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Charlie Sheen's Wife in Rehab

2/16/2010 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Wife in RehabIn what could be a blow to the prosecution's case against Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller is now in rehab for substance abuse ... TMZ has confirmed.

The criminal case in Aspen comes down to Charlie's word against Brooke's -- she claims he put a knife to her throat and threatened her life. He denies it.

As we first reported, Brooke had been drinking before she called 911 and that could affect her credibility.

Now we've learned Brooke checked into The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu last Tuesday -- the day after Charlie's arraignment on felony and misdemeanor charges. If Brooke struggled with substance abuse around the Christmas Day incident, it could severely impact her credibility.

TMZ could not reach Brooke's attorney for comment.


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Say, am I the only one who retains what they read?? Did she not have a very high BA level at 8am Xmas MORNING when the cops rolled up?? He was below the legal limit. I also recall she and Mum went to some Rehab/Spa back East weeks ago and the twins were with Charlie..Now another rehab in Malibu?? What a mess. Charlie may be true to his character on Two and Half Men, but he is also very hard working and would have to be together..He should have stay a bachelor !!!! R.

1680 days ago


Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, a dumpster fire marriage.

1680 days ago


THIS IS FOR FASTDRIVER, #3. You are absolutely correct! I am with you all the way! We have placed our beloved country in the hands of many self-serving politicians, some of our citizens seem to have lost touch with human decency, our precious children will bear the scars of parents who seem to place drugs, alcohol, bad behavior, etc, above what is best for the happy, healthy lives of their beautiful little children. Children cannot be fooled. They will remember EVERYTHING that took place during their growing up years and perhaps not ever forgiving their parents for dismissing them, for the time being, as non essentials. I am sure some of these parents love their children as much as we love ours but, hopefully, they will remember that actions speak louder than words and behave appropriately.

1680 days ago


#42 - I hate to break it to ya kid but the DSM IV lists two diagnosis for substance issues. 1. Substance Abuse (Less Severe). 2. Substance Dependent (Alcholic/Addict). You don't have to have delerium tremors to be alcohol dependent.

You wrote -

42. #6, I'm not sure what you think people check into inpatient rehab for, if not for substance abuse. Your comment makes little sense to me. Not all alcoholics are alcohol dependent. Only a small percent experience the delerium tremors. Brooke's probably not one of them. Besides, most rehabs are associated with a hospital and have a Dr on staff.

Read more:

1680 days ago


They need to get that broad "Chelsea" off the show too; it's been awful all season. Two birds/one stone.

1680 days ago


Brooke Mueller wife of Charlie Sheen who was abusing chemical substances is now getting treatment in rehab. Drug rehabs offer specialized treatment programs for preventing addiction relapse. She will get complete recovery from the poor habit of abusing drugs and other chemical substances. This is really crucial time for her.

1552 days ago

The Irrits    

Hey guys,

I am from an Australian band called The Irrits. We have written a new song about Charlie Sheen and called it...surprisingly...Charlie Sheen. We hope you enjoy it and have a laugh and rock out to it.


The Irrits

1400 days ago
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