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Brittany Murphy Foundation Returns Donations

2/15/2010 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Brittany Murphy Foundation has re-opened its website after TMZ's story this weekend -- and promises to give back all the donations people made while it figures out that whole "we weren't really a charity" thing.

Brittany Murphy

TMZ broke the story that the foundation -- run by Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack and mother, Sharon Murphy -- hadn't filed the necessary documents to qualify as a charity or nonprofit group. As soon as we called the foundation for comment, the website immediately shut down.

But late Sunday the website resurfaced with a message: It would return all the donations "until we have our non-profit status approved before proceeding to insure that we can truly honor Brittany's charitable desires."

The website is no longer taking donations and now holds itself out as a private foundation which awaits 501(c)3 non-profit status.

Remembering Brittany Murphy


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I HOPE it was an oversight, but it looks like TMZ may have saved ALOT of people from being ripped off.

1720 days ago

You Can Do Better    

If you want to help people, help locally. The time and money you spend goes to many more people.Contact your local Community Action Program, or ask a neighbor. There's always somebody who can use a hand.

1720 days ago

She's Dumb    

Ewwww....That's kind of creepy, what the hell is up with her husband and mother?

1720 days ago


In the words of the Thompson Twins:

"Lies, lies, lies, yeah!"

1720 days ago


Good work TMZ. People need to be protected from scam artists who prey on others good intentions.

1720 days ago


#13-by ed---I don't know the color of your skin and don't care to know, but your comment was racist and so inappropriate.
#15-grossed out----If you have the chance to go back to the first article and read the comments, there was a comment that could help you realize that the first story brought out some interesting comments by one particular post.

Its sad to think that this mother and the husband who are suppose to be grieving are looking for an angle to profit off her death. A further investigation should be made into her death. The both of them don't seem to be grieving at all. Her sudden death and then weeks later starting up an illegal foundation and attempting to hold a memorial where you got charged at the door. That too was canceled. Something very strange is happening between these two people. He creeps me out and she is just following him around. Everyone grieves differently, but these two don't seem to be grieving at all.
#15-grossed out-Go back to the first story, there is a post from someone who knew Murphy, her husband, and the mother. The poster had great insight. IMHO

1720 days ago


When she first passed the husband stated it was a heart attack. He also stated that she didn't take drugs. Then he blamed the "villegers" of Hollywood and was going to sue them. Then he was going to hold a memorial where you had to pay $1,000.00 to attend. Then when that didn't work out, he started the Foundation and was taking donations without being a registered foundation.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is about money and yet he is suppose to be grieving ? Then the autopsy comes back, she actually died of a pneumonia and drug toxicity. If she didn't take drugs, whether prescribed or over the counter why would that be part of the cause of her death ? I can understand the over the counter medications because she had symptoms of a cold, but what I don't get is where did all the prescription drugs come from if she herself was getting them by prescription ? Who was giving her the drugs, and obviously if she was as sick as she was why didn't the hubby do the right thing and get her to a hospital, rather than waiting for the doctors appointment. So many suspcious things going on with this guy, I hope the police are taking a closer look at him now that this whole scam is coming to light.

1720 days ago


For everyone who doesn't know how the process works -- the application for charitable 501(c) status takes anywhere from 6-8 months.

There is no fast-track through this. Paperwork must be completed in the state where the charity is based, plus IRS paperwork. This requires attorneys and this is NEVER a speedy process.

The process is deliberately long to prevent scams. That is also why the paperwork must go through the state Attorney General's office AND the IRS.

Either Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy are very, very clueless or stupid, or they just ignored that they would need to go through this process to establish their foundation as a legitimate charity.

If this charity EVER sees the light of day, I will be shocked. Because Monjack appears to be a guy who is only interested in things that are profitable to him personally. In the event that this charity does get established == I would warn anyone seeking to donate to it to think twice. After that, there would be NOTHING to prevent most of the donations to be used as "administrative costs."

Congratulations to TMZ for catching this!

1720 days ago


Bet that Sharon & Simon become a couple if they already weren't at the time of Brittany's death! I will miss her acting & beautiful yet haunting face!!

1720 days ago

Amber Berglund    


It takes about a day to get the IRS TAX ID. Once you have the Tax ID, you can open a bank account. There are several different choices to file under, other than a straight Non-profit.

I was able to open a fund in two days, on-line. I had a TAX ID, and a papertrail.

1720 days ago


Sounds legit to me.. I dont think they meant any harm by starting it before they got the paperwork.. I think They just wanted to do something to honor her asap.. Lighten up people.

1720 days ago

Simon's a freak    

Sounds legit to me.. I dont think they meant any harm by starting it before they got the paperwork.. I think They just wanted to do something to honor her asap.. Lighten up people.

Was this posted from Simon's camp?????

Wake up! If they are returning the money that was donated, then they know they didn't do the right thing and they smell trouble!

Taking money from people and using her name for their own gain is NOT honouring her.

I hope the cops or even the FBI get on this fat ass Simon. Hope he gets really busted! The guy's a con artist.

1720 days ago

Jay m    

I wish these Hollywood Million airs would stop trying to have a Charity for every dame thing that happens they forget not all of us have a castle in the hills of Hollywood,France,Italy,so on half of America can't afford to live here any more with there Libral HIGH Taxes I am so tired of them helping the world like are Goverment.And forget that were they live need more help as well every time u turn around some one wants to open up a non profit org so they have no tax bill an are able to hide there money and have a dozen tax right offs what did they raise for Haite 60 or 70 million dollars when the US gives 100 of millions to them they don't need the money they need an Honest Goverment there I bet that 70 million would help keep Thousands of AMERICANS in there home that they are losing just fed up SORRY lets have a Concert to help all Americans losing there homes.I forget may be there was one all ready there are so many.

1720 days ago


I am not going to call it a SCAM- maybe they are trying to do something for their wife/daughter, but do not know how to go about doing it right. There are alot of people that think or don't think and would just do the same. Returning the money collected, they had to do. Now do the correct paperwork and do it right. If it were a true SCAM, the people who donated would never see their money again.

1720 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Awesome job, TMZ. Too bad you can't get Monjack deported while you're at it. I don't think the US has a Douchebag Visa program although sometimes it certainly seems that way.....

And hey, anything you can dig up on dirtbag corporate bankers/investors will always be welcome too. Thanks!

1720 days ago
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