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Jillian Michaels

Sued by Another Big,

Big Fan

2/16/2010 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jillian Michaels Sued by Another Big, Big FanIf you're keeping score at home, this is the third time Jillian Michaels has been sued over her line of fat burning pills -- but this time, there are allegations they contain a "potentially lethal" blend of ingredients.

In the class action lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Kathy Hensley claims "The Biggest Loser" trainer "sold her proverbial soul to the devil" by teaming up with the companies that created her fat burner.

Hensley claims Jillian and those companies -- Thin Care and Basic Research -- failed to disclose that the main ingredients of the "Jillian Michael Maximum Strength Fat Burner" allegedly combine to make a "toxic cocktail."

In the lawsuit, Hensley claims one of the pill's ingredients -- citrus aurantium -- is "potentially lethal" and known to cause high blood pressure and serious cardiac problems in certain individuals.

Hensley filed the class action lawsuit against Jillian, Thin Care, Basic Research and Walgreens -- and is suing for less than $5,000,000.

Two lawsuits ago, Jillian's people told us the product was vetted by experts and she's confident she'll prevail in court.


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Bobby From NY    

there was something on real sports not long ago on HBO that did a survey of they diet/energy pills and they had a lab take the bottles and test each pills amounts of each ingredient and some pills had a ton more than supposed to of some ingredients and others barely had anything more like a sugar pill so they are also not properly equaling the dosages so you dont know how much you are getting of one thing or the other.the fed govt will not get involved in anything natural such as skullcap,mothers wart,valerian root and many others.

1680 days ago


ok you guys are plain mean yes there are some out there who can do something to loose weight and there are a few of us who can't. I have degenerative arthritis in my back and a few (8 or 9) bulging and slipped disks (2 surgeons have told me that it's in too bad of shape to even have surgery because they will have to fuse some disks together and put in a couple rods and I would still be in pain but stiff on top of it), plus something in my hips that causes them to hurt really bad and gets extremely stiff and will eventually lock them up and put me in a wheelchair plus both my knees are bad so I can't exercise like others so I eat one meal a day and still can't loose anything. I'm not overly huge or anything but eating one meal a day keeps me from gaining any at least. So you all need to think about what you are saying before you speak because there are some of us who are over weight that really can't do anything about it. This person may be one of them and most of those diet pills don't work and they aren't good for you any way, they are put out there to make money off of people who need to loose but have trouble doing it and to me it's wrong they need to regulate them more then they do.

1680 days ago


The best thing to do to lose weight is to eat smaller portions & workout. 6 small portions a day. Don't over eat. I don't recommend anyone to take diet pills because diet pills can harm your health. I used to take diets pills and they would only make my heart beat fast and make my nervous. Trust me I was 130/lbs & gained 30/lbs. I lost those 30/lbs by just eating smaller portion and working out.

1680 days ago

you just don't get it    


There are exceptions to every rule but in total we are the most overfed and undernourished people around.

Don't come to this site expecting anything approaching critical thinking or nonbigoted generalizations. That's what keeps it going.

If you don't want to read what the common idiot with a keyboard wants to spew, I'd look elsewhere.

1680 days ago


I sure wish this "balls" idiot would shrivel up and die a painful death.

1680 days ago


Click on the link below to see and hear the song "Red Party Folly" performed on You Tube by Los Angeles artist Joseph Somers. It is dedicated to the Blue Dog Democrats who are siding with the Republicans to hinder passage of the public health plan. It is sung to the tune of "Red River Valley" and contains sing-along lyrics with bouncing ball.

1680 days ago

you just don't get it    

Good God Almighty

And how's that working for ya? You don't sound too bitter.

1680 days ago


#32- F-off and take your political spam elsewhere!!!! YOU SUCK.

1680 days ago

South Beach    

You know, drunks will say "I drink too much", others who partake in their drug of choice will say "I party too much". but overweight people blame EVERYONE ELSE but themselves for their situation.

And as long as we're on the subject, if you're sitting next to me on a plane, the armrest stays DOWN. My seat, I'm the only one sitting in it.

1680 days ago


To No. 34 "Knows The Law": This is a health-related article so not spam, although perhaps only peripherally related. No worse than people who post totally unrelated subject matter, such as recipes. As for your "knowing the law," I am not impressed with your most "unlegal" terminology.

1680 days ago

Angus - Naperville Real Estate    

Less food equals less weight. How hard is this to understand?

Most folks would look at me and think.. what's the big deal? But I have had 80 lb variations in weight

No Pills. The legal stuff doesn't work. (ephedrine aka the herbal additive : "ma huang" was the basic ingredient in all weight loss and cold capsules that worked)

My issues are that I lose strength while I'm losing weight, and I try to maintain a balance. I hate being big, but I love being strong.

Two steps forward.. one step back...

1680 days ago


If she is selling the product from her website or her own company, I wonder if she has liability under some laws that now state that a retailer is responsible in addition to the manufacturer.

1680 days ago


Weight Watchers.....'nuff said.

I have lost 77 pounds in a year...103 to go!

Eat smaller portions, healthier foods and drink 48 oz of liquid a day.

1680 days ago


Another TV "Personal Trainer" who doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground about trainer, yet she comes off as an "expert" and in an attempt to make money, she endorses something she know nothing about....much like her being a "trainer".

1680 days ago


generic replies to @ Mark Vaughan, PolarBear, Bobby from NY, Knows the Law, (?!) sleepynb, Moonbeam, mandy_Reeves, Joe:

Jullian Michaels is a gifted wellness coach with a a stellar reputation. She’s sought out and synthesized cutting edge research; check out JM is one of the very few female trainers who is intellectually rigorous as she is physically.

I think she is one of the most bionutrient, integrative medicine and wellness-oriented trainers working in the fitness industry today.

IMHO, this class action is nothing more than an opportunistic, frivolous consumer products lawsuit. Is Ms.Henssley et al so deluded and blinded by greed to seriously think her allegations are not easily rebuttable on multiple levels of fact and law?

Does Ms. Hensly and her lawyer not do her professionaldue diligence before filing to realize that botanical and energetic properties of zhu ke (aka“ bitter orange’) studied in the Chinese herbal pharmacopeia for over 3000 years).

I question whether thus suit can withstand scrutiny to be deemed a class action let alone expert discovery or depositions. This suit will be tossed out on summary judgment in 60 days. Bet On it.

I would hope, futilely, to work with her. I have used TCM (acupuncture herbs, gi gong, massage for over 30 years and have often bee given bulk herb formulas and pills containing zhu ke. With the many TCM practitioners and schools in LA, Jillian will easily locate experts.

I’ve researched her formulas, looked at the package. I agree the explanations and product info is sketchy, but there is more information at the website.

I am unpersuaded by the cynical ad hominine twadlle and uniformed regurgitation on this thread. Folks, If your knee-jerk skeptic cannot be reigned in, then direct it towards the plaintiff not in Ms. Michaels direction.

I doubt her formulas are either “junk science” or that she has “sold out”. Harvey? weigh in with a little consumer prod 101 for laypeople. (pun intended). (says the old girl you-know-who from up somewhere in orygun.)

1680 days ago
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