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Sumner Redstone -- Stop Rupert Murdoch!

2/15/2010 11:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sumner Redstone played ball with TMZ this weekend -- with one proviso: The video cannot go to Rupert Murdoch under any circumstances!!!

Sumner Redstone: Click to watch
As Sumner left Il Piccolino restaurant in West Hollywood with Christine Peters (Jon Peters' ex), the CBS mogul would not reveal his dating secrets and was unclear if he owned TMZ.

But Sumner was clear on one thing: Don't let Rupert Murdoch get his mitts on the footage!


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Sorry, I just couldn't get past that chix face. I too thought it was Joselyn Wildestein.

1719 days ago


Please make the clown faced woman go away.

1719 days ago


The other old man must be related to Mel Gibson with the "russian gold digger posing as the girlfriend she was young enough to be his granddaughter, we all know why she is with him as he was flashing the 100.00.

1719 days ago


LOL I thought for a sec it was cat lady also. Yikes!

1719 days ago


wow, my first thought was "what is Rupert Murdoch doing with Ke$ha??" lol!!

1719 days ago


Looks like a photo of man who's been dead for 9 days and a drunken college chick who's still trying to tango 5 minutes after crawling out of the hedges with the pervasive stench of gut chowder rising off her Levis. Well done, whoever that photographer is! It's an impact photo. Should win a prize for horror flick journalism.

1719 days ago


Am I supposed to know who these people are, why they are afraid of Rupert Murdoch, or how this is politically inflammatory to those who have previously posted on the comments page?
Why don't you do some real reporting on how inherently flawed and stupid everyone is?
Oh, wait. I guess that's your real job. Quit being so subtle!
Yours falsely,
Darles Charwin.

1719 days ago


Redstone owns everything that Rupert Murdoc doesn't.

She is basically a plastic, gold digging, escort.

She is a mess! She isn't even a hot mess- She is a cold, left over, past her expiration date, mess.

1719 days ago


She seems embaressed by the way she looks, and she should, yuk, yuk, yucky!!

1719 days ago


Sumner Redstone is one of the most powerful man in Hollywood, he owns everthing, MTV, CBS, Paramount, Comedy Central, Showtime, VH1, Nickelodeon, and many many others.

He looks great for being 87 years old, good for him.

1719 days ago


Mrs. Peters/ Cat Lady looks soooooooo scary, it's so funny how she keeps covering her face with her hair. She must have called the paparazzi, cause they never hang out outside that restaurant.

1719 days ago


I could not concentrate on that boring ass conversation because this womans face is HIDEOUS! wtf, she kept trying to cover her face because it looks frozen...WAY too much whatever...she must be VERY VERY old to get a face that won't even move...she is disgusting.

1719 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Geezuz! Is that catwoman Jocelyn? What a scary looking broad, WAY TOO much botox, check implants, lip injections, etc. etc... boob implants. Ugghhh.... she is so fugly.

1719 days ago


He should sit his old ass down and she is just plain creepy. Not a cute look for either. These guys with money always won't to cry foul when some gold digging whore takes them for all they can get.

1719 days ago


How can you people not know who Sumner Redstone is??? He is very very rich worth something like 6 Billion dollars

1719 days ago
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