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Mischa Barton -- That's How She Rolls

2/16/2010 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mischa Barton was driving around aimlessly in her classic Cadillac yesterday in L.A., smoking some sort of roll-up.


Mischa -- who pled no contest to DUI in 2008 -- got sidelined after running out of gas.

As for what she was smoking ... no word yet from her rep.


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steve tole    

No wonder she's all FAT now. She's always smokin up and must be getting some serious munchies.What a shame she USED to be so hot.Her career is kinda like her character on the O.C. ...dead!!! Smoke another HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

1708 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA nice Mischa!!

1708 days ago


ever heard of medicinal marijuana folks??? is legal in CA, geesh, relax's not like she was shooting up heroin or something...ridiculous!

1708 days ago


Mischa is worshipping FLOON the party god! Leave her in peace during her religious moment, you heathen paparazzi!!!!

Viva La Mota! I have way more love for her, now!

1708 days ago


i've smoked and driven before, my driving is no different from when i am sober. do you have any idea how many people go on a cruise just to blow one? now alcohol on the other hand, i get light headed, blurred vision... any time i drink i make sure either 1. i'm not the one driving and i have a sober friend to drive OR 2. if i want to drink i just stay at my house or my friends house and crash out there.
get off the girl, its just a little pot.

1708 days ago


she DOES expect to be photographed with this, right? geez, no wonder she's getting so fat...

1708 days ago


I thought people had been giving her a rough time lately, but I guess they were right about this druggy!!!! Loser doesn't even come close to the fact she's flushing her career down the toilet!

1708 days ago


She was smokin' a "fatty", cuz that would explain her FAT a$$!!! The munchies.

1708 days ago


very stupid to smoke dope in front of the world who still think
obammma dude is a good prezzz!

1708 days ago


59. very stupid to smoke dope in front of the world who still think
obammma dude is a good prezzz!
Huh???? That made no sense. Republican?? Uneducated Tea Bagger? Palin lover?? Sounded a little like Palin "word salad".

1708 days ago

tippy katz    

OK, so I know I won't convert anyone who thinks smoking weed is harmless.
Please just try to stay safe, and for god's sake, stay off the effing roads, 'cause
I'm there too, along with my friends and family.
I think in the long term is where you see most problems from smoking pot.
Sorry, but look at our specimen here:
-put on weight (whether you think she looks good or not)
-recent DUI
-career in toilet
-recent mental hospital stay
-sued over unpaid debts
WOW--maybe think before you celebrate her as your "legalize it" poster girl...
Smoking pot might chill you out in the moment, but in the long run, it
drains you of ambition--the good kind that keeps your bills paid and your *ss wiped.
Weed is for losers.

1708 days ago

don't believe it    

At least get a roach clip girl ..

1708 days ago

ex lax    

I wish she would puff on my hooter before she gets any fatter

1708 days ago



1708 days ago


Just curious, why didn't the paps call 911 or the police and report her immediately?!?! She is going to end up killing someone with her wreckless behavior. If you see her toking while driving, call the police you idiots!

1708 days ago
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