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Tiger Woods Huddles Over Return to Golf

2/16/2010 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods went from his home in Isleworth, Florida yesterday to the bungalow he owns in the same gated community for a meeting with officials from the Tavistock Cup to talk about his next tournament, sources tell TMZ.

The meeting took place midday. Tiger was escorted by security to the bungalow, which is adjacent to the clubhouse.

As we first reported, a source who works for Tiger Woods told TMZ Tiger planned to play at Tavistock in March -- a PGA event between the golf pros at Isleworth and the neighboring Lake Nona pros.

Yesterday's meeting lasted an hour. Tiger then returned to the main house.

Our sources say after Tavistock, Tiger plans to go to Augusta, Georgia for the Masters.

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No Avatar


YAY!!!! YOU GO TIGER!!! I hope you win...Continue to take care of your self and Family.....Don't pay attention to all these born agains, they have always managed to threw rocks in the name of Christ...

1649 days ago


brother soulja'
that name you're using is so over, so 90's my man.
There's no bar in Curling either. Where you been hiding since the 90's?
Elin is Swedish, not American.
Woody wouldn't be married to Shaqueesha whatever; he doesn't like blacks.

1649 days ago


I've learned how the clinic treats sex addicts, they first give a drug to them that will make them fill sick and want to throw up, then they will put clamps on the eyes so they will not be able to close. Then they play Tiger's favorite music while watching lovely girls in all sorts of situations for weeks.
So now, when he sees a lovely lady the will start getting sick and fall to his knees just like in Clock Work Orange.

1649 days ago


Tiger wants to go to Georgia for the Masters so he can find other women. Hey, if there was a 'female' in the meeting he was in today, I'm sure he tapped her @ss to!

1649 days ago


I want to see some spectacular wins by other names this year. There is no reason the PGA can't show the world it's got lots of reliable excitement to offer from the rest of the names. Let's hope there is no Tiger Woods playing golf the weekend of the Masters. I think that would just disgust me, considering what Tiger did and how Tiger is handling this. To just walk into Augusta in the middle of this would be so insulting to everyone and everything.

1649 days ago

Pat M    

I went from admiring this guy to realizing I'd been duped. I will never buy anything this liar endorses. NEVER....hear that NIKE?

1649 days ago


Tiger hasn't attempted to publicly apologize in any way, to help let his sponsors off the hook. What a relentless and major A-HOLE Tiger Woods is! He's treating his sponsors like he treated Elin the whole time. His marriage was a complete hoax since before it started, and the long list of women were very carefully orchestrated. This "get back to the tour" nonsense is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

1648 days ago


Maybe it's none of our business. It's a marital problem. Ok ok so he's a cheating piece of you-know-what, but it's not up to us to judge him rightly or wrongly. I neither like nor dislike Woods and I most certainly don't like golf (What's the point of it???) but let him play golf again and let us keep our noses out of other people's business. If he's got the brass neck and the cojones to get back into the public eye again then let him.

1648 days ago



1648 days ago


Stay gone fool, you gonna embarrasses yo self. You firehydrant, hedge whacking MOFO!!!!

1648 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

How many times do I have to tell you POLARBEAR, take you damn anti psychotic meds!! You sound more and more rediculous with each and every post. You think the networks and the PGA aren't drooling for Tiger's return? You are so glib! They are bigger whores than Tiger could ever dream of being. You think sponsors have integrity? You sound like a sick freak capable of killing someone!!!! Take your damn meds you Tiger Woods obsessed fool!

1648 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

The least he can do is to apologize publicly to his family after humiliating them this way.
I do believe in redemption but in this case it's very difficult to believe this guy anymore. he was such a good liar . Now everytime he's gonna say something nobody will believe him.
Sad sad story. This guy had it all : talent, fantastic career, money, beautiful family and it wasn't enough....
he should go one week in Haiti just to see what's the reality of life is !!!!!!!!!!!!

1648 days ago


Show me one rich and famous man/woman with integrity.
Absence of Tiger means absence of thrill and money all over.
If Tiger needs sex we need money!

1648 days ago


Golf has a long legacy of noble goals and a strong sense of social responsibility. Tiger Woods just doesn't suit the cause. It's like the guy grew up in some sort of alleyway trash-bin drug gang and has a severely warped and dangerous problem going on. Now that this is front page news for everyone to see, the public will clearly understand that some out of control weirdo hitting balls around the park with stick just doesn't describe a hero or a role model.

1648 days ago

Vinings Guy    

We are pulling for you Tiger! We all make mistakes and fall short...don't let the naysayers get the best of you. There will always be detractors. You are still an idol to millions of young and old people around the world and the golfing world is different without your presence!

1648 days ago
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