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Dr. Dre Sues Suge Knight-less Death Row Records

2/12/2010 2:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Dre claims it's been 14 years since he's seen a penny from his game changing record, "The Chronic" -- and he's belatedly waging a war against the new Death Row Records.

Why you ask would the good Dr. wait so long? We're guessing there's a fear factor that has evaporated since Suge Knight is out of the picture.

Dre filed the federal lawsuit against WIDEawake Death Row -- which was created after Death Row filed for bankruptcy last year.

In the lawsuit, Dre claims he stopped getting checks from the label after he cut and ran in '96.

Dre says the new Death Row has been making lots of money by selling digital copies of "Chronic," "Chronic Re-Lit" and his greatest hits album without permission.

Dre is suing for $75,000 minimum.


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Dre shouldn't have to file to get what he's worked hard for and deserves.


1715 days ago


"Get that Paper!" I completely understand

1715 days ago


Kind of a punk move. If he wanted his money, he should have sued when Suge was still in charge there. Suge was the one living off Dre's royalties, not the new owners.

1715 days ago


He said the NEW Death Row has been selling copies without his permission, that's why he's suing the NEW Death Row now. What is there to not understand?

1715 days ago


What? Death Row was purchased by some Canadian Company a couple years ago. Suge has nothing to do with it anymore.

1715 days ago


@geesh you are pretty stupid.

1715 days ago


He does not own the masters, so he can only sue for back royalties from the parent company, Interscope (Iovine). If this was such a big deal, why did he not attend the hearing before The the Row's catalog was sold. He is going after the new owner because he may be able to come to an agreement with the re-release of the album. The sad thing is that it has taken you this long to act! You need to handle your business better Dre'.

1714 days ago


RE:5. Kind of a punk move. If he wanted his money, he should have sued when Suge was still in charge there. Suge was the one living off Dre's royalties, not the new owners.

Posted at 12:32AM on Feb 12th 2010 by Eazy EFG

Spoken like a true OG idiot.

Think there was any "money" left in the company when Suge was there? Not so much.

I once worked for a collection agency where I was charged with collecting bad checks. One such particular check was written by Death Row Records to a hotel in LA, written on a CLOSED account.

They were losers and criminals then, and doesn't look like much has changed.

1714 days ago


@Satanico...Stupid people call other people stupid and don't bother to make a point! Jackass!

1714 days ago


The full story is that the NEW label issued The Chronic Re-Lit and a greatest hits album without his permission. The NEW Death row also sold digital copies of The Chronic without having the proper rights. Dre's original contract with Death Row didn't include digital distribution rights.
There are many people who have filed suit against Suge Knight and have not only survived, but won. So why would fear have been a factor. Suge hasn't owned Death Row for a few years now, so if that was the case Dre would have filed a few years ago. Throughout most of those 14 years Suge was either incarcerated or the company was in bankruptcy anyway. That's MY POINT Santiaco!

1714 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

Dre that's the Mutha F****en Thanks you get!!!

Release your new album already you lazy ass!!!

1714 days ago


Plus, the original contract that Dre had with Death Row for royalties couldn't have been worth the paper that it was printed on since he's only suing for 75,000. 14 years royalties plus what he's suing the new company over; that's not much at all. From what I understand Suge was like the Don King of the music industry with his contracts.

1714 days ago

London not England    


Dre looks THE WORST!!!!

What's wrong with him?!?!?
He ain't aged that much!!!! has he???

or is it something else?!?!!

I wonder....?

1714 days ago


@EZY E From da Grave

He is 45 of course he is going to look old

1714 days ago


i miss pac

1712 days ago
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