beLIEvers don't get it!

"But it's all a hoax: TMZ spoke to a rep for Dr. Murray's lawyer who told us, "It is 100 percent fake. He doesn't even have a smart phone."

Stands for: that Twitter account is a FAKE, that message is a HOAX, it's NOT written by Murray!!!

Dear God, please send them a usable brain!

1716 days ago


hmm looks like there is another dr conrad murray on twitter, wonder if he is the real deal???

1716 days ago


The fake fans are calling this a fake death.
A phony fan always misspelled Michael because
she apparently knew him so well.

1716 days ago

TV Gord    

WillOTheWisp wrote: "the word is not ‘gentles’ it’s “genitals” :>)"

I know. I was making a funny. ;-)

1716 days ago


OMG he's following Rev Al Sharpton! :|

1716 days ago
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