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Heidi and Spencer -- Love Is in the Air

2/14/2010 6:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Valentine's Day is about love -- and there is no truer love in Hollywood than the one between Heidi Montag and her plastic surgeon, Spencer Pratt.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

Speidi showed up at Pure in Las Vegas just as Saturday night turned into Sunday morning.

No one turned back into a frog when midnight struck.


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Lippy Loo    

A horse is a horse of course of course, Heidi is a horsey face! She should change her name to Winnie! What a waste of money on those nasty things bolted to her flat chest.

1679 days ago

Tila Is Trash    

#14, Tell that to my exes, who have enjoyed my real ones. For that matter, let's see you post a pic somewhere, because we'd all love to see what the definition of an idiot looks like. LOL.

1679 days ago


Now she should dump Spencer for Hef.

1679 days ago


Love the big fake boobs, but her chin is still really f*cked up.

If she lost 160 lbs (i.e. Spencer) she would look even better. What a loser.

1679 days ago


I don't like to be mean, but if those two had an ounce of talent or sincerity or even work ethic they wouldn't be so caught up in appearances and outword signs of materialism. I know Hollywood can be a hard place to make it, but you see people all the time without plastic surgery that are great actors, and not necessarily "beautiful" but just great people. these two will never be great at anything but being phoney.

1679 days ago


Wow! Is that Goose Blackfinger in picture 12? Spencer and Heidi must be pretty lucky to kick it with people like that!!! P.S. She looks pretty damn good in person, so screw a picture...

1679 days ago


Spencer Pratt has the right name - prat! His ego far exceeds his talent (not that he has any!), he's nothing more than another reality show nonentity who feels he's a star because some morons are so bored they actually watch the c**p he's in! Still the men probably watch it to get a look at Heidi, fake boobs or not - not that she's that attractive, still whatever turns you on I guess lol!!
When they appeared on Get Me Out Of Here I'm A Celebrity Spencer's offensive attitude had me tuning out early on, when he compained about none of the other's being stars I would just have loved someone to tell him if they weren't stars he didn't even rate as a z lol!! They were let back in too many times, just should have sent them home with a boot up the a** and no fee!! If anyone could make my nails scrape on skin it would be that pompous, egocentric, nonentity Spencer Pratt!!

1679 days ago


OMG her chin looks so weird in all the photos like an alien...she use to be pretty before the plastic was installed

1679 days ago


I know I'm in the minority, but I think she looks hotter post surgery.

1679 days ago

The Running Back    

She looks like she got stung by a bee.

1679 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Looks like she's smuggling two bald headed midgets into the party. But really. as soon as she realizes she will make a ton of money without her no talent, goofy looking husband, I'm sure she'll dump him. Most likely Spencer will commit suicide because his meal ticket will be gone and he has no skills to do anything except playing a fool. Oh well, that's life!

1679 days ago


She looks mentally ill.

1679 days ago


I have defended Heidi for a long time. Those days are over as she has gone off the deep end. She is headed to any early death because she won’t be able to stand how ugly she will be soon because of all the damage she has done to her body. It’s a shame but she has lost her mind.
PS Babs, that line about the three fake boobs was a classic. Well done.

1679 days ago


My god, her chin is like Eddie Musters!!! She used to be that pretty girl next door, now she just looks like a tacky tranny that should be hanging off a strippers pole...

1679 days ago

c'mon now    

I remember when Heidi was just a nobody going to school in San Francisco and Lauren decided to be a good friend and let her live in Laguna Beach with her family. WOW, does that seem like forever ago or what?!?! Heidi is and always be a fake and a poser! She was a horrible friend and is a horrible person....along with her loser hubby!

1679 days ago
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