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Kevin Smith -- Southwest Should Fit Wide Loads

2/15/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Kevin Smith, "fat people" don't need to lose weight -- Southwest Airlines just needs to build "thicker" seats to accommodate the wider American clientele!

Kein Smith: Click to listen

Smith, who was booted from a plane this weekend for taking up too much space, tore into the airline yesterday on an hour and a half long SModcast -- blasting them for not catering to people in the USA, where "more people are fat than thin."


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I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Great, now we have a fatboy mafia to add to Harvey's gay mafia!!!!

1713 days ago

The former shadow of WTC one.    

We the world must make sacrifice - for those unwilling to sacrifice the compulsion for another piece of fried chicken and slice of Oreo cookie cake. Over-eating is no different than smoking – it’s an unhealthy indulgence.

1713 days ago


But UGH… I get your point, about charging obese people more to fly (not that I necessarily agree), but… I'm 6'7" tall, built more or less like Michael Jordan ---which is to say "rather lean"--- and I weigh 240 lbs. Using your scheme, I would pay a premium to fly as well. And my weight is NOT the result of overeating, lack of control, or anything of the sort. So… ???

1713 days ago


Forget the heavies.. I am sick and tired of being sat next to the big people.. you know the ones that are over 6 foot tall and feel the need to spread out and take my feet & arm space. Just because I am a short woman, it pisses me off that some tall amazon woman or big stout guy is sat next to me. I think the same rule should apply to them too, they need to buy 2 seats... they take up too much space!!

1713 days ago


I really hate sitting next to a larger person on a plane. It is MY right to be able to sit comfortably in the seat I paid for, without their chub in MY seat. If they need to fit comfortably in a reasonably sized seat, then buy 2 seats or lose some weight. Simple as that. The airline did nothing wrong here.

1713 days ago


There are medical conditions that can cause people to be overweight without over eating or lack of exercise, Cushings disease is one. Steroids for brain tumours can also cause extreme weight gain. Sometimes it's not just the cakes and donuts.

1713 days ago



that is understandable, however that still doesn't give the person a right to take over the seat of somene else, when they paid for the seat. they know how large they are--they need to buy another seat. simple as that.
i'm rather petite and pay extra to have all my clothes tailored since the avergae clothing company doens't cater to my size... same idea.

1713 days ago


whatever… Wow! You took a blog about OBESE people and flipped it directly at TALL people, huh? Glad I'm not YOU! You must really HATE being the pipsqueak that you apparently feel you are!

1713 days ago


Zelda...and some people are kidnapped, shoved in a trunk, and forced to eat fried chicken for weeks on end

But that's not why most people are fat - right?

1713 days ago


Its about time!!!! My husband travels alot and has had to "share" his seat way to many times with some who is much to big to fit in the seat. Flying is a privilage,there are other modes of transportation.

1713 days ago


I agree with the comments about passengers paying by the weight. If we have to pay extra for our luggage, they should pay for their "luggage". I used to be an obese person and I blamed nobody but myself for the way I was. I never asked for special treatment.

"The louder you bark, the weaker you are."

1713 days ago


Why don't the airlines just ask for the ticket holder's height and weight when the reservation is placed? The people who design those munchin-sized plane seats can come up with a computer program that calculates how well a person will fit into a plane seat based on their measurements. If it's going to be a problem, the person could be notified when the reservation is placed, not 2 minutes before the freaking plane takes off. They would then have the option to purchase an extra seat if necessary. This kind of nonsense that happened with Kevin Smith is ridiculous and totally avoidable!

1713 days ago


Here's a run down of the incident and his reactions on twitter:

1713 days ago


I do partially agree with Smith. I don't agree that airplanes should be bigger just because we Americans are fatter, but those seats are jammed onto airplanes. Humans are thrown onto them like sardines. Maybe if they 8 - 12 seats out it would be a little more spacious for everyone.

BTW, I do believe that everyone is missing a previously made point. Smith said he was in his seat with the arm rests down. If this was true, then why was he asked to leave? If he can get the arm rests to go down, he must not be that big.

1713 days ago


If he can get the arm rests to go down, he must not be that big.

Posted at 10:47AM on Feb 15th 2010 by JackieMichele

Ummmmm...he failed to mention it was the outer armrests of the window and aisle seat and that he was in the center seat...

1713 days ago
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