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Brad & Angie Kid Around Italy

2/16/2010 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With four of their six ridiculously adorable kids in tow, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie roamed the streets of Venice, Italy like one big happy family on Tuesday.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and Zahara.


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How do you get these cool photos? This is really nice including others with the twins or their contribution work to Haiti, Katrina etc. They're privileged alright, but somehow they seem more sincere than others in making children the priority. I can dig it.

1708 days ago


Photo op. - For Show. These two are biggest hypocrites! Kids are being taken cared off by nannies 24/7.

1708 days ago


you guys look good. you are truly blessed. yeah brads beard is like a goat. and ang is a hen with all her chicks around her.

1708 days ago


Even with all the $$$, their lifestyle is just incomprehensible. When do these kids go to school? Tutors dragged along? They seem to be ALWAYS on the go....where is their base? LA? France? NY? New Orleans? Do these kids have a bedroom that they can call HOME? This constant roaming is beyond adventure.....

1707 days ago


i'm glad ang and brad invited her father to see there children. jon voight is like a great big golden retreiver, srong and gentle. brad beard is like a goat's and ang is a hen with her baby chicks all around. ha ha I am sorry I wont blog this anymore I love animals. Ijust wanted to bother you.

1707 days ago


Why don't they ever have the twins out with them?? I am wondering if something is wrong with them and they don't want anyone to know. It certainly isn't fair to the twins, not to get to go with the other kids, as they are old enough now to be going, and the others went at that age.

1713 days ago


I agree with Duvanoran, beautiful family. All the hateful comments don't change the fact that these two take care of their kids, spend time with their kids and 'are' a family...but they will praise Brittney when pictures surface of her having a 'play day' her boys nannies in tow of course.. give me a break.

1713 days ago


I'm sorry, but is anyone else sick and friggen tired of Brad in that stupid looking hat, and black jacket ? Brad needs a new uniform !

And for two people that love, love, love, their kids, and everyone else's, they can get their hands on, where are the twins ?
Kinda getting tired of these two already ! Ho, Hum.....

1713 days ago

Mary P    

Someone contact authorities!! They are missing a few!!!!

One big happy family my butt, they never take their whole family out and rarely the twins. They never spend time as ONE family.

1713 days ago


#6 - Agree. I think the nannies take care of the kids more then these two. She spends too much time overseas, being a "goodwill ambassader", cough', and he spends too much time running around, doing, well nothing important. I'm sure if the nannies wanted this many kids they'd of had them, or adopted them themselves.
Just saying.

1713 days ago

Help! I may have screwed up!    

I too am concerned about the twins. Are they ok? It is creepy that they are never taken on these family outings.

1713 days ago


They take their twins out by themselves, usually in another country. It probably takes the two of them to handle the twins properly with the paps, can you imagine what it would be like in America? Frankly, I wish the tabloids and paps would back the hell off of this family. The tabloids prints nothing but lies anyway. Besides, who can afford to buy that crap in this economy? Save your money, open up a retirement account.

1713 days ago


Besides, look what people are saying about their older children. Why would they want to bring their twins out to this?

1713 days ago


They rule. Truth is, that Brad probably doesn't give a crap about how he looks like anymore. But, at least they care about their kids so hate comments to them is ridiculous. Go hate a pop star or something. They don't do anything but sleep in their money they make for doing nothing but being fakes.

1713 days ago


Nice to see her doing all this relief and charity work in France... er Italy.

1713 days ago
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