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Kevin Smith -- Southwest Should Fit Wide Loads

2/15/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Kevin Smith, "fat people" don't need to lose weight -- Southwest Airlines just needs to build "thicker" seats to accommodate the wider American clientele!

Kein Smith: Click to listen

Smith, who was booted from a plane this weekend for taking up too much space, tore into the airline yesterday on an hour and a half long SModcast -- blasting them for not catering to people in the USA, where "more people are fat than thin."


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Ben conducted a media study among viewers of a news clip featuring Southwest Airlines’ decision to deny Kevin Smith a seat on a flight because he was larger than their size requirements. Results found that favorability for the airline decreased among both healthy-weight and over-weight viewers. Nearly one-third of viewers (32%) indicated that they were less likely to fly on Southwest Airlines due to this incident. More in depth results can be seen at:

1656 days ago


WTF? Why should airlines cater to obese people? Obesity is PREVENTABLE! He should not get the same "accomadations" as people who have legitamite disabilities that are not the result of poor food choices and being a lazy fat arse.....

1656 days ago


#21, ZELDA,

Cushing syndrome causes fat in the upper body only. The face gets very round and there is sometimes a layer of fat at the neck and collar area.

Cushing syndrome is very RARE but fat people use this tired excuse all the time, citing a "gland" problem.

We don't allow neighbors to put their things in our yards because they don't have enough room in their yards, whether we rent the house or not. We can call the police and force them to remove their things from our yards. So why is an airplane seat any different? Fat people really should be made to purchase two seats.

1655 days ago


Kevin your weak, and if you had any respect for your self or your Daughter you would use this as a reason to find the strength to lose weight and encourage a sick Obese America to take care of themselves.
By saying seats should be Bigger again takes away responsibility of the lazy Fat person. Do it for your Daughter because she does need to say her Dad never saw her graduate because he had a heart attack at forty.

1654 days ago


I never heard of a Kevin Smith . Lo and behold he's the guy who made the movie that was funded by 10 credit cards,funds from store credit after he sold his comic book collection, a family donation, and paychecks from Quick Stop. "Clerks" was made for $27,575 Now, I see why this guy is making a big stink about him being kicked off the plane. He's getting free publicity from all this, which is a lot cheaper than having an agent do it. Now, everyone wants a piece of him, because he's a DIRECTOR. I thought he was on the same level as Francis Ford Coppolla or Charlie Chaplin...NOT. He's had his 15 mins of fame, he needs to give it a rest. Anyway, if they did let him stay on the plane, he'd be gripping after the trip that he CAN fit into one why are they charging me for two?" Kevin saw his opportunity to get his name out there and he jumped on it. He should make a movie with Southwest Airlines , himself, and the flt. would make for a great comedy.

1654 days ago


Its a fact that their is more large people than skinny people.Thanks kevin for sticking up for the big boned people.Their should be wider seats for the big boned.Not just skinny people travel.

1650 days ago
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