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Selena Gomez Fans

Injured in Escalator Mishap

2/14/2010 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being a fan of Selena Gomez can be hazardous to your health -- just ask the people who showed up to see her at a mall event in Massachusetts.

Police and firefighters had to be called to the Emerald Square Mall on Saturday when an escalator stopped short, sending several fans flying. Five people were injured, three of which were transported to the hospital. 

Gomez was at the mall for a Q&A put on by a local radio station.


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Wow these comments are pretty harsh. Don't you people realize this is a LITTLE GIRL?! All of you people on here criticizing her weight should be ashamed of yourselves. She's cute, wholesome, and is a decent actress, and I would much rather have my children be fans of her then the skanky Miley Cyrus.I was personally there at the mall yesterday and it was insane! Poorly organized in a too small venue. Most of the fans there were just little girls themselves and it makes me sick you people are criticizing babies! I hope each and everyone of you calling little girls fat end up with your ideal rail thin coke whore socialite of a daughter, since being thin, rich, and skinny is the apprent ideal for the lot of people make me sick!

1711 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

Dear Haterade,

I can see you on your filthy sofa in your dilapidated trailer. Your straggly hair is bleached and greasy. Your daughter a muffin top who has serviced several boys in her special ed class.

Yes and worst of all you are a hypocrite criticizing other posters for criticizing "babies" while you call Mylie a skank.


1711 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    


You are crazy... most slim people (real Americans) exercise and eat sensibly...they don't use meth. What a warped mind you have. I suggest you see a mental health professional imediately or take a ride with your husband in a drycleaner bag.

I wish you only misery.... I dare you to respond to this!

1711 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

What a tragedy! Why is there all the coverage on those foreigners in Hati when on our own shores we have this type of sadness.

I pray for these people and that fat teen singer Selena! You go girl!

1711 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

sorry I spelled Haiti incorrectly... please forgive me

1711 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

Lazy fat slobs on the escalators. I can't believe this girl is laughing at people falling! I wonder if Obama will declare this mall some sort of shrine and we will get some sort of Federal Holiday.

1711 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

TMZ can you post video of this? I need a good laugh!

1711 days ago

Susan Silva    

I am a mom and was there with 3 girls. I stayed on the side, yes we got there early and sat close to the stage. But the fighting that was going on was sad....not kids but parents!!(very sad) I had a grandmother push her granddaughters at a group of girls and when they went down the grandmother told her grandchildren to walk over the fallen girls. I started to help up the fallen girls by picking the grandchildren off of the fallen girls and stopping the grandchildren. I told the grandchildren they will be not going any further as I picked up or pushed the the grandchildren out of the way so these girls could get up, I was told by one of the grandchildren that she was a minor and not to touch her or push her off of the fallen girls, grandmother smiling so very proud
of herself that,so I told her granddaughter she might be a minor but I was a mother and her grandmother pushed them down and there was no way she was passing by these girls who had been there like me, since the mall opened! I had kids trying to go under my legs, is was horrible!! Emerald Sq. Mall should think of another place to do this, or just hand out a mumber of bracelets, because the area was way to small and ALOT of people got hurt for a Q & A that none of the kids could hear Selena, Selena Gomez would have been better off singing a couple of songs or doing a meet and greet. The malls needs to look into this, to many small children were getting hurt and crying. I have to admit with all the concerts, meet and greets, nightclubs, signings,ect..that are crowded(That I have been to), I would have to say I was so afraid for the children, tweens, teens. And parents, grandparents or any adults that were there, shame on you for not helping out. For the adults who told their children to go under peoples legs or push your way through STAY HOME you are not teaching values and it made alot of parents that were there all day your babysitters and yes we had to keep turning them away but my god these parents kept sending them back ......PARENTS/ your eyes those children are in your care not mine/police/ or Emerald Sq. mall.

1711 days ago


Selena should've rescued these people! I guess she is just another fat b*tch.

1711 days ago


Wow, for everyone who thinks she was laughing when this all went down are complete idiots. Seriously, your IQ must be the same as a rock. The photo of her laughing was taken before the incident and put onto another photo of the accident. She would never laugh at that, and if you think she would then you are the ones who are in fact sick in the head.

Now as for her weight issue, she is a size 0 or 1 at the most. She's a tiny little thing, you know that. Therefore you are just internet trolls looking to stir up trouble. My children love her show and she's the first person from Disney who can actually sing for real.

Fact is, anyone who comes on here to criticize celebrities need to get a life. Their lives are far better than yours, to come here and insult them is just pathetic. You're just jealous. Plain and simple.

Now watch this, the pathetic trolls will prove my point for me by making further comments. You'll be able to tell by their wordings that they are truly pathetic losers in life.

1711 days ago


To size zero and proud of it and proud to live in a gated community or whatever the hell you call yourselves. Thanks for attacking me from the anonimity of youy it. Shows how mature you are. I called Miley Cyrus a you see any other Disney kids pole dancing, posing half naked, or living with much older boyfriends? I think not! You people got all butt-hurt because I defended this cute little girl and stated the OBVIOUS that most of these Hollywood starlets are on all sorts of drugs...thus why they are scarily thin and unhealthy. Sorry if you took it as a personal attack on yourself. As for my living in a "dilapidated trailer" and you guys wishing death on me, calling me "muffin top" or telling me that I need mental help...last time I checked I'm doing just fine thanks....I'm college educated, hard working and a just fine body weight thanks. Take the high road instead of attacking a complete stranger. I do not wish harm on anyone.....even you two MENSA candidates.

1711 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    


You are a fool as for another Disney kid posing half naked, etc... Britney and Christina for starts. It is sad you find nothing horrific about Selena laughing her fat ass off at this accident.

1711 days ago


Don't blame it on the people or Selena. She was not laughing at the people firstly, she was being interview and asked "Who is your Valentine, Selena?" and she chuckled. As for the people, they were going up the escolator and it paused suddenly and started going backwards fast. Thank god somebody pressed the emergency button on the escolator causing it to stop or the 5 injuries would have multiplied. Most of the people went on the escolatpr want to get Selena to look at them. She has a direct view of the escolator and when fans waved from the escolaor she waved back. I remember a man having a panic attack like we were all going to die, I think he made the escolator drop looking due to his size. They should have a weight capacity so this never happens again. Take the stairs, It will only benefit you physically and maybe it will save your life!
But they don't have a weight capacity so....Thanks Jamie FOXX!
Blame it on the ma ah ah ah ah ah ah all.

1711 days ago


I'm a little appalled over the comments, while I'm no Selena Gomez fan, it is unfair to blame her or her fans for the accident that occurred. The fans got injured because the escalator suddenly stopped short -- and fans, who were likely boarding or on their way down lost their balance, which of course sent everyone toppling down. There was no silly stampede (like Bieber's mall visit which also ended up injuring fans), it was an accident which was caused by an escalator.

1710 days ago



1681 days ago
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