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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Life Is a Carnival

2/14/2010 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Long before he may or may not have been responsible for the death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray was just another guy enjoying Carnival in Trinidad.

Conrad Murray

These photos were take in 2005 during a two-week trip to Trinidad and Tobago. He was down there with a few of his close guy friends -- and a few attractive female friends as well.

Michael Jackson Fun Fact
: Right around the time these photos were taken, Michael Jackson's second child molestation case was beginning.


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Michael Jackson fun fact?? .. ok who the hell is bloody writing these articles!

1624 days ago


Trinidad Carnival is some of the most fun you will ever have in the world. I wish I could be there this Monday and Tuesday. Dr. Murray made some huge mistakes I know he regrets right now. He gravely misused his profession to appease a drug addict. I love Michael Jackson but he was an addict. Well Mr. Murray has to hold onto some of his good memories right now. Trinidad Carnival is some of the best memories you will ever make.

1624 days ago


#79 that is the reason he is being charged with manslaughter. That is his escape hatch. Had that not been the case the charge would have been murder one. It took him six weeks to win MJ's trust. Gutter MD knew what he was doing.

1624 days ago


Heaven forbid the doctor be allowed to have a good time, right TMZ?

1624 days ago


Okay, Michael's trial startet at the same time. That's a fact.
But a FUN fact?? Huh?

Enough is enough, TMZ. I'm so tired of your endless and tasteless bashing of Michael Jackson. You're a gossip site, that's right. But that doesnt justify your bad style of missing just a minimum of respect towards the death.

What you're doing here is a sorry excuse for journalism.

I'm very curious whether you will consider Murray's lawsuit as a "funy" for him as well. Guess not.

1624 days ago


correction: as funny for him as well

1624 days ago


YOU people are unbeLIEvable !!! Where did you get that, ha? Secret source? LOL Lying is your job

1624 days ago



Raving lunatic. Stop yelling you rude wench...ivlandia death hoax. You aren't smart enough to get much, but yelling is not going to get you heard you coward. mj truth=giant lies from you, nutbag.

MJ conned the court system. He knew he was guilty. He couldn't sleep because of his continued pedophile urges. He check out on propofol. Good riddence!

1624 days ago


MONI: We are sick and tired of you using multiple nics to biotch and moan with. Here is an idea? How about you go to school and learn how to spell for once? It's the very reason you can't handle much.

MJ was a no good junky and you are a flunky. If you can't handle what is being said about the bad wacko, leave. You will never control tmz nor anywhere else on the net. Now why don't you get a life and let the adults post.

1624 days ago


68. 60. I've made a decision. I come in here everyday only to see if there are any news on anything Michael Jackson, and maybe chat a bit with the sane people who still visit.

But I can't stand this heartlessness towards Michael and this campaign pro Murray. Michael is dead and never did anything to Harvey Levin, and Murray is the guy who gave him the drugs that killed him. It's too mean and shallow.

So I'll come along only once a week, scroll down and see if anything happened, and leave again.

Posted at 6:23AM on Feb 13th 2010 by A.B.


A.B., I understand your decision. Nevertheless, I feel very sorry about it, because I've enjoyed your comments very much. This board needs people like you who argue to Michael's advantage without badmouthing and spying hate.
I hope very much to see you here again.

1624 days ago


Are you trying to stick up for me, politically correct? I don't need any help from a pedo like you. Go away f*cktard. You're a moron.

1624 days ago


Michael Jackson Fun Fact - - > whomever wrote that is sick, FIRE him

1624 days ago


Uh oh MJ fans, the TMZ internals are out in full force!! They're trying to defend their tabloid junk site. We must be getting to them. HAHAHAHA - you're so transparent. Losers.

1624 days ago


Posted at 9:38AM on Feb 13th 2010 by deb


Of course there's no way I'll ever be able to compare to mature and outstanding intellectual people like you.

Simply shut up. Good grief!

1624 days ago


I think MJ was so sleep deprived and the medication that Dr. Murray was giving him wasn't working that he took extra doses himself, therefore Dr. Murray's account would be closer to the truth. Dr. Murray was working and MJ took it upon himself to push the envelope and take extra. There's nothing worse than a bad nights sleep or little to no sleep is draining, so once those medications weren't helping him, he was helping himself to the extra's. Of course theres no proof of that at the moment, but lets see how it comes out in court.

Posted at 9:00AM on Feb 13th 2010 by barbie


They've already been through that, barbie. The official police investigation as well as the coronor's investigation has already determined that none of the evidence supports the "patient" (Michael) self-administering the drugs that morning. That is exactly why the coronor decided to rule the death a homicide instead of an accidental suicide. Why do you think it took so long to charge Murray? This is one of the very important things the coronor AND police were trying to determine before charges were brought. Your theory isn't supported by the evidence they found. If it was, they would never have brought charges in the first place. After OJ, the L.A.P.D. knows it must be extremely cautious in these types of high profile cases. If Murray is found not guilty, it will be because the jury doesn't believe he displayed gross negligence in what he administered, not that Michael took extra. They've already ruled that out.

1624 days ago
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