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Stripper: I'm Not Preggo w/ Josh Duhamel's Baby

2/12/2010 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

JOsh Duhamel stripper babyThe stripper who reportedly said she was pregnant with Josh Duhamel's baby is lashing out against the reports -- claiming there's definitely no bun in her oven.

The woman, Nicole Forrester, claims she's been bombarded with questions since the story surfaced earlier this week -- but Forrester insists, "I am not pregnant."

Forrester adds, "Apparently, because of mistakes I made in the past they feel I'm fair game and can print whatever lies they want just to sell magazines – I want this to stop now."

She continues, "This has not only hurt me but other innocent parties, including my children, who have to deal with the bully tactics of other children – that is not fair."

Duhamel has previously denied having any sort of relationship with Forrester.


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Nicole Forrester has not only hurt Josh but other innocent parties, including his wife, who have to deal with the lying tactics of a conniving woman looking for fame – that is not fair.

Forrester, you got a taste of what you did to Josh, didn't you? Doesn't feel good. Ah, sweet justice! But you're the one who is to blame.

1723 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This dumb ass wanted her 15 minutes of fame now she has it, you started this mess deal with it

1723 days ago


This HOE got what she deserves......Next time keep your mouth and legs closed.Your kids must be proud of you.I feel sorry for them

1723 days ago


Okay, first of all, bullying is NOT OKAY! Her kids didn't ask for their Mom to be a stripper! Second, what in the hell did she expect for her kids when she started stripping? I just hate stupid people!

1723 days ago


I'm sure she's real worried about the well-being of her children here. With being a stripper and running to the tabloids claiming to have screwed a celebrity. What a classy mother.

1723 days ago


This stupid mother should not have given the bullies ammo to use against her kids. Stop whoring & it won't be a problem!! She owes her kids an apology.

1723 days ago


You are a stripper, the bullies were probably already teasing your kids once the story broke that you were banging a married man.

1723 days ago


WTF she is a stripper. She came forward with the story and now her children are being bullied. What an idiot.

1722 days ago


I'll have his baby.......

1722 days ago


This is a prime example of SWEET POETIC JUSTICE!!!

I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when I read her saying things like, "I want this to stop now." and "This is not fair."

Friggin HYSTERICAL!!! You had no problem trying to RUIN Fergie and Josh's marriage for a few bucks and creating a mountain of problems for them. And KARMA now dictates that all the suffering you created has now come back to bite not only you, but your KIDS in the ass, and you wanna cry foul???? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I love these self-entitled skanks who think they should be able to cause trouble for others, but not dare have to deal with any themselves. "I want this to stop now." BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh man, that's a good one. I bet Fergie said the same thing when you started all this crap (I want this to stop now), but YOU didn't stop, did you?

Suck it up, skank. You absolutely deserve what you get. Now quit trying to cause problems for people for a buck, and figure out a way to apologize to your kids for being such an immoral whore and re-gain their respect. I have a feeling they know full well that you are the reason for their bullying troubles, and one day, they're gonna find a way to punish you for it.

1722 days ago


To poster 17 ("ME"): I don't think Fergie deluded herself about Josh sleeping with this filth. I think she chose to forgive and decided that this worthless filthy whore was NOT important enough or worth throwing away their love, relationship and marriage. And good for her. I'm glad she forgave him, and they've moved on.

And now look where the 'stripper' is....nowhere fast and suffering all the pain she herself caused. And I bet the money she made from this is long gone. I wonder if she's learned anything from this, or has regrets. I bet her kids have regrets, but they won't be able to escape the bullying now, cuz kids are vicious and relentless when they want to be.

Way to go Nicole. PMSL!

1722 days ago


Next time keep your legs shut and your mouth! I'm sure you didn't mind all the questions when you decided to sell you story.

1722 days ago


I said it before and I'll say it again...I'll have his baby.

He didn't pull a Tiger, one screw up is ok, something like that can often pull a couple together. Now that "other woman" needs to go away forever and focus on being a grown up and a mom to her poor damaged kids! Shame on her now.

1720 days ago
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