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Conan O'Brien Sports Unemployment Beard

2/15/2010 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien is using his newfound free time (and $32.5 million NBC settlement money) to take his family to Hawaii this weekend.


Now if only he would use some of that scratch to buy a razor.

Remembering Conan O'brien


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1710 days ago


Aww Conan! I miss him!

1710 days ago

chicken head    

aww-- poor multi millionaire
hes UGLY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

1710 days ago


That's not Conan O'Brien, that's the great Spanish agroconomist prophet Brian O'Conner. Geezuz, TMZ, can't wait to see what you'd do with a photo of Jason Lenor, from the Madagascar Olympic Committee.

1710 days ago


I can't believe anyone would hire this stupid Brat, Only a brat acts the way he did. What a moron

1710 days ago


So good to see him again!!! I hope he gets another show as soon as he legally can...the world is a funnier and more joyful place with him on the teevee.

1710 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Since he was released from employment with NBC, he is eligible to file for unemployment insurance with the State of Califorina. That would be an extra $1200 per month for him!

He just has to actively look for another position in order to qualify. Good to know.

1710 days ago


Kids have the hats on and probably SPF 50. Good dad protecting those little Irish kids! Don't mess with the sun!

1710 days ago


We miss you ! Can't wait till your back on a talk show ! Everyone needs some CoCo to brighten up their day !

1710 days ago


KCB: I feel sorry for any kids you might have or anyone in your life. It can't be easy to deal with such a twisted, bitter person on a daily basis. Time for a mirror check buddy.

1710 days ago

Blanket 50    

Who cares! This country is still in a fix! People are losing homes and their jobs wondering how they will make ends meet. This guy is walking around with millions to shoot out of his ass! No worries for him. Geeeez!

1710 days ago


He is a daywalker!

1710 days ago


He was supposed to be so talented why is he still unemployed why aren't the tv networks clamoring to get him talented and great yeah rightttttt!

1710 days ago


Wow, I wouldn't have recognized him. He actually looks BETTER like this. I thought he was gay actually for the longest time 'til I found out he had a family. Of course now that I think about it, just because a man(or woman) has a family doesn't mean they AREN'T gay does it? Any-hoo, not that it matters. Just mean that he looks more masculine but do those legs ever need a tan? I was Team Conan but whatever, I think Leno's days are numbered anyway. Never understood the 'Leno-fascination' anyway. People talk about Conan's looks? Pleeeeaaassseee!! Doesn't matter HOW FUNNY Leno is, I couldn't watch him simply because I couldn't stomach LOOKING AT HIM! Now I just think he's an 'arrogant, never-been-that-funny pr!ck'. Him on the Oprah show tryin' to show how contrite he was. Made me GAG! I think all he did with that whole 'takin' back the Tonite show' BS was reveal how desperate he is these days. Really think he thought his primetime show spot would be popular-haha! If THAT bombed, then like I said, I think his days are numbered.

Well, I hope Conan is 'happy' 'cause in life, that's really all that matters when it comes right down to it. Have a feeling he's NOT though. Seems people in show biz never really are unless they are sitting in the 'top spot' anyway. It's a shame they can't even enjoy their success when they have it. So afraid of losing it. Do these egotistic celebrities really think that when they ARE on top it will last forever anyway??

BTW- correct that above; I was Team Conan when all the sh!t was hitting the fan over the T. Show; I've actually always been TEAM LETTERMAN all the way!!

1710 days ago

Blanket 50    

I forgot to mention how damn ugly he is....and that darn hairdo needs to be covered up with a hat! To look at him was REPULSIVE! YUCK

1710 days ago
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