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Felony Filed Against Anna Kournikova's Mom

2/17/2010 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Kournikova's mother has officially been charged with one felony count of neglect of a child.

Anna Kournikova and Mother
The Palm Beach County District Attorney's Office filed charges yesterday afternoon. Alla Kournikova was arrested last month after her 5-year-old son Allan -- who is Anna's half-brother -- was injured after Alla allegedly left him home alone while she ran errands.

Allan was found crying and bleeding by the Kournikovas' neighbors, after he either jumped or fell out of a second story window. Allan was hospitalized with minor injuries.

If convicted Alla faces a maximum of 5 years in prison.


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First !!

1707 days ago


I could even see if she had to leave him alone because she had to go to work and couldn't find a sitter. Alot of single parents have to make tough decisions like that. I don't condone that, but that's at least understandable. But to run errands?

1707 days ago


Balls and Kooky live on welfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1707 days ago


anyone who would leave a child that age alone regardless of the reason should be tarred and feathered in a public square.about the post forget to say special player comes with massive spyware.oldest trick in the book with a new spin.learned my lesson about "special players" about 5 years ago.

1707 days ago

nancy jo    

She Deserves to be in Jail For at Least 5 Years!!! How Can She Leave This Cutie At Home Alone?! That Was The Stupidist Thing She Could Have Done!

1707 days ago

It's All About Me    

Tarred and feathered? The problem is that the woman is from Europe... this is NOT an uncommon thing there. They don't coddle their little darlings the way americans do. No, no, no... don't do that it's not SAFE! sheesh. Leave her alone.

1707 days ago


What makes a dysfunctional, fragmented society even more dysfunctional ? Laws that criminalize people for shortcomings for which this fragmented, dysfunctional social system has to be held responsible for. Have we walked one step in that woman's shoes ? But we are eager to judge, right ?!

What do we know about the pressures she is under ? I know a woman who is raising three boys of her own, all from different fathers, all those fathers not being able to support the mother. Now she has to work to make a living for he kids. That means she is gone all day. She loves her children dearly and does whatever she can to make it up to them. But the kids are out on the streets after school. It is heartbreaking. Instead of reporting that family to the authorities I take the kids in during the hours where Mom is at work. I thought that that is more help than judging and criminalizing that caring, desperate mother.

Because the only choice there is legally is child protective services who would probably take the kids away from her, make her the bad person, the enemy, punishing her. How just is this all ??? Is that Mom a bad Mom ? And in case of Alla's arrest - who is served now ? The little boy ? The Mom ? No, but all those self-righteