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Mischa Barton -- That's How She Rolls

2/16/2010 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mischa Barton was driving around aimlessly in her classic Cadillac yesterday in L.A., smoking some sort of roll-up.


Mischa -- who pled no contest to DUI in 2008 -- got sidelined after running out of gas.

As for what she was smoking ... no word yet from her rep.


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Get a life... Act like and adult.

Its ok to smoke a little weed, but not behind the wheel of your car.

How about hitting that before your fat ass leaves the house. Then maybe you would not be photographed or pulled over with your car smelling like pot. LOSER.

1712 days ago


It's like when your parents deny to something fun unfairly and you find a sneaky way around it. If it were legal to smoke pot, people would not feel the need to take to hide and smoke in their cars. It's not good, I'm very against smoking behind the wheel. I'm pro-pot though. You can enjoy it in a responsible way.
That said, Micha has her own home. She can smoke there, can't she?

1712 days ago


If this had been me the cops would've already tazed my ass by now. I wanna be on TMZ and get away with more crime!

1712 days ago

dirty diana    

i'm mad cuz they get all the good weed there, send some our way, well i am alittle too picky i guess. puff puff pass

1712 days ago


She just got WAAAY cooler in my eyes lol.. used to think she was a stuck up biatch.. you go girl :)

1712 days ago


There's nothing better than smokin a fatty and goin for a cruise.
I'm the same as CCC, been doing it for years and never had a problem. With novice smokers the worst they tend to do is slow down then speed up..then slow down...and repeat. I've never seen someone smoke a joint and drive like a maniac, I can't say the same thing about drinkers. To all you people that are going on about how she's impared..make sure YOU have your hands on 10 & 2, NEVER have a coffe, NEVER have a bite to eat, check your review every 10 - 15 seconds bla bla bla bla. I can just imagine what your driving habits are like.

1712 days ago


This woman is going to overdose. She acts and looks like a heroin user. What a shame she was very beautiful for a while there.

She just looks and acts awful now. Drugs kill, people. Yes that includes "dubbage".

1712 days ago


41. This woman is going to overdose. She acts and looks like a heroin user. What a shame she was very beautiful for a while there.

She just looks and acts awful now. Drugs kill, people. Yes that includes "dubbage".

Posted at 2:58PM on Feb 16th 2010 by RestInPeace

Any one that can put Weed and Heroin in the same group is obviously ill informed. These are two completely different animals. I'd like you to give me a case where weed killed someone.

1712 days ago


Wow I cant believe you guys are busting her like this... I feel bad for her.

1712 days ago


#42....Apparently you have not been very educated in this subject. Marijuana is NOTHING like heroin. To even compare it to heroin is ridiculous. Granted, she shouldn't have been driving because it IS DUI/DWI but it is still not as impairing as alcohol or the prescriptions 75% of Americans are hiding behind to legally get f*cked up. Back to my point, no one has EVER overdosed on it. Use the internet to its fullest potential. LEARN SOMETHING.

1712 days ago


Shes nuts, fat, driving around smoking pot in her PJ's. Next comes the head shave.......

1712 days ago


Lets just say if you smoke cigarettes that far down, you are just asking for cancer. What the hell Mischa, you were great on OC, now you are CO (cracked out). Is that what fame gets you??????????

1712 days ago


even if it is medical pot, she shouldnt be DRIVING and smoking it, flaunting away, this alters your perception and she can be so relaxed she doesnt stop in time in front of the kid riding a bike as they are pulling out of In and Out burger...

1712 days ago

Twenty something hater!    

Another bad thing is getting a whiteout while driving!!! That's when you take a big hit, and lose motor skills for a few seconds!!!

1712 days ago


I love the tag line; That's how she rolls! hahha.

1712 days ago
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