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Tiger Woods Huddles Over Return to Golf

2/16/2010 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods went from his home in Isleworth, Florida yesterday to the bungalow he owns in the same gated community for a meeting with officials from the Tavistock Cup to talk about his next tournament, sources tell TMZ.

The meeting took place midday. Tiger was escorted by security to the bungalow, which is adjacent to the clubhouse.

As we first reported, a source who works for Tiger Woods told TMZ Tiger planned to play at Tavistock in March -- a PGA event between the golf pros at Isleworth and the neighboring Lake Nona pros.

Yesterday's meeting lasted an hour. Tiger then returned to the main house.

Our sources say after Tavistock, Tiger plans to go to Augusta, Georgia for the Masters.

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To 20.,

No tampons here, moron. I'm quite secure in my masculinity.

You on the other hand, who knows? It certainly is not a good sign for you that you seem to idolize a pathological liar.

Also, I'm sorry you have been fooled into buying the "all men cheat or think about it all the time" BS. Yeah, right. That is precisely why you adore your beloved Eldrick. You both got sucked down that rat hole of wasted life.

The goal is to find a real woman and take the whole thing to levels far beyond the "sex with whomever I want" gutter. That is ACTUAL, true masculine living. Not the pitiable existence you seem to believe in for straight men.

1678 days ago


Does he think he is just going to waltz on to the golf course & things will be like they use to be? NO way! He will be heckled & reporters will hound him. He will be nothing but a distraction to the other players. But I don't think Tiger really cares about any one but himself so that won't bother him. But I really wish all his whores would just STFU!!!!! The only people I feel bad for are his wife & kids. They sure did not deserve THIS. Now to hear whores say he got them pregnant. YEAH RIGHT!!! Like they wouldn't have hopped on that gravy train & ran to the bank IF they ever REALLY had gotten preg by him. Tiger needs to stay home & work on his marriage!!!!!!!!!!

1678 days ago


The media will rip into Tiger Woods a great deal if he tries a return, but they will also have respect for the game of golf, the golfers, the courses, the event sponsors and the people involved, so don't expect much discussion about Tiger during live coverage on the weekends, because that's when Tiger doesn't matter. Everyone else matters. The joy of sport and the dignity of the event matters. Golf will do better than fine without Tiger Woods around.

1678 days ago

London not England    

#35-Booty by Jake.

WELL.....I guess you TOLD ME...LOL!


and coming from a Gay Guy....that's pretty bad.

But as long as you're Happy.


1678 days ago


Great. So The Masters, one of golfs most prestigious tournaments is going to be turned into a circus by Tiger. If that's his first real tournament back, he'll lose even more fans. He needs to show golf some respect and pay some penance by NOT returning to the Majors until next year when the media will be focused on WHAT he does at the tournaments, not WHO he does.

1678 days ago

London not England    

#34-Rev. Al

I don't know who "peter-breath" is....but Oh well......


Checkers and Curling without the board or the bar...

know Wa I mean!!!!!

1678 days ago

Money Talks    

Tiger Woods, Don't you dare apologize or offer an explanation to anyone. Your private life is your own business, you know the ratings will shoot up high when you return to golf, the sooner the better. DON'T EXPLAIN, DON'T COMPLAIN. Just play golf and ignore the imbecile racists. Good luck, I'll be watching you from Heaven. I'm proud of you so far, don't disappoint me by offering excuses. Here's looking at you kid ! Meanwhile I'm rounding up the usual suspects and I'll give them hell.

1678 days ago

Ms G    

I'm glad he's getting back to his normal routine. Once he starts winning tournaments all else will be forgottend because that's how fickle the media is.

Aanything else is between him and his wife, what will be wil be.

While assigning blame, what kind of woman hooks up with a man they no is married.

1678 days ago

London not England    

#33. "Response to "Brotha Soulja": you are casting a racial tone on something that doesn't include racial considerations. I don't care what race or skin color Tiger Woods is/has or whatever. It's irrelevant. It's never been a consideration of mine in regards to looking at the sick behavior of Tiger Woods. You, Brotha Soulja, are the only one providing racial comments and racial perspective, and it's really inappropriate here. If you can't see how Tiger Woods behavior is highly destructive, and if you think Tiger Woods can be totally excused because of some race or skin color, then YOU, Brotha Soulja, are entirely uneducated in how to socialize in the world beyond your own wet stinky diapers
. That stench is from YOU, not anyone else. Racism is a really sick thing, perpetrated by stupid, irresponsible, angry, obsessive-compulsive people stuck in neutral, and I would suggest you have a fresh look at Tiger Woods and see if he needs defending or not. Look deep into the details and take your time on this one."

