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Selena Gomez Making 'Jersey Shore' Money

2/15/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Selena GomezSelena Gomez is one of Disney's biggest stars right now -- but she's barely pulling in more per episode than the wasted, juiced up cast of "Jersey Shore."

According to her minor's contract -- filed last month in Los Angeles Superior Court -- Gomez made $10,000 a show for the first season of "Wizards of Waverly Place," the same amount Seaside Heights' finest will pull in next season.

The show is now in its third year and her pay has only been bumped up to $11,025.

Selena ain't exactly struggling -- she's also got a million dollar movie deal and a music career on her shoulders too.

Plus, she's only 17 ... sure beats a babysitting gig.


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I Honestly Love Both Miley And Selena, I Just Don't Think Singing Is For Selena, She Is An Amazing Actress, They Both Are. But I Think Miley Is The Better Singer. Still Its Nice That Selena Wants To Sing, But I Think She Should Leave The Singing To Miley And Demi. Im Not Hating On Selena.

1523 days ago


molly's last name has a long leash attached to her dads, and selena is a self made millionaire there is no comparison and no secret who has the brains between these two girls when it comes to MAKING a buck.

1523 days ago


I hope Selena one day beats the Jersey shore. She deserves a raise!!!! Get all fo Selena's clothes at

1523 days ago

Kristi Jo Dee    

Selena scares me just like that Heidi Montag.

1523 days ago


My advice for Selena Gomez is to quit the TV/Film/Music Industry. TV and Film because she betrays Christianity by portraying the role of a witch, poisoning young malleable minds. Music because although her own opportunity.. The songs are not coming from her own heart.. She ought to find a young kid, get married and get out of the evil limelight. If she’s old enough to date.. Then she’ s old enough to commit to one man for the rest of her life. We surely don’t need anymore Natalie Portman’s, Winona Ryder’s, Drew Berrymore’s, Jennifer Aniston’s etc. etc, etc. who make a lot of money. Thank you and good day.

1522 days ago


The saddest part of this whole article is that she is wholesome star..not a boozing, trash-mouthed, sleep with anything kind of those weirdos on Jersey Shore. She should be paid alot better. I watched JS one time and if I were from Jersey I would be finding a way to get them shut down pronto

1522 days ago


her show is the number 1 most watched show on all of disney..

she should be making way more. but w.e its still a ton of money for a 17 year old...

1522 days ago

Kristi Jo Dee    

Newsflash...Selz show is not number 1 cuz Hannah Montana has been for 4 years. And besides that Selena Gomez is a mean girl. Sure she does it on the down low. However, the hispanic community is growing against miley thanks to sel. Now they are blaming cyrus for selena's small income. Sel has enlisted the aid of justin gaston, beiber and jonas to put miley down. Just mean.

1521 days ago


I think this is wrong.

I've seen several articles that say she's the highest paid Disney Star.

Here's a link

She's making 25k per episode.

1389 days ago

Jason ddrow    

Well i'm prety sure she will go through maijor changes physiscly here soon. Same for justin beiber, he's right at that point where your body does alot of changes. As fare as her money goes, whatever........ There will be plenty and plenty of disney stars after her, and we will get all up in there buisness as well. It's the same thing over and over.

1388 days ago


Selena Gomez is talentless she aint good for nothing. She puts on a fake act so she can seem like the nicest bitch get real. This bitch is a bigger WHORE than Miley she be hopping around with different dudes all the time she's like a rag that guys pick up to use and then throw out when done using. I can't stand her she's pathic I'm happy Demi now knows the real Selena, who let's her own friends and family treat her so called Bestfriend like **** and for her to say that she would never be on TMZ funny BITCH go get pregnant like your mom you make us teenagers look dumb YOU STUPID PIECE OF ****.

1368 days ago


Want to MEET and HANG w/ Selena Gomez!?! "Like" us on Facebook at

1367 days ago

david b conway    

dear tmz web site, hi my name is david b conway, and my comments about selena gomez no one did not say one word just about selena gomez is not talent did ok it,s only about her bad behaver just from the being of the spring of 2010 and to summer and now she is actting some what like miley cryus just when she left , and it,s not about miley cryus just to compare to her , and do you think that is also ungreatful just by selena gomez just by actting like that , and by giving us a fause hope just about no season,s just for that her tv series at all , and lets face it just about selena gomez that she is a tormble child , she likes to make tromble just for every one and talking about her self that she ca,nt not find a prefect boy friend , and calling justin biebber a dork and she has a problem about making new friends it,s scary just for selena gomez , and talking about her self again just about the hurtful comments just about her race in high school , love david b conway

1227 days ago

david b conway    

dear tmz web site , hi my name is david b conway, and my comments to selena gomez lets talk about the tromble child of selena marie gomez tonight , and now , just with one topic selena gomez doesnt love justin biebers hair and she wish tha she whats to cut his hair , and she by selena gomez just hates her old tv series image , and plus and to today and tonight i just read in the magazine just about selena gomez is planing her wedding , just when she doesnt have a boy friend yet , and just on the internet is saying just by the bolgers web site that she lost her verginty , and now that on the internet is saying that selena gomez is gay and she whats to falling in love with girls now instand , just if you do,nt what to belive me just pick up todays tv teen magazine , and now the internet is saying that selena gomez is having a strigule time by having a boy friend right now, i did here on the set of wizards of waverly place tv series that selena gomez just got harmed and the actor of max jake t austun just got named a bad name on the set just by a hurtful comment just fans they said to jake bitch , and to let you know just incase i here more news i will let you know here , love david b conway

1227 days ago
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