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S.I. Swimsuit Models -- Check Out My Ash

2/12/2010 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team partied their butts off in Las Vegas last night -- as in, cigarette butts.

Sports Illustrated models: Click to watch
It all went down at Vanity in the Hard Rock Hotel where some of the hottest chicks in the world, including Bar Refaeli partied their faces off ... while sucking away on cancer stick after cancer stick ... after cancer stick.

Not all of the models needed to smoke to be smokin' hot -- cameras never spotted cover model Brooklyn Decker with a cig in her mouth once.


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i have no idea who any of them are{names} but the one with red eyes in picture 14 is hot, she looks like a demon, but hot, and thats a good dress she's wearin too.

that said, i'm still not a fan of smokers. in my family theres been throat cancer, thyroid cancer, lung cancer and emphysema. i'm no doctor, but i think smoking had something to do with it.

funny story... one day a pretty blonde woman came in my store. she was nice, nicely dressed, and friendly to my dog. now, i need a date worse than the goverment needs money, but all i could think of was "god she stinks like cigarettes".

1678 days ago


the person who wrote this article stole my joke from the boys and girls club whether they realize it or not ... the boys and girls club from 10 years ago on greenleaf ... whoot whoot just kidding ... prove it

1678 days ago

happy day    

Come on people we all know smokes go god with redbull and vodka, and a line of snow in the ladies room, get with it people.
Love britney, by my CD please, I'm getting fat again.

1678 days ago


Really? This is a story how pathetic. slow day TMZ? whoever was in charge of gettinf a story together for today obviously doesn't give a damn dumbass I could do your job!

1678 days ago


Lol @ the guy that says cigarette smokers are "self-medicating". Medicating what? Their addiction to the exact same thing they're using to make themselves feel better? Sweet!

FFS at least get drunk, or smoke weed if you're going to "self-medicate", at least you actually get something out of those, to go along with the risk of early death that all three bring.

1678 days ago


dont likes cigs ? i dont like kids ill stop smoking when you people STOP BREEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1677 days ago


If you think those women are attractive, then you are a pedophile because models have the bodies of 10 yr old boys.

Posted at 1:32PM on Feb 12th 2010 by Quicksilver


if you really believe that, you should probably get your eyes checked. but then again, you may just be high on pig tranqualizers.

1677 days ago


#12 Pat:

That was great. I had just been thinking about how they will wind up at Cancer Centers of America or something when I read your post! LOL.

1677 days ago


Considering the vile things that most people seem to put in their mouths routinely like nauseating junk food and other peoples' body parts,I'd say a cigarette is pretty wholesome.

1677 days ago

John Poole    

Is this really news or just some way to provide idiots with a stereotypical view of a specific group ... i guess I should have taken pictures showing 4 Jews smoking outside a Bat Mitzvah I was at last month ... I'm sure Harvey would have put that on TMZ.

Why not take pictures of groups drinking too and insinuate they too are some how running afoul of the law or somehow bad people? Because you are gutless to take a stand on anything that isn't part of the bandwagon crowd.

1677 days ago


Models for the most part smoke and not eat to stay thin. It's common knowledge among fashion photographers that most model's breath would make a freight train take a dirt road. I always pack gum for them to chew.

1677 days ago


They look like Hef's women and Gold Diggers......

Not very classy at all!

1677 days ago


Actually these type women look like High Class w_____ of Red Light district

1677 days ago

Disco Legend Zeke    

Way back in TV days, That Was The Week That Was (TW3) featured a song lamenting the banning of saccharin.

Part of the dialog applies here to these models who smoke to stay slim:

"Studies show men prefer skinny girls with cancer."

1677 days ago



Oh come on! Bad skin knows no color! ALL women can potentcially have bad skin. Period. To say just white gals get wrinkles, is just stupid.
Black and asian and hispanic girls have bad skin too.

too much sun
bumpy skin

all of this plays a part. Besides, have you seen Whitney Houston
or Denise Williams without the benefit of liquid make-up? All those werid bumps and such.

The sun is a killer for white girls thatis why you assume all white folks have bad skin. Not me, carded at 42 girl, lets see you the same some day. No operations, just lucky and I never tanned.

Shame on you for being so general.

1677 days ago
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