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Kevin Smith -- Southwest Should Fit Wide Loads

2/15/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Kevin Smith, "fat people" don't need to lose weight -- Southwest Airlines just needs to build "thicker" seats to accommodate the wider American clientele!

Kein Smith: Click to listen

Smith, who was booted from a plane this weekend for taking up too much space, tore into the airline yesterday on an hour and a half long SModcast -- blasting them for not catering to people in the USA, where "more people are fat than thin."


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Instead of catering to the fat slobs of the world, maybe they should learn self control when eating. Yes, I know that sometimes obesity is caused by certain medical conditions and medications. But why is it that we have to suffer for all the fatties?

1718 days ago


While I agree with Smith that he was treated poorly, I don't agree that the planes need to be modified to accommodate fat people.

Southwest is at fault in this case though. He had already bought TWO seats for his flight due to his size. When they offered him a seat on an earlier flight they only gave him a single seat. It wasn't until after he was in the seat that they had an issue. Since they have full access to his reservations they knew he had two seats on the other flight and they could see he was big. By letting him on the other flight in the first place they were saying he was ok to fly. If the gate agent made a mistake they shouldn't have punished Smith. They should have allowed him to fly but reprimanded the gate agent.

1718 days ago


For a more thorough explanation from Kevin Smith, he blogged about it here...

His issue was not that he was too fat, it was that he was seated, with the seatbelt fastened and the arm rests down and was then asked to be removed from the plane. I wasn't there, so obviously I don't know the full story, but it's sounding like BS that he was asked to de-plane.

1718 days ago


Lose weight you tub of lard.

1718 days ago


I sat next to an oversized person during a three hour flight once.
It was AWFUL - The guy actually needed an extension to be able to buckle up.

He was all over my personal space and his "meats" were in contact with me at all time.

The worst part was trying to NOT feel guilty for being upset.

REAL bad exprience... I hated flying that day!!

1718 days ago


I guess that the world revolves around him because he is as big as the sun.

1718 days ago


Just fly with another airline company. Simple as that. I never had the experience of sitting next to a big person, and I've also never heard of a airline asking people to leave because of their size. There are other options.

1718 days ago


Airlines need to weigh passengers WITH their luggage- because they might have to adjust their fuel and should surcharge the overweight people. I weigh 145, carry on nothing and pay to check my underweight bag. I see people who weigh at least 250 get on with a huge carry on, and NO WAY are they less than 300 pounds total but I get the charge for taking up less space. It is rude and offensive to have ANYONE touch you with their thighs or arms during a flight. You pay for your space and they shouldn't be in it or expect you to sit there and put up with it. How could you get out of the plane in a hurry if a person was wedged into their seat next to you? If they offered bigger seats then they should cost MORE and should be available to everyone who wants one. All children should be in their own seats, too. This is ridiculous.

1718 days ago


Airlines should have an actually seat in the gate and make people sit there to make sure that their asses fit.. if not, get an extra ticket or walk home (probably a good idea to lose that weight).

Kind of the same thing they do with the size of your bags. (if it doesn't fit, check it)

If your ass does not fit, walk or drive home

1718 days ago


I read one account where he felt he was humiliated because some people on the plane had already I.D. him as Silent Bob.
Really? He should be humiliated that he's so fat that he takes up two seats. Maybe he should take up walking to and fro and avoid all night Little Debbie Buffets?

1718 days ago


Fat people need to stop eating so much. Airlines should not make wider seats. We are the only nation that has this problem. If you fly in Europe they do not have to kick fat people off because people over there do not over eat. If you are fat you should stop eating so much

1718 days ago

yadda yadda    

Hey fat-tards, how about get off your asses and hit the gym instead of complaining! I'm not a small girl myself but at least can fit my arse into a standard chair. Just because Americans have become fat and lazy why should places rearrange everything for us? Time to stop complaining and making excuses and actually put down the doughnut and lose some weight.

1718 days ago

Sick of Entitlers    

This is simply ridiculous! This guys stuffs his face with cheeseburgers after smoking dope all day and blames southwest! I cannot stand all of these entitlers! What happens if it is a full flight and 3 fat cheeseburger eating dope smokers have 3 seats together? Does this disgusting pig expect other passengers to give up their seats? What is really ridiculous is this brain dead pathetic nobody actor/director has a podcast! If he was any good he wouldn't be on a discount airline flying coach!

1718 days ago


I do have a thyroid conditions, that makes it very hard to keep weight off, that's why I have to eat as healthy as I can and work out 4-5 hrs a week, so don't make excuses for fat people, they chose to be fat, I'm tired of hearing fat people cry about being mistreated, stop eating crap and work out, then you won't be fat, Period.

1718 days ago


No one wants to have to share their seat with the remainders of the person next to them. I get it, and I bet Kevin gets it too.

That said, he did say that he was buckled and the armrests were down... which means he fit into the seat without overflowing. I agree that SW is in the wrong here-- they should've refused the passenger at the gate, not after he was seated. It's completely unnecessary to humiliate a passenger by ejecting them in front of 300+people. Especially, like Kevin notes, when there are fatter people aboard that weren't forced to leave.
Smith shouldn't insinuate that planes are discriminating against large people by having small seats-- that's just silly. They're trying to make more $$ per flight and, conversely, keep prices down for the consumer... which means tight confines for you and me. But I get what he's saying-- I'm smaller than average and plane seats are uncomfortable for me, too (being .5 inches away from a complete stranger)

1718 days ago
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