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Kevin Smith -- Southwest Should Fit Wide Loads

2/15/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Kevin Smith, "fat people" don't need to lose weight -- Southwest Airlines just needs to build "thicker" seats to accommodate the wider American clientele!

Kein Smith: Click to listen

Smith, who was booted from a plane this weekend for taking up too much space, tore into the airline yesterday on an hour and a half long SModcast -- blasting them for not catering to people in the USA, where "more people are fat than thin."


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Hey, Mr. Hollywood Big Shot... Here is some free advice for your cheap self: Southwest is a discount airline. In short, they are a flying bus. If you want to be treated like the primadonna that you act like after being asked to follow the rules, you may want to try this thing that the other carriers have... they have this new service called "First Class." It's a crazy idea, but it seems to work... You get more space than the rest of the plane. You get fed suring flight - which you will most probably enjoy. You get on and off ahead of the rest of the passengers, but this time you get to fly the route before disembarking. Crazy, I know, but you should give it a shot.

1710 days ago


Love the hate around this thread... too bad Smith's right on - YOU AMERICANS ARE MOSTLY A BUNCH OF FAT A$$HOLES! Therefore, you should all ask for thicker seats!

Hey, if you don't what to ask that for yourselves, at least do it for your kids - we all know they all gonna end up FATTER than you all are!

1710 days ago


WOW! I cannot believe all the anger on this post. Did you all have obese mothers who abused you? Do you need to rant and rave about someone else's body in order for you to be able to tolerate your own? Fat Americans are Americans and have the same rights as everyone else. How 'bout don't like having a "fatty" next to you on a plane, don't like the fat rolls, odor, blubber, etc... touching you and entering your space? Then don't fly. Don't risk it. Cause I can tell you this...fat people are going to continue to fly, and eat out, and go shopping, and be out in public! If you are too filled with self hatred to be able to handle it then stay at home. Its easy to hate and discriminate against fat people...that's why everyone does it. Oh and before any genius wannabes on here start typing away about how I am probably a fatty too, well of course I am. I have no trouble flying though and do not need 2 seats, I am a plus size person, like most of the posters on here and most of America. Yes it sucks and we all need to lose weight, but I just had to point out that the level of anger on here is ridiculous! Chill out people! There will always be fat people...get over it and worry about yourself instead of strangers. One last thing-allowing people w/ kids to board first isn't because people can't control their kids (you a-hole) its for the sake of the kids. Does everyone on here hate children too? GEEZ!!!

1710 days ago


Boycott Southwest? - what ? No more fat people? Next thing it will be no crying babies, and then Southwest will probably piss off the Wisconsin wine growers and veggens - by serving good french wine and steak dinners! Oh my god! Whats next? Peanuts and warm blankets?? What airline to fly next - let me think about it for a while....

1710 days ago


To geez:

There is no such thing as a plus size person or a BBW or any other term used for being FAT, your just FAT!!!!!

Maybe what all us in shape, non over stuffing our faces people should do is every time we are forced to sit next to a disgusting, overflowing, FAT POS is complain as loud as we can so that we shame them into losing weight. Control your mouths FAT ASSES!!!!

1710 days ago


"BTW, Southwest doesn't allow preboarding with infants or children anymore. My husband and I thought this policy was discriminatory and vowed never to fly Southwest again."

Actually, that is not accurate info either- where are y'all getting this from?? We allow preboarding for families with children under 5, just after the A boarding group, so at most 60 folks will be on board already. Plenty of space and time left for you to seat yourself and your little ones. We changed it so the Business Select passengers could be the first on the plane, since they had paid an additional fee for this privilege.
Also, after reading all of these comments the last few days, I have to add my opinion. I agree this should have been taken care of before Mr. Smith was allowed to board the plane and was subsequently embarrassed in front of the other 136 passengers. The gate agent probably recognized him and didn't want to be the one who had to tell him there would not be 2 seats available for him, so she/he left it up to the flight attendants and pilots to be the bad guys. This happens quite frequently. The agents want to be done with the challenging passengers and pass them off to us to deal with on the plane. The flight crew is ultimately responsible for the plane safely taking off and ensuring all of our passengers have a safe and comfortable flight, so we are the ones who have to enforce the rules.
It doesn't matter- it's over now.

1710 days ago


To Rick:

You poor baby. Why so much anger? Did a fat POS pick on you in Kindergarten?
Shame people into losing weight? Are you serious? A miserable loser crying and whining about the fat person next to them won't change a thing. Why don't you put your energy and passion into something good instead of focusing it on the hatred you have for fat people. How do you function in this world? There are FAT people with it!

1710 days ago


Sorry about your another ticket..I for one am sick of having my seat taken over by someone like this guy.

1710 days ago


People are so ignorant. Fat people aren't turned away simply because they are too big for the seats - they are considered more than one person by the airlines, and not to get extra money.

It's called "weight and balance" Back when I was working for United, the manifest assumed each person, even kids with their own seats, weighed 140 pounds. Obviously it's an average. It might be more like 150 now since everyone's getting so fat. Throw off the weight and balance by too much and the plane crashes. That's what happened to singer Aaliyah's flight, except the extra weight came from luggage and not the people. Weight is weight.

1710 days ago

South Beach    

Throwing someone off a plane after they are on is wrong.

Ticket agents can very well hand over a tape measure or have people getting on a scale, so I think airlines should use what Disney uses for height, except for width. It's not an exact science, granted. Create a backdrop of a outlined figure. Everyone has to step in front of it. If you're within the outline, 1 seat. If you're outside the outline, 2 seats. Done. No discrimination.

1710 days ago


90% of you clowns are pretty pathetic to judge somebody based on their weight. Jealous much that we can actually eat something without throwing it up after?

1709 days ago


After Sully lands the plane on the Hudson and the plane is sinking, you then have Fat Boy stuck in your emergency exit like a cork in a bottle. You might just think of a few reasons why he is a safety hazard.

1709 days ago


Kevin Smith you are a fat load. And the skinny men and women who are fighting these wars gives you the right to speak about your fat load. Southwest Airlines does not need top get larger seats. If, as you say, that america is 2/3's fat people, isn't that a problem in itself? Let's talk about the health problems associated with your fat load. And what about the fuel needed to carry your fat load. You get no sympathy because you have access to speak your mind because you have celebrity status by whatever degree. After seeing those starving people in Haiti, you could lend them some fat that they could sustain themselves for 30 days. You whined about the wrong thing you load. Grow a pair and find something worthy to raise your voice to and not some slight discomfort you may have felt because of your making. Hell, if you feel slighted by the airlines, you have enough money to charter your own plane to carry your fat load. Maybe then you would see how much fuel it takes to haul your cave size rear end around this wonderful country that has given you more opportunities than some, you ungrateful bastard.

1709 days ago


TMZ? Why no poll for this one? My last Southwest Airlines flight was miserable because the person next to me got her armrests down but squeezed my ass into the man next to me. I didn't get a discount, either!

1709 days ago


Awe, Lunchbox got sad about his tummy

1709 days ago
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