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Jersey Shore's Ronnie -- The Homophobic Tirade

2/15/2010 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

Ronnie Magro from "Jersey Shore" didn't just fight in front of the cameras -- he also spewed some disgusting homophobic slurs during a violent altercation on the boardwalk ... and the footage has finally come to light.

It all went down minutes before Ronnie's first brawl on the show -- in which he and another bar patron could be seen talking trash to each other and then exchanging blows on the shore in front of their girlfriends.

But in the new never-before-seen footage -- Ronnie can also be seen and heard calling the guy a "f**king f**got" and a "f**king queer."

The footage was never aired on MTV.

A source from the production company behind the show who hasn't seen the clip tells us, "There were several gay staff members that worked on the show and Ronnie always respected them and everyone else."


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Get back in the closet you freeks of nature!!!

1679 days ago


"28. Post 19 is correct. Homophobic is almost always a misused word. It means "fear of". Does Ronnie appear afraid of the homo? Repulsed. . . yes."

Post 19 and your post are wrong. Hatred comes from insecurity and fear.

1679 days ago


"107. Get back in the closet you freeks of nature!!!"

Homophobia is a freak of nature, as is good spelling. Homosexuality occurs in nature in many species including our own. I'd rather have intelligent gay men out of closets and ignorant backward bigots in them.

Had he used the "n" word he'd be off of there. You apologists who say it's just guys being guys don't have a clue.

1679 days ago


Ronnie is the man!!!
Who cares what he said he was pissed offf dumbasses!!
and anyone i know will say stuff like doesnt mean hes gay or hates them lol
gay can just mean stupid sometimes
it might not be nice but thats how it is

1679 days ago


Yo, I don't know what the hell the dude who host this show is talking about? I think he was saying racial discrimination is the same as sexual discrimination. I mean you choose to be gay, you don't choose your race! Duhhhhhhh! Dumb ass!

1679 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

It's hilarious that the Nazis at TMZ fall all over themselves to report this "crime" and even hold a poll for it, but yet they completely ignore Family Guy disgustingly attacking a 2 year old baby with down-syndrome.

Stay classy Harvey

1679 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    


Well, the Communist Party of the United States completely agrees with every single thing about Obama's agenda. Does that mean that you are a Nazi since you support Obama as well?

You can't choose who agrees with you

1679 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Hey TMZ, can you maybe take a break from your Pro-Homo crusade and talk about how Seth McFarlane has reached a new low by attacking a real life baby? Or what about John Edwards' sex tape???

1678 days ago


o, who cares..hes still one of the hottest things walking on this planet..

1678 days ago


Definitely a HATER

Definitely a HOMOPHOBE

Definitely a LOSER

1678 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

gays, just like blacks, have cried wolf far too many times and the American public is now numb to it. Grow up, get thicker skin and stop demanding the media fight your battles for you. This is why you will NEVER be taken seriously.

1678 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

All this coming from a hate, propaganda site that literally waged a war against a COLLEGE STUDENT for answering a bs question and giving the same answer YOUR President has given to the same question. Unfreakin' believable.

1678 days ago


Ronnie is a fat, low class piece of trash.

1622 days ago


I think the lady doth protest too much!!!!..... I have found that guys that spew that bs always end up being the ones who are on the DL. I think its about time that Jersey comes to terms with its innate gayness

1611 days ago


ronnie should be callin that fool a *** stop hatin and followin him and his girl any lil bitch followin me talkin **** 2 my fam gets his assed whooped and called a ***got whether he eats **** or not stay away from the dude and he wont say ****, in america you can say what you want cuz im gonna!!!!!!!!

1516 days ago
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