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Levi Johnston -- Wet & Naked for $10 a Pop

2/12/2010 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston's naked body is now considered a pay-per-view event.

This morning, DirectTV started charging $9.95 for "Levi Johnston Playgirl Shoot" -- a behind-the-scenes special showing the father of one in various states of Palin-unapproved undress.

It's unclear if Levi is gettin' any additional money from sales in the back end ... but he definitely shows his.


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Levi is Hot not Doubt. not sure how far he will make it but Playgirl wanted him and so did he has something they want. SO all you haters out there Please don't be jealous. leave the guy alone. He is young let him have his fun. Ya all out here dissin him, lets see what you got??? Yup figured that.. so shut up..

1677 days ago


He is HOT!!!!!

1677 days ago


"15. I think he is hot as hell! The smile alone is a killer! A lot of people jealous of a sexy man. The his name on his arm is so you can see it and remember it when he is holding you down banging your ass."

Ok, I just threw up when I read that. Ewww. Also, your grammer is terrible.

1677 days ago



1677 days ago


Why are so many outlets promoting teen sexuality. This guy's claim to fame is that as a teen, he got a teenage girl pregnant. He doesn't deserve the attention that he is getting and it seems repulsive that he is selling sex and getting noteriety for such a dirty deed.

1677 days ago


This guy is so DUMB, he has to write his name on his arm and the name of the CHILD he got pregnant on his finger so he would not forget the names. He needs to pay some child support. He has been spending money on NEW trucks and cars instead of supporting the baby he brought into this world. HE disgusts me.

1677 days ago


Levi has made up so many LIES about Sarah Palin's family that have proven to be LIES that the only other person I know that would give Levi a TV interview is David Letterman. David makes MILLIONS$$$ with his way too many jokes about Palin's family. CBS loves losers that trash Palin. They own ET and The Insider that give Levi the floor of their shows to trash her. ET promoted this photo shoot AGAIN last night and Letterman trashed Palin again as it was her birthday. Letterman attacked Toyota with Palin this time.

1677 days ago


When Levi starts his gay porn career, I hope the courts deduct child support from his paychecks. His buddy Kathy Griffin, will help Levi get into gay porn.Kathy has done well mocking this fool and she can make more promoting his porn career.

1677 days ago

Allen Conrad    

I'm sure that the Palin squad is posting all the negative remarks here. They all sound like "Tea Party" baggers, whining away. Levi Johnston is a handsome young man and he's courageous to take on the Dragon Lady Palin. He'only 19, and she's almost 40, or over. Too, why is it okay for the Massachusetts right-winger Senator Brown--much older than Levi--to appear naked in Cosmo, and in a very coy, flirty, girly pose? Isn't it significant that those who bellow against nudity are the same ones whom no one would ever want to see naked?

1676 days ago


Sorry, but this dude frickin HOT! Woah!

1676 days ago


he may be stupid.....BUT he has a HOT bod

1676 days ago

1676 days ago


From the stupid things he says to the moronic decisions he makes, Levi continues to show the public just how comfortable he is as "white trash." Bristol must cringe every time his name comes up. What a joke.

1676 days ago

Randy Gilchrist    

Who's worse: Levi Johnston, the balloon boys's dad, or anyone with a last name of Gosselin? I think they're all tied on the tacky, overexposed, wannabe list. Their 15 minutes were up before they started...

Where are the real stars anymore?

1676 days ago


It's not pathetic,embarrassing or disgusting, you people need to get over it. He looks good & why shouldn't he take advantage of his 15 minutes and make money from it. I'm sure Palin secretly loves it!

1676 days ago
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