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S.I. Swimsuit Models -- Check Out My Ash

2/12/2010 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team partied their butts off in Las Vegas last night -- as in, cigarette butts.

Sports Illustrated models: Click to watch
It all went down at Vanity in the Hard Rock Hotel where some of the hottest chicks in the world, including Bar Refaeli partied their faces off ... while sucking away on cancer stick after cancer stick ... after cancer stick.

Not all of the models needed to smoke to be smokin' hot -- cameras never spotted cover model Brooklyn Decker with a cig in her mouth once.


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You Go, Judge Joe    

Dear Annie -
I'd rather be overweight than have to drag an oxygen cannister behind me in 20 years. At least those emergency workers who smoked during 9/11 were doing something honorable with their time. What were you doing during 9/11?

Do us a favor and check your spelling prior to posting. It makes you look stupid. Although, that is probably just the way you are.

1721 days ago


@Oh please...Not everyone who smokes gets cancer and even if they do it's in about 15 or 20 years. A FAT person, however, will die a lot sooner from heart disease (number killer) and diabetes.

And my point was that it's NOT acceptable for a complete stranger to tell another person what they should and SHOULDN'T do. Who the hell are you to them and what gives you the right? Are you their mommy? Girlfriend? Son or daughter? Or you say these things to a smoker because you really care about their health, or because you think you're better than them and want to 'put them in their place'?

If that's the case, I think all smokers should go up to every FAT person and tell them they should lose weight.

As for spelling, what words are you talking about??? The ones where I substituted S for $? That's not being stupid - it keeps posts from being rejected by using a swear word.

1721 days ago


And one other bit of information for you non-smokers:

Smokers pay into Social Security and Medicare for years and then drop dead before collecting the benefits - leaving more for you.
So in fact, society saves almost $30 billion a year in Social Security benefits and Medicare that would otherwise have had to be paid out, had smokers lived.

So stop bitching. We're paying most of your taxes.

1721 days ago

You Go, Judge Joe    

So Annie - why would you want to "drop dead"? Wouldn't you rather be around to see your children and grandchildren? I am a daughter, wife, and mother. My grandfather died of lung cancer at age 60. My mother-in-law will be pulled off of life support tomorrow. She has suffered for the past 20 years thanks to cigarettes. My husband is currently making funeral plans for her.

I don't give a rip whether you smoke or not. However, when your habit enters my personal space or my children's space, then it is a problem. I have every RIGHT (as you so aptly stated) to breathe clean air. Please, smoke away where it is permitted. It doesn't matter to me. Thank goodness our cities are instituting smoking bans. The majority of citizens understand that it is a vile, disgusting habit. Good luck you and your blackened lungs.

1721 days ago


This BS about smoking is just more of certain groups trying to control how others live their lives. If people in this country dont start standing up for themselves in another few years there will be laws telling you how to wipe properly FREE COUNTRTY LOL LOL WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

1721 days ago


@ Oh Please... Who said ANYTHING about invading your personal space? We (most of us) abide by all the laws and yet we still get told what to do and/or what we SHOULDN'T do. If I chose to f*ck up my lungs and I'm abiding by all the laws, then that's my business, my lungs, my choice, and my right to smoke without getting condemned, judged or harassed by ANYONE. It's a free country and smoking is still legal.

Just like driving your car, that spews out over a pound of toxic chemicals into the air for every gallon of gasoline you use, is legal.

So save your self-righteous lectures for people who you really care about and leave the rest of us alone.

@Steve... Amen! There are more important things to spend our time and energy on...Like drunk drivers. Terrorists. Obesity. The environment. Prostate cancer. Breast cancer.

1721 days ago

You Go, Judge Joe    

Last comment to you Annie, and I'm done. I don't care about you and your choices. You are absolutely right - it is your decision. I wish you well. I hope my mother-in-law rests in peace today.

1720 days ago


54. Funny how these anti smokers have nothing better to do than bitch about smoking. Better head to McDonalds and stuff a couple quarter pounders into your
Posted at 12:12PM on Feb 12th 2010 by MarkP


As opposed to YOU, who obviously has nothing better to do.

1720 days ago


yuck !!!!!!!!!!

1720 days ago


It's probably not the only thing they've had to suck to get ahead (pun intended).

1720 days ago

Bikinis Lover    

These girls work out hard to look the way they do! Why not post pictures of them working out and not smoking?

1718 days ago


I'm into modelling too and I smoke several packs a day as it's cool, sexy, I luv it so much, I'm too addicted even to reduce as I started I was only 7, then it helps to stay thin too, and I don't care at all about risks and cancer I'll surely have within a few years, rather doing dangerous and unhealthy things even excites me. Anyone who agrees with me?

1337 days ago


So sexy. Smoking looks so hot AND it offends all you intolerant uptight judgmental pricks.

1023 days ago
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