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Paula Abdul -- Stern 'Hates' American Idol, But ...

2/12/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul finally declared her opinion on the Howard Stern situation this morning .... but moments after taking a stand, the former "American Idol" judge seemed to flip-flop worse than John Kerry.

Paula Abdul: Click to watch

It all went down when Paula was on her way in to a radio interview in Phoenix, Arizona when a cameraman -- not ours -- asked what she thought of Stern possibly taking over for Simon Cowell.

Paula's reply: "I don't think that's gonna happen ... I don't know ... funnier things happen."

When the cameraman asked why Stern would be qualified for the gig, Abdul responded, "He hates the show ... I don't even know why ... He doesn't hate a hundred million though."

FYI -- Simon is only reportedly making about $50 mil a season.


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Howard Stern can't say a full sentence without cussing, so there is NO way he would work well on a live television show of all places.

Also, has everyone forgotten how he tried to sabotage Idol with his Vote to keep the Worst (or whatever it was)campaign awhile back?? I think it was when Sanjaya was on and encouraging everyone to keep him on since he was so bad.
Idol would DEFINITELY lose MANY viewers if they made Howard Stern a judge.

1713 days ago


Maybe Howard Stern will ask the female contestants to take off their clothes and let him feel of their breasts or rear, as he does on his radio/tv show. And maybe they will let him. Will that put them in the top 12 or whatever, you think?

The man is a degenerate pig, and those of you who support him are no better. He shouldn't be allowed in society. If he is put on this family show, with contestants as young as sixteen, and audience members of all ages, the show should be taken off the air.

What is wrong with these money grubbing producers? Is this the European lack of morality?

1713 days ago


What experience in the music business does Howard Stern have? Just because he is on a radio show focused on sex doesn't make him qualified in any way to judge a singing contest, and this is what this is. The whole idea is most appalling. I thought someone was making a horrendous joke when his name first came up.

Idol producers are seriously misjudging their audience if they think they will accept Howard Stern. They might tolerate Ellen, even though she has absolutely no qualifications other than liking the show, and imagining that she is some sort of expert on this type of thing. The audience will not tolerate Stern.

1713 days ago


I listen to paul

dr seuss poems

1713 days ago


Howard would be great for the show. As others have said, he's a BIG fan of Idol. It's obvious from reading some of these posts that many people have never listened to Howard and are just making generalizations.

As for #20, Howard was on terrestrial, (regular radio) for most of his career, so he can talk without swearing.

We miss you Artie, get well soon.

1713 days ago


I did not realize Paula Abdul is so nice to autograph seekers. She is a cool chick.

1713 days ago


Listen to Howard every morning on Sirius; however, he's so wrong for American Idol. He hates most music unless it's Springsteen or crap out of the 80's. He doesn't even "get" Michael Jackson's music nor can he understand how people even like it. Going on American Idol would just be the continuation of the Howard Stern Show -- if he doesn't like the music, then the singer automatically "can't sing." Sorry, Howard, but not this one. Artie rules.

1713 days ago


I am one of the many people who hate American Idol but, if Howard Stern was to become a judge i would watch it faithfully! I say get rid of the current judges and let Howard, Robin and, Artie take over!

1713 days ago


I don't watch AI it as much anymore because of time constraints, but would make the effort to NOT watch it if Howard Stern hosts it. He is an intelligent guy, true, but it would be an insult to women everywhere to have him on such a program. Ellen has done a fabulous job so far and brings far more to the program that even I expected her to.

Howard's program director experience give him some knowledge of the music industry, I realize, but he is also associated with sexual degradation (mostly of women) and has neither the good looks nor charisma of Simon.

1713 days ago


I have watched American Idol since the very beginning and they are really killing this show. I actually find myself falling asleep trying to watch it now. Bring back Paula and certainly don't bring on Howard Stern...he's a pompous fool!

1713 days ago

There appears to be an immense amount of ignorance about Howard Stern on this comment board...

1713 days ago


howard stern loves American idol. its millionz of str8 dudes who hate it

1713 days ago


I don't care what Paula and the Idol producers think............Howard Stern is a piece of crap. And if he is the new judge I am gone no matter what the talent level they find. The mediaand political etablishment in the past few years has decided for the small folk (US) what we should like and what we need. Screw them all. IDOL can go to hell if they pick Stern!

1713 days ago



1713 days ago


This just in Steven Langford's mother is a C#@t.

Cpt Janks is a crook.

1713 days ago
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