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Charlie Sheen's Wife in Rehab

2/16/2010 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Wife in RehabIn what could be a blow to the prosecution's case against Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller is now in rehab for substance abuse ... TMZ has confirmed.

The criminal case in Aspen comes down to Charlie's word against Brooke's -- she claims he put a knife to her throat and threatened her life. He denies it.

As we first reported, Brooke had been drinking before she called 911 and that could affect her credibility.

Now we've learned Brooke checked into The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu last Tuesday -- the day after Charlie's arraignment on felony and misdemeanor charges. If Brooke struggled with substance abuse around the Christmas Day incident, it could severely impact her credibility.

TMZ could not reach Brooke's attorney for comment.


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Isn't it amazing how willing the law is still to believe that women are these sweet, harmless, defenseless, innoccent victims in every case - even when the evidence says otherwise (not just talking Charlie here) hm?! Staying with Brooke after this trial etc and her rehab would be a suicide trip for Charlie, she would only have to be p****d off with him, ring the cops and he'd be in jail even if innoccent!!
The original report states Brooke was something like three times over the limit for alcohol at 8.30am, that had obviously decreased overnight as her body metabolised the alcohol so she had to be off of her head the previous night with bells on hm?! I know you can be drunk in your own home and it's not illegal, but her blood alcohol level puts her in a zone where she could have been going crazy and she was being restrained!
Colorado is determined to prosecute Charlie, it's going to be a big media case for them after all and if this all does turn out to be an act to save her marriage you can thank Aspen for supplying the extra drama lol!! The minute she sobered up and realised she couldn't retract her statement or get the restraining order dropped Brooke has realised her meal ticket is going south and her lifestyle is leaving town lol!!

1675 days ago


I agree this is a ploy cooked up by Sheen to avoid the 8 year sentence he's looking at for felony menacing, etc. I KNOW the DA will see right through it.

1675 days ago


Someone ought to tell this sneering punk Sheen, with his LONG track record of violence against women, that KARMA has a way of catching up with you. ASK OJ. Somehow, this no good, violent monster will screw up and end up in prison.

1675 days ago


This could be an intentional plan to damage her credibility. Ever since the incident she has tried to downplay the events of that night and get the prosecution to drop the case. A calculated move of going into rehab right after arraignment may force the prosecution to drop the case, or at least give the defense a great weapon to fight the charges.

1675 days ago


gee...i am pretty sure if you are that drunk when calling the cops....YOU are the one with the issues. Charlie does have his issues but I thought he was already placed under a test date because of the 1st of Brooke's new babies I read have an issue that is related to alcohol drinking WHILE she was pregnant with the twins. Charlie is pissed - DUH!! Anger will always be there no matter how many nannies you have. They are just hiring the wrong nannies and friends at this point....may get worse for them both...poor babies. oh crim denise ah!

1675 days ago


Dump this addict now for the sake of your kids! She will become a more costly mistake as the years go by. She is not getting any thinner, sweeter, smarter and is a proven liability you don't need now or ever. Send her home to her parents, spoiled dummies like her don't get better, they will only will get worse and your kids deserve better! Good luck!

1675 days ago


#6, I'm not sure what you think people check into inpatient rehab for, if not for substance abuse. Your comment makes little sense to me. Not all alcoholics are alcohol dependent. Only a small percent experience the delerium tremors. Brooke's probably not one of them. Besides, most rehabs are associated with a hospital and have a Dr on staff.

1675 days ago



1675 days ago


God, please just make them go away...

1675 days ago


It doesn't matter why they go to rehab it's that they go to rehab. Once she is done, I think they need to make both of them go to mandatory anger management classes. They both have a problem and need to get help before they kill someone.

1675 days ago


Hmm... where's there's smoke there's fire. Charlie Sheen has been known as a bad boy for many years. It seems every relationship he's been in, something's gone awry. For instance, in 1990, he 'accidentally' shot his then-fiance, Kelly Preston (John Travolta's wife) in the arm. In 1998, Sheen 'accidentally' gave himself an overdose injecting cocaine. Perhaps his current wife is in rehab because there's a need to save Charlie Sheen's image and, ultimately, his career and the successful show, Two and a Half Men (which would be a great income generator for the network). It seems, though, that not only should his current wife be in rehab, but he should as well.

1675 days ago


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1675 days ago


No doubt in my mind that she deliberately checked into rehab to manipulate the charges against Charlie. She wants to be discredited so Charlie can get off with a lighter sentence or none at all.

1675 days ago


Just a ploy.....that all.

1675 days ago



Original report said she was dead drunk at 8am on xmas morning - a mom with 2 little kids. Gosh, who would've ever guessed she'd turn out to be a loser?

1675 days ago
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