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S.I. Swimsuit Models -- Check Out My Ash

2/12/2010 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team partied their butts off in Las Vegas last night -- as in, cigarette butts.

Sports Illustrated models: Click to watch
It all went down at Vanity in the Hard Rock Hotel where some of the hottest chicks in the world, including Bar Refaeli partied their faces off ... while sucking away on cancer stick after cancer stick ... after cancer stick.

Not all of the models needed to smoke to be smokin' hot -- cameras never spotted cover model Brooklyn Decker with a cig in her mouth once.


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Cigarettes are disgusting.

Not that there's any chance of it happening but I wouldn't date any of these chicks that smoke. If I'm gonna date a supermodel she's gotta be like Brooklyn Decker.. a non-smoker.

1715 days ago


Yuck! That's just so ugly.

I am glad they are off in Vegas or somewhere far away from me.

1715 days ago


Personally I think it's kind of disgusting that any person representing a sports-minded business would publicly flaunt something so unhealthy. There's something not quite right with someone that LOOKS like a fitness buff having a cigarette hanging out of their mouth. EEEEwwwww!
As far as the notion of models being smokers to stay skinny, that's so outdated. There is a fitness revolution out there ... anyone noticed?

1715 days ago


LOL @ "dried apples"

It's going to take a few more years, maybe longer but eventually, most public places, bars, clubs, restaurants etc will be smoke-free establishments.

When these fake beauties are forced with having to go out of view, away from others to back alleys or the side of buildings to smoke, then it won't be "so-cool" anymore for them to smoke, they will stop.

What's really sad are the adults that smoke around helpless babies, children, teenagers, their own kids and family. I wonder what four of these fake beauties smoke around others polluting everything with second hand smoke and stink.

If you want to smoke, fine, go smoke. Do it in your car, your home, just don't do it around others. But no, they won't, can't, that defeats the purpose of being seen with a cig, cause for most, it's about being cool and looking cool and smoking really doesn't work when you are doing it alone now does it?

1715 days ago


Smoking is cool.

1715 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Pretty is such a burden, so puff away, girls, and before you know it, all that hotness will go up in smoke.

1715 days ago


No wonder I am so shocked when they print the ages of some of these girls. They are in their 20's and some of them look 30+ already. Anyone in the modeling industry should know better than to smoke; it will only shorten your shelf-life.
It's a nasty, unhealthy habit for what I always see as insecure people. People who really care about what others think or childish people who think it makes them look like a grownup.
Like someone stated before. You can always tell who is a smoker just by looking at their face. Like you can tell who is even an ex-drug addict by their face and teeth.

1715 days ago


coffin a newer term for ziggs..

1715 days ago


Who's the short, fat one??? It must have been awhile since the swimsuit shoot!

1715 days ago


God Forbid someone exercise their RIGHTS and have a cigarette. You "Anti-Smokers" make me sick. Since when do YOU know what is better for someone then they themselves??? Who gives YOU the right to judge, and pour scorn on someone for doing what they enjoy???

Don't attack the people who drink can after can of Soda everyday. With enough sugar/calories to slowly kill you. Don't attack people who overeat, and cut their lifespan in half. Don't attack the people who litter, and harm mother earth.

No, no you just attack smokers. Smokers who work hard everyday, and just want to relax.

Then TMZ has the nerve to call them "Cancer sticks" while attempting to throw their noses in the air, forgetting that their heads are so big they may break their necks attempting to lift it that high. Fuuny thing coming from a bunch of savages whose job it is to try and ruin people lives, privacy, and well-being. TMZ is filled with vile, pathetic morons who have nothing better to do that use the once sacred medium of journalism and turn it into a circus for their own greedy habits.

1715 days ago


Yeah, great appetite suppressant. Also raises the metabolism because the body has to work so hard to get rid of all those toxins.

Works when you are young, but ultimately, will cause wrinkles.

Ironic, when people who earn a living with their looks, choose to smoke.

1715 days ago


All of their beauty just goes away when they stand there puffing on a cancer stick..idiots!!!

1715 days ago


biggest turnoff is when a woman puts a cigarette in her mouth...disgusting habit...

1715 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Champagne and cigarettes do a body good.

1715 days ago


Funny how these anti smokers have nothing better to do than bitch about smoking. Better head to McDonalds and stuff a couple quarter pounders into your

1715 days ago
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