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Heidi Montag Is a Real Doll

2/15/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag maneuvered her reassembled parts into a sexy(?) pose for cameras, who were inexplicably in her hotel room over Valentine's Day weekend.

So lifelike.


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Why has this young girl done this to herself? She looked way better before. DId her husband make her do this? Does she do porn now?

1710 days ago

Brian Haynes    

MEDIAWHORE!!!!Please keep your clothes onplease for the love of god.Your husband is aloser for lying instopping you,both of are really bad actors,and you are the worst singer next Eddie Murphy.

1710 days ago


36. Is it me or is her whole existence geared towards being a slut? I hate to admit this, but I watched "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" when she was on and all she did was go on and on about god. Ummmmm....since when does being super religious go together with being slutty? What a hypocrite!

Posted at 10:43AM on Feb 15th 2010 by DMB

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Really! If THIS GIRL is 'religious' then she must not have absorbed those portions of the bible dealing with what the true meaning of 'beauty' IS, nor does she seem to have a very good understanding about helping her 'fellow man'. Just think of all the good she could have done with the bucks she spent on her 'VANITY'?? I don't 'dislike' her in any way but feel very sorry for her. He 'thinking' is so obviously screwed up. Instead of any more surgery, she should invest in a good therapist. She desperately needs it. I don't know anything of her 'family dynamic' she was raised in but I'd bet her parents could use a good therapist of their own.

If this girl DOESN'T GET HELP, I think we will unfortunately be reading a very sad obituary about her life one day.

And people think Michael Jackson was screwed up? Yeah, as far as having some extremely dysfunctional 'body image' ideas running around in his head but if you believe that to be true(which I do) then here's definitely another extreme case of BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER. Just so sad.

1710 days ago



1710 days ago


she is a disgrace TO the religious community. she swears she is religious and blah blah blah... YA OK! she sure shows it. she needs to go back under that insecure rock she crawled out of because the surgery she had only made her look WORSE. she actually was kind of cute before the 10000 surgeries. horrible horrible HORRIBLE

1710 days ago


Hi, my name is Spencer Pratt and I am here to defend my girlfriend. I made her get all the plasic sugeries, I admit it. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and I made her get 10 surgeries so in 5 years when everything begins to sag and fall off she will start to look like Michael Jackson on his death bed. I always wanted to screw Michael and now I can have that dream realized. All I have to do is take off Heidi's blond wig and slap on the black wig and poof you have later years Michael Jackson! I mean I've always been a kiniving little prick that loves to screw girls that look like guys but hey who wouldn't want to screw a plastic doll that will look like Michael Jackson's corpse in a few years. Thank God for plastic surgery and once my dream is realized I will be turning Heidi into Liza Manelli so I can realize another dream of screwing a old hag. So don't make fun of my girlfriend now while she looks like a hidieous sex doll, wait a few years when she looks like the dead King of Pop and you'll see where our motivations were at the time.

I'm better than you,

1710 days ago

Just sayin'    

I just vomited.

1710 days ago


Attention wh*re douche! Same with her hubby.

1710 days ago


What a good Christian woman she is?? Ummm She is no doubt the most dillusional person I've ever seen, and I'm sure her poor mother is reeling inside from this disasterous path her daughter has taken. What the hell is wrong with with this girl!

1710 days ago


I wish The Hills would fire her and TMZ would stop commenting on her. I just want both her and her husband to disappear off my tv!

1710 days ago

NY Mom    

Poor girl, she just can't accept that no one is interested. She can have all the plastic surgery in the world, they have yet to invent a procedure that will give her the "it" factor.

1710 days ago


Dude its so creepy. Make her go away. TMZ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please?!!!! Disgusting. I mean if this was the way she was supposed to look, good, great for her, but its NOT! I get tweaking things here and there, would love to get the nose I broke three times fixed, but this is like something I'd expect to see on Ripley's. Its not Halloween, stuff her in a closet!

1710 days ago


Hi, I'm Spencer Pratt, since my girlfriend is a hidieous plastic F doll and I'm a ugly little weasel I would like to release a statement through TMZ. Okay, the reason why I made Heidi get all these plastic surgeries is because I don't want to be married to her anymore. I wanted her to get so many plastic surgeries that she would look like a disgusting West Hollywood porn star and if she had gotten enough surgeries that maybe she'll regret it enough to just kill herself. If Heidi kills herself bc the hidieousness of the surgeries I will get away scott free so I can resume my secret life of dressing up like a woman and having sexual relations with janitors in a cheap hotel. If the surgeries idea doesn't work I might make her go on Celebrity Survivor so maybe she will get eaten by a shark or get torn up by a lion or something so I don't have to deal with being straight anymore. If that angle doesn't work i'll just stay married to her and continue my science project of turning her into the corpse of dead Michael Jackson so I can have sex with not only a person that looks dead but a person that was cosmetically changed from a normal looking person into a plastic, white, freak of nature with a odd looking face. Okay thank you TMZ for letting me clear that situation up. If you would like a exclusive I would need the small fee of $400,000,000 bc I am a special douche bag that thinks I'm something but I'm really nothing.

I'm better than you,

1710 days ago


Look its Porno Heidi Doll, you can pick it up at your local sex shop, hahaha

1710 days ago


I hate that she's back spewing all over the media again. And, that pose is hideous. Perhaps, she should invest a few bucks in some modeling classes. What a waste of space. She's using up air that could go to someone with talent.

1710 days ago
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