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Tila Tequila

Rushed to Hospital

2/13/2010 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila made a call to paramedics last night after she fell off her chair and "dented" her head -- her words, not ours.

Since Tila tweets her every moment, she provided her own play-by-play of the accident. Tila first said she fell off her chair and "slammed my head into the wall and heard the back of my skull crack. theres a dent in it now!"

Shortly thereafter, Tila recalled the tragic events of Natasha Richardson (but not her name) when she tweeted: "I should call the ambulance just in case? like that one actress that died cuz she hit her head &thought she was ok but died later..pray 4 me."

Tila's next entry: "Ambulance on the way to my house. I could have a brain concussion and die ina few hours."

Tila's agent provided the final tweet of the night, saying Tila suffered a concussion and wouldn't be able to tweet any further updates. Tila was released from the hospital and returned home last night.

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blanket jackson    

dear jesus, please send a hitman to cali to put this kum dumpster out of our misery. if u dont do this for me i will convert to satan.

1630 days ago


LOL... What an idiot. God bless her.

1630 days ago

Dick Face    

That freak ain't got nothing in that empty head of hers but air and Oxycontin, that's why she's to stupid to sit in a chair with out falling off of it.

1630 days ago

blanket jackson    

micheal jackson was a child molester and a sick pedophile! i am sooooo glad he is dead. now the children of earth are safe from that rapist. no more children being butt raped with jesus juice.

1630 days ago


Here's how it went down. @Fannatic_Mag outted her (check THAT lady out, She is FKN AWESOME!!!!!) for LYING about being pregnant, so media ho had to come up with SOMETHING to get herself out of the pregnancy AND get the attention back in HER AND not the fact that she lied!

So, she took a hammer to the back of her head. Called Radaronline then TMZ because all know this HAD to be covered or it would all be wasted and THEN once she got the call from the papper she's got "on lock" that he was in place, she called the ambulance. Come on, SO PREDICTABLE! Next stop, "I LOST MY BABY BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA AND FANNATIC MAGAZINE"....Wait for it guys. I am telling you it's going to happen!

Beotch, GROW UP and take responsibility for the things you screw up! Oh, and see what she had to say about Casey on her blog. The post about her garage sale (yep, I MOGUL HAVING A GARAGE SALE!) page 59. She is one heartless twit. fo shure!

1630 days ago


Why does it seem that all the talentless publicity whores live in California? Aren't there any in say, Ohio?
I agree with whoever suggested getting taller chairs...LOL

1630 days ago


Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have to choke a bitch...

1630 days ago

blanket jackson    

neverland ranch should be burned down to the ground then build a park in its place where children can play without worrying about butt rape via some jesus juice!

1630 days ago


This just in...

After performing an MRI of her head they were happy to report all they could find was air.

1630 days ago


Y A W N.

1630 days ago

Miss Bu    

Why did it take a dent to the head for her agent ti finally step in and stop her from tweeting.

1630 days ago


Humped Tila
Dumped Tila
Sat on a wall

Humped Tila
Had a GREAT!! :) Fall.

1630 days ago


OOPS! Here is part two where she blasts Casey for stealing from HER!? AS IF!

1630 days ago


Would it be wrong to pray for her death?

1630 days ago


I saw someone comment on Twitter that they didn't think that a person who claims they had/have a concussion would be released from the hospital. Well, a year ago I took a fall from a friend's porch, fell 7 or 8 feet straight backwards, landed on my neck (lucky I didn't break it!) and then rolled down a hill. I thought I was ok, and then I started forgetting what I was talking about so I had a friend take me to the ER. Oh yeah, I had a concussion. They treated my booboos and then sent me home.


I went no where near MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site for DAYS. My back hurt, my head hurt, I couldn't think straight.. I had a concussion for 5 days. I had to write down what and when I ate or I'd think I had forgotten and make something to eat. She says she "dented" her head? Takes the time to tweet about it, and notify TMZ before she goes to the hospital? I not only smell a "miscarriage" coming, I think it's eminent.

She is seriously a disgusting human being. And the things she tweeted about Angelina Jolie, twisting what Jolie said about the situation in Haiti? She's really sick in the head. I'm half tempted to get into a battle with her on Twitter so she can make ME famous lol!

1630 days ago
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