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Adam Lambert Rips Fan - Get Off the Damn Phone

2/16/2010 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert put one of his own fans on blast yesterday -- in the middle of a live performance -- after the rude fan was caught yapping away on her phone while the "American Idol" alum was trying to sing.

Adam Lambert

It all went down while Adam was performing a song for iheartradio in New York when Adam heard the girl talking, stopped mid-song and said, "Can you get off your phone?! You're yelling into it ... wait, sorry, we're going to start over."

Lambert then continued to go after the fan saying, "Really?! Dominoes ... we deliver!" He continued, "You're not watching TV honey ... it's a live show."

Can ya hear me now?


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Hey #64 grow up, stop yelling and learn English please.
Why bother to comment on the story if your homophobia is all consuming? Don't like Adam then move the hell along- it is that easy.

that would be #65 lol

1710 days ago

Bill Mitchell    

Lol, anyone who defends some rude girl who feels like she can shout into her phone while someone is trying to sing really doesn't deserve to even have an opinion.

I guess you also think that talking on the phone during a movie is acceptable?

Sometimes I really just grow ill of all the liberal clap-trap.

1710 days ago


At least his fame ended already. Tranny gaga still annoys me way more.

1710 days ago


I feel sorry for all of you Adam haters.You are missing out on a very talented singer and individual.You all sound like a bunch of rednecks.Your posts look very angry with all the exclamation points.I think you should calm down before you give yourselves a heart attack.Adam will succeed with or without your rude comments because HE IS a much BETTER person than all of you combined.

1710 days ago


Good for Adam! Maybe next time she will be ejected.

1710 days ago


Same Haters Different Article!!!! You guys have made it your life mission to ruin Adam's life. I read the same comments on every article. Adam was being HONEST!!!! This person was disrupting the show for everyone else!! If he wouldnt have said something that would have been wrong. You all need to STFU!!! ADAM IS A BIG BOY HE CAN DO WHAT HE NEEDS TO. BRAVO ADAM FOR HAVING THE GUTS TO SPEAK UP. ADAM ROCKS!!!!!

1710 days ago


It doesn't matter if the fan was rude by being on the phone. His bitchy actions show that he has no class at all. He thinks he's a diva or something. I have met him before AI, when he was fatter and a big dork. This whole glam diva act is as artificial as cheese-wiz. MESSAGE TO ADAM: Move on, "honey".

1710 days ago


Good for him calling that girl out; she was being rather rude, especially if he's recordin a rather, intimate acoustic set. And get off the cell phone when your in line at a store or in a restaurant or basically any other place where the general public does not want to hear your side of the conversation...

1710 days ago


Cellphone usage during live performances, movies at the theater, church services, and even funerals - What the heck are people thinking? That is SO RUDE! At my aunt's funeral a few months back, one woman's phone repeatedly kept ringing loudly, even while the pastor was trying to speak. Personally, I think they should be banned from public events.

1710 days ago


Number 75 must be a jilted lover,get over it he doesn't want you anymore.He was not being bitchy,I thought it was classy and yet funny.As for the real Adam comment,yea right!! How old was Adam and you know we all grow and evolve over time,I guess you just want to remain stagnet.We all love Adam so please go on another site and spew your hatred.

1710 days ago


Adam thinks he embarrassed the fan but he ended up embarrassing himself by pointing out the fan was bored and would rather be on the phone. Boohoo Adam go away!

1710 days ago


U go Adam!

As long as people put up with rudeness, the rudeness will remain - and even escalate.

1710 days ago


Even "chastising" a fan doing something rude is done in as nice a way as possible by this guy. He is one class act, as anyone who has been following him knows. It's so refreshing to see someone in the public eye who, in addition to being wildly talented, is intelligent and articulate, and appears to be thoughtful about his career and polite toward others. Wow ~ How could I forget exciting as hell?!?

1710 days ago


Okay first off TMZ if you are going to post an article, get the facts straight. It wasn't a huge concert or something, it was an intimate concert un-paid for concert. It's not like she was in the back row of a huge rock concert. Everyone could hear her and Adam was trying to sing. And he was very polite about it which you also "forgot" to include. Nice.

To the homophobes on here, I know you are intimidated by Adam's beautifully personality and his godly voice but really you're just exhausting me. If you're going to try and insult him, at least do it will. Yelling names at him is not going to get you anywhere. Sorry to break it to you. And if you actually have the time to come onto and read an article about a person whom you apparently "hate" then take the time out of your clearly "busy lives" to actually write a comment you really shouldn't be judging anyone. Go get a life, get some friend, get off your asses and realize that criticizing a wonderful man isn't going to make you ugly-ass insecure selves feel any better.

1710 days ago


Why didn't the venue make an announcement that Adam was being recorded and to not use cell phones and keep the noise level down? Adam should have overlooked the girl on the phone. I don't think he's in any position to come off as a diva. Just one more reason for people to not hire him for live performances. Right or wrong, he's unpredictable.

1710 days ago
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