Posted at 2:16PM on Feb 16th 2010 by PolarBear

Okay: First of All, you are a "TYPICAL" white person if you think "RACE" doesn't play into this situation - like every thing else in the U.S. .........It DOES! You wish to bring the HAMMER down on this man FAAAAAR more that you would if he were only "married" to a BLACK woman and cheated.....

If this Pro golfer were a "White male"..you'd be smacking him a HIGH FIVE in the Country club locker room, and hailing him as the "Mack-Daddy" Stud.(*And you know you would be...)
And Hollywood would be making movies of him, "American Golf Gigolo" staring Richard Gere, and he'd be a hero.

Now...Throw in the additional component of him "DOING THIS" to a poor, fragile, Blond white girl...

Uh huh...

It's the O.J. Syndrome all over again. "HOW DARE THIS UPPITY N-IGGER deflower this precious white treasure..."
Because deep down you know that what you all are really thinking....you know ya are..com'on..admit it!

What I don't understand (and maybe you can enlighten me) is why White people LIVE this double standard, and think that black folk cannot recognize it (as obvious as it is) and then "ATTEMPT" to insult our intelligence by "pretending" it's not there....

Answer that? ....take you time on that one!

1678 days ago


I am glad he is coming back to golf, the game will be on course again and speculation will stop. At least I hope it will stop. Lots of you believe everything you read, and we know there are lots of people jumping on a bandwagon on this deal.

He didn't kill anyone.....geez, quit the whipping. The man is one of the best in the game of golf and I will continue to support him. I for one didn't have him on a pedestal and he is allowed his own life.

Go for it Tiger and good luck.

1678 days ago


PGA---this is on you...you better not stand silent ever again as Tiger or any other player on Tour mistreats, abuses, or otherwise shows rudeness to the local girls who are working as hostesses to any PGA Tour Event. The stories are legendary in every town this Tour goes to of the blatant and sexist treatment of the locals young women.

They better have the guts to put an end to this nonsense only made worse by the likes of Tiger Woods.. Leave Americas women alone. Please boo and hiss this man any chance you get.

1678 days ago

London not England    

OKAY YA'll, I know Ya'll have missed me, but I got the 411 on what went down in da Tiga Wood's Meeting:

Okay, firt-a-all!!!

Tiga Woods said: "What up peeps"!!!!

and the Masters Said: "Where you been Boy"!?!?!

and Tiga Woods said: "BOY"?!?!?!?! I Got Yo "BOY"..."I been on my 30 Million dolla yacht Motha F-ucka...where YOU been"?

and the Masters said: "We can't make No Duckets$$$ wit you gone"..."ya need ta put ya D!CK in ya pants, and git yo Calablasian ASS back on dat Golf Green.....and STEP!!!!"

and Tiga Woods said: "OH NO YOU DI-INT?!?!?!?!!?!"


and the Masters said: "An what about this Red-Head Bitch dats claiming ya knocked her up and she didn't tell you"?!?!?!

and Tiga Woods Said: "Mind ya Binnis"!!!!!!

And that's what happened ya'll!!!

Stay tuned fo mo of da Claaaarence Report!

1678 days ago

London not England    


"Leave Americas women alone. Please boo and hiss this man any chance you get."

DAYUM.....Like the other guy said Bitch; "TAKE THE TAMPON OUT"!!!!

don't ya really mean: "LEAVE AMERICA'S WHITE WOMEN ALONE"?!?!?!

this would all be alright if he was married to Shaqueesha Jackson wouldn't it America?!?!?!

Ya know you'd be cool with it then right...

ya know ya would......

1678 days ago


Typical PR rehab move. 1st tourney back isnt a real one, not a PGA. The hope is the army of hecklers wont get tv coverage and they'll back off his lying cheating ass. Its a way of testing the water to see if its safe to get back in. Effin coward!

1678 days ago


Earlier reports said he was to return this month, but that turned out to be a lie! Just like more lies being created by the sleazy women and media! I believe he cheated, but NOT to this extent like everyone has said! He's wrong, but he's a VICTIM of MASSIVE lies!

I'll wait until March to see if he does return! Either way, he deserves to go back to work since it's been a few months now! Haven't you all noticed that many haven't said much about his affairs? I'M POSITIVE THAT'S CAUSE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM IS A HO TOO, AND THEY KNOW THAT THEY'RE DOING THE SAME THING, SO THEY KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT AND CAN'T JUDGE TIGER...HAH! Oh yea, every time a famous person gets caught cheating, certain people's reactions are so hilarious and extreme! SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1678 days ago
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