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Kevin Sorbo - Still a Greek God

2/12/2010 2:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While snorkeling in Hawaii on Wednesday, former "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo showed off his super strength in the form of his ripped furry pecs and abs.

The 51-year-old should have no problem getting lei'd.


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At 51, I looked a hell of a lot better than that. As I've said before, straight men just don't know how to take care of themselves.

1713 days ago

Miss Nancy    

Almost B cup breasticles. Not sayin' that's a bad thing.

Roo Paul

1713 days ago


I'd sure's hell wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers! Yummy Man...has been and always will.

1713 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

Kevin Sorbo has always been hot! He is handsome and in interviews comes across as having a very engaging and down to earth personality.

With regard to the hair on his chest,it is normal for a man to have hair on his chest. Most normal heterosexual women expect to see hair on a man's chest. In Hollywood men are stripped of their manliness to fit into some "gay" ideal of what a man should look like (i.e. hairless). That is not normal nor is it attractive and in fact it is is weird and a turnoff to meet/date a man who gets rid of all his body hair.

I will speak for myself, I want a real man like Kevin Sorbo not some freak who spends more type primping than I do.

1713 days ago


He looks way better than most 31 years old guys that's for sure.

1713 days ago

Clarissa Von Frankenstein    

Get thee to the nearest nautilus weight machine- or -drop and give me 20!! (push ups).

1713 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

In response to 29's comment: ". Why do some people have to turn everything into some snide remark aout gays?

I wasn't making a snide remark about gays, rather just pointing out the fact that within the gay male subculture there exists a male gay beauty ideal which is the hairless, youthful, pretty, tanned, fit, coiffed male. This male beauty ideal often appeals to young teenaged heterosexual women as well.

Hollywood for the most part has fed us this male beauty ideal that is effeminate and in alignment with the gay male beauty ideal not heterosexual women's ideal of a sexy man.

This type of male beauty ideal often does not appeal to adult heterosexual women.

That is why heterosexual women go crazy for a macho, kind of crass, manly looking and acting Gerard Butler. We are yearning to see this type of male in Hollywood after being inundated with the other for so long.

This is not a new revelation that I have introduced and really is not that sensational. I am sure that you could find similar views upon reading someone like Dr. Helen Fisher (anthropoligist).

1712 days ago


Hey #12 Darkmist--Kevin was never on steroids and he didn't have a stroke. It was an aneurysm in his arm. I do agree he looks good for his age. I met him several years ago at DragonCon and he was solid as a rock!

1712 days ago


He looks GREAT!!!!

1711 days ago


Love a man with some hair and he's such a hottie for his age!! The little boy look may look ok to to some little girls and boys bit nothing takes the place of a man with a man's bod!

1709 days ago

Alison Rhem    

You should really get your facts straight before you make a comment. Kevin has never taken steroids nor did he have a stroke! During Herc days he worked out 2 hours a day, do you have the time for that? Maybe you should google what an aneurysm is, cause that is what he had and it was not caused by steroids. Hairy chests are manly, maybe some of you people have never been with a real man. Those are pecs by the way. If you don't like hair on the chest find someone else to follow cause Kevin is all man.

1621 days ago


ya he is in good shape, but he did star in the TV series adromeda so that takes that away, he was really good in hercules, here is a funny joke I saw about greek mythology

1459 days ago


Well I loved him on Hercules and his body is still good for a 51 year old man but he has deep wrinkles in his face that doesn't show in this particular photo. I was dissapointed to see that. You can't have the body of a 35 and the face of a 50. I think he has to do something about that. I am sorry but he is not the man who played Hercules anymore. Too bad

1282 days ago

Alison Rhem    

It has been 12 years since Kevin had the role as Hercules. Do any of you look the same as you did 12 years ago. This is ridiculous to think that he would look the same as he did 12 years ago, not to mention the fact that he had laugh lines the whole time that he did Hercules. I am so glad that he has fallen into the whole crap of botox and facelift nonsense of Hollywood. Kevin is a man, stop trying to live in the past, time to grow up. The man is beautiful from the inside out. If you don't like it, move on, but first, take a look in your own mirror.

1147 days ago
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