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Selena Gomez Fans

Injured in Escalator Mishap

2/14/2010 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being a fan of Selena Gomez can be hazardous to your health -- just ask the people who showed up to see her at a mall event in Massachusetts.

Police and firefighters had to be called to the Emerald Square Mall on Saturday when an escalator stopped short, sending several fans flying. Five people were injured, three of which were transported to the hospital. 

Gomez was at the mall for a Q&A put on by a local radio station.


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This was a crazy mob scene and not the first time for this mall, they need to shut down all escalators when they have events like this.

1711 days ago


WHO is this chick? Looks like a nobody to me.

1710 days ago

Balloon Dude    

Look at all those losers drooling over a teenage girl. They flock to her like if she was able to walk on water. Ret@rded Sheep.

1710 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Too dumb to know how to ride an escalator?

1710 days ago


pull pants down to knees.
tie rope around neck and loop over closet rod
start whipping the weasel
quickly drop tp your knees
stay in position until dead

and that's what I call doin' the david

1710 days ago


I know. Going crazy for someone with no talent. But I guess anyone that's on TV all the time on a crap popular show will have some fans. Fight! fight! fight! those who are high when they decided that they were hiring someone with no talent.

1710 days ago


emerald square sucks. they closed half the mall because Miley was rehearsing her stripper pole routines. glad my hometown gets a shout out tho>>> North Attleboro, MA.. where if your a fan of a Disney star, we WILL catapult you off our escalators.

1710 days ago


I always wondered why teeny girls get into a crush seeing even the most lame 'celebrity', it's sad to see.

Who is this person all the sheep showed up to see anyway, sounds like another jennifer lopez knockoff.

1710 days ago


The average person in this world today is an IDIOT. It is scary how many stupid, idiotic, brainless, moronic people walk the streets everyday. And I'm talking adults and teenagers, most kids can be excused, they're kids for gosh sakes, but hope they grow up with more brains than the average adult and teens nowadays have. I unfortunately work with the public, and the stupidity out there with most of them is SCARY.

1710 days ago


Ya, i was working yesterday when that happened. it was insane people couldn't even get in and out of my store!! She didn't show up til 4pm, did a 30 minute question and answer. Really? there were people waiting at 9 am!! She wasn't even performing!! Stupid!!!

1710 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Sooooo agree with the fat comment! Are we sure she didn't break the escalator by going over the weight limit? At least she has nice hair. But she'd look better if she were more Lindsay's size.

1710 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

Does this girl have a big lesbian fan base? so of the "gals" on the escalator look like they enjoy a carpert munch! Agree that Selena has gained so much weight...sad!

1710 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

do you think this girl's managers rigged that escalator on purpose? My god, I hope not and can't imagine it being true....Selena seems to get hysterically laughing while her "fans" are being crushed to death. One of the comments above says the girl fans look like lesbians...nothing wrong with being gay but any young teen boy that likes any of the following is 100% gay----Selena Gomez, High School Musical, Lady Gaga, and most of all Discovery Channel.

1710 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

WTF? i don't think she's a lesbo, but holy sh*t, those fans are as trashy as they come! chick used to be hot, but she is quickly turning into a fatso like jennifer love hewitt. yech!

1710 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

Why would anyone go to a low end mall like this dump. Lots of the people in the pictures wouldn't be welcome in my neighborhood... yes, you read correctly GET OVER IT. Lots of polyester plus size slobs riding the escalator with their slow reading group kids. These fools will be suing the mall and possibly poor Selena (lay off the tacos girlfriend!)

1710 days ago
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