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Charlie Sheen's Wife in Rehab

2/16/2010 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Wife in RehabIn what could be a blow to the prosecution's case against Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller is now in rehab for substance abuse ... TMZ has confirmed.

The criminal case in Aspen comes down to Charlie's word against Brooke's -- she claims he put a knife to her throat and threatened her life. He denies it.

As we first reported, Brooke had been drinking before she called 911 and that could affect her credibility.

Now we've learned Brooke checked into The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu last Tuesday -- the day after Charlie's arraignment on felony and misdemeanor charges. If Brooke struggled with substance abuse around the Christmas Day incident, it could severely impact her credibility.

TMZ could not reach Brooke's attorney for comment.


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I dont understand there was others in that house isnt there any witnesses wow this is just rediculous!!! have the witnesses come in and tell the real story baby nurses moms dads freinds were int he house speck up people !!

1711 days ago


and the truth slowly comes out!

1711 days ago


What about the purported marks on her neck the police saw? Police testimony may make her testimony unnecessary.

1711 days ago


6. Most people don't check into inpatient rehab for a substance abuse problem. More than likely she is alcohol dependent which requires a higher level of care such as the place she checked into.

Posted at 6:40PM on Feb 15th 2010 by Tracy

Since when?
Read more:

1711 days ago


she has been to rehab before,for crack cocaine abuse,yo go girl.

1711 days ago


what is sad is that they are not the only people in the world with this problem even after having kids....the thing that makes them worse is that THEY HAVE THE MONEY to get help. Of course, the money is spent on having multiple nannies - I am starting to see why.

it is very sad and i pray for these babies - the parents have the opportunity to make it right for them so they do not grow up like them - it makes me sick.

i guess having nannies hide the wicked truth of stars.

1711 days ago


Bingo #10...and hopefully, as glaringly obvious to the DA as it is to us!

1711 days ago


she should stay there. drinks alcohol 4 breakfast, needs HELP.

1711 days ago

Dave Evans    

I'll gladly meet her outside the gates of her rehab (just to talk) I can bring pills, weed, and drink.
And condoms just in case.

1711 days ago


14. Of course she went to rehab. Her blood alcohol was sky-high during the incident, but she has already expressed her regrets so now she goes to rehab so she doesn't screw up her marriage to her $1 mil-per-episode hubby, she looks bad, he doesn't, and they go on to live unhappily ever after. Case dismissed!

You beat me to it.

1711 days ago


Spare us, please! How much money did the Sheen family have to pay (yet again) to keep Charlie's sorry ass out of jail?

1711 days ago


i feel sorry for brooke. how many times can you go to rehab. doesnt it get old and boring after awhile? i am not going to group therapy with a bunch of whining boozers. and the staff sitting there rolling there eyes like i cant take this any more. that charles had better act better or his sons will be holding up convenience stores for cigs and beer on there way home from grade school. charles is a good actor. he can just act like he doesnt smoke drink or chase silicone injected women. life can then go on normally. its time for 2.5 men yeah yeah yeah.

1711 days ago


The fact that she marrided Charlie Sheen in the first place already "severely impacted her credablity".

Anyone that would marry him, tiger woods and the like, are already damaged goods to begin with. No one in their right mind would get involved with partners like tis.....unless they themselves are damaged/ escorts, and/or Golddiggers.

1711 days ago


As someone wise once said, they ought to be sterilized before being given a SAG card! None of these idiots needs to be reproducing!

1711 days ago


I am sure her going to rehab is another attempt to get Charlie Sheen off the hook. Rich people can get out of anything they want to! He probably did put a knife to her throat. He has a history of violence towards women. I am sure she cut a deal with him for a good divorce settlement if she took the fall for his actions. This is what happens when a couple of famous rich crack heads party and get in too deep! I wish there was justice for famous rich people. They get a way with murder! If it were a middle class nobodies they would serve their time!

1711 days ago
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