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John Mayer Uses His Head ... Not the Racist One

2/15/2010 11:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer didn't say one word about his racist penis this weekend -- in fact, the singer didn't say one word about anything.


After all of last week's drama -- and his subsequent teary-eyed explanation -- Mayer kept his head down and his mouth shut as he waded through a sea of paparazzi on his way out of his hotel in Canada.

As for the penis -- no comment from Lil' David Duke either.


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everyone wants to blame the rappers for Mayer's ignorance. That's whats wrong with society always trying to displace the blame. Everyone knows where the n word stems from so why anyone uses it is beyond me. It is not a pretty word but lets face the facts no white person is allowed to use it. Point blank.

1676 days ago


hey there is nothing wrong with being a Racist..there is no law that says you cant be one.. so i stand up for this guy ..and yes i am one and i am very proud of it .

1676 days ago


John Mayer has the right to say and to feel anything he wants but we as consumers have the right to boycott him. If people really want to make a stand against John Mayer's true belief's stop buying his music. Stop buying his concert tickets stop buying his merchandise. Contact whatever corporations that sponsor his tour and or who sponsor any part of his music and tell them you will boycott any and all of their products if they continue to have a business relationship with John Mayer. These comments by John Mayer are no different then Imus or Michael Richards. There has to be a more of a backlash then just outrage.

1676 days ago


@ the man claiming to be a racist. get a life.

1676 days ago

its me    

i have heard blacks say they wont date whites but their not prejudice!!!! so why is it wrong for this WHITE MAN to say what he did?? im sick and tired of blacks getting away with saying whatever they want about whites. its OK to call us crackers out loud and not be called out on it? give me this guy a break ! you can call us white trash and get away with it? GMAFB! get over it people . I'm sick of blacks getting away with calling white people names but they cry when a white person says something. this is just bull.

1676 days ago

dirty diana    

ROFLMAO!!! TMZ, HAHAHAHAHAHA racist penis, lil david duke, hahahhahahahahha I LOVE IT!!!!

1676 days ago

its me    

racist people are usless to society!!!

1676 days ago


While I agree with John Mayer that black women are disgusting I also think his career is over for admitting it. Note to John: Keep your opinions about black women private even if it is what every other white AND black guy is thinking.

1676 days ago


maybe him and the montag/spencer god loving ,whore looking couple can hang out for some napalm making i think the spencers are white enough for him lol

1676 days ago

dirty diana    

jeeze"this is true" you got that soooooooooo right and i will surely pass it on and on and on!!! well said and thank you.

1676 days ago


So, how large is John Mayer's penis? After that train-wreck of an interview with Playboy, I'd guess about 6'3". The way things are going for him, maybe the only industry which will be interested in such a narcissistic douche-bag is PORN. He should just STFU, and play MUSIC, or better yet GO AWAY!

1676 days ago

London not England    


Oh PLEASE..."While I agree with John Mayer that black women are disgusting I also think his career is over for admitting it."????

Women of color/any COLOR are beautiful.....
It's ONLY MGM and Warner Brothers that have perpetuated the MYTH that the blond haired blue-eyed WHITE WOMAN is the "IDEAL"....and American has bought into it....
BUT....When the Blond haired blue-eyed ideal spend thousands and millions of dollars to have a BIGGER ASS, BIGGER LIPS, BIGGER BREASTS, and NOT TO CRACK..(since black don't crack)...and will DIE to do it...
I think that speaks to something.
AND, MR. Mayer like Soooooo many other white men WOULD F-UCK a black woman (or a black man for that matter) in the dark, and NOT admit it in the light.....Hypocrites....just like they have for centuries....

1676 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

this is true!,
Everyday is White Day, every college especially Ivy league colleges are white colleges, every nationally recognized pageant is a white pageant, every channel is a white channel, especially CBS... it's been that way for years, just because other races want to have their own doesn't make them racist. Whites are more than welcome to black colleges, if they choose to go there. Whites are the reason that minorities try to have something to identify with, for the longest blacks or any other minority wouldn't see a person of color on tv unless they were maids or servants.

1676 days ago

London not England    

Look at the latest Vanity Fair mag...

All the pretty "little" up-and-coming young white actresses....


Anyone would think People of color don't exist in Hollyweird!?!?!
Which they don't .....

just on the basketball court...or in the courts.....

Then, when we TRY to have an ALL Black channel....its: "BUT THAT'S RACIST".....


1676 days ago


I see from the comments that racists come in every colour, but I really don't think John is racist. I think he meant this to come off funny but this kind of comedy requires careful handling and this time he just didn't pull it off. Most of the time his comments are pretty funny.
Don't stop being yourself John, but some things are better left unsaid. Although, I'm pretty sure you've recently figured that out for yourself.

1676 days ago
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