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Jersey Shore's Ronnie -- The Homophobic Tirade

2/15/2010 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

Ronnie Magro from "Jersey Shore" didn't just fight in front of the cameras -- he also spewed some disgusting homophobic slurs during a violent altercation on the boardwalk ... and the footage has finally come to light.

It all went down minutes before Ronnie's first brawl on the show -- in which he and another bar patron could be seen talking trash to each other and then exchanging blows on the shore in front of their girlfriends.

But in the new never-before-seen footage -- Ronnie can also be seen and heard calling the guy a "f**king f**got" and a "f**king queer."

The footage was never aired on MTV.

A source from the production company behind the show who hasn't seen the clip tells us, "There were several gay staff members that worked on the show and Ronnie always respected them and everyone else."


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I don't know him personally but I think he is the typical guy who tries to hurt another guy by saying such things. During fights men usually offend the other man's masculinity. Even that idiot of Perez Hilton called the black eye peas guy a f*gg*t. Does that mean that Perez is a homophobe, no, he is just an idiot.

1674 days ago


Nothing wrong with what he did. Homosexuality is a mental disease. Stop denying it TMZ.

1674 days ago

chicken head    

who cares
just NEVER make fun of "those" people- or you will loose your job.

1674 days ago


This Jersey Shore show sounds like trash. They certainly LOOK like trash. Why would ANYONE from NJ want a show like that on?? I go to the Jersey shore (Cape May) every fall, and I haven't seen or heard anyone like the trashy actors on that show. Crap like that should NOT be on TV.

1674 days ago


I could care less if you are gay, and I WILL use the word queer, and if it hurts your widdle feelings, you have more problems than you think. Just because someone is a fudge packer doesn't mean I have to like them or what they do any more than they don't have to like me. Keep your doings to yourself and we can all get along a bit better. Why does the entire world have to know you are depraved? I've never figured that one out. And no I'm not a "hater" as a lot of you people like to say. I'm simply stating facts, and the sooner you accept facts and not turn it around to make yourself a VICTIM, the better off we will all be.

1674 days ago


SO WHAT!!!! Must be a slow gossip day who gives a sh!t if he called dude those names. If it bothers you wipe your vag and grow a thicker skin.

1674 days ago


TMZ has become a gay baiting site. Harvey and TMZ live in this fantasy world called Hollywood. This isn't like the real world where guys throw these terms around all the time. TMZ would have a meltdown if the were ever to hear the language that straight guys use out in the real world everyday.

I actually respect Ronnie now. The only way I will lose that respect is if he apologizes for this.

1674 days ago


Dude, all you have to do is ask him to go out with don't have to be a K-bag about it just cuz your friends are around

1674 days ago


Sounds to me like RONNIE is trying to hide something!! Maybe being gay is something he doesn't want to admit so he makes fun of gays. People will tell you maybe it's hitting too close to home for Ronnie. Do you want to come out RONNIE?

1674 days ago


Mythoughts, I genuinely mean this... You're welcome. It comes at a cost, but you have a whole group of people you can endlessly poke fun at, and feel innately better than. I guess it makes your whittle day to piss on general groups of the population.

1674 days ago


i hated all the jersey shore fhags till now. i guess ronnies ok in my book.

1674 days ago


Gay people are just like normal people, no better or worse. They just have a screw loose in there brain when it comes to sex.

1674 days ago


I've always hated the word homophobia. It insinuates a fear of homosexuals. I've never met anybody afraid of homosexuals. But rather non-supportive of their actions..... that being said, no he's not a "homophobe"....

1674 days ago


Big deal. So Ronnie is a hate nut just like the TMZ staff which only attacks gay hate speech and defends east coast ethnic bashing. There are only two explanations for gayness. Nature does not mess up on its own without help from mankind. Your sexuality is either the product of a toxic chemical environment poisoned by Dupont or Monsanto. Or you are the feminine reincarnated soul of a serial killer vicitm. Take your pick.

1674 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

I watched the first season but since then they have become even more douchebags that they were that there is no way I will watch the 2nd season.There are talking about coming to Miami Beach,I hope they do not because for the first time in my life I will picket somebody and be sure tv coverage is there to televise it and i'm sure a lot of other people will join.I want to see if the sob of buff a**hole of Robbie Graso will do something or hide behind Spooky.A**s**t.

1674 days ago
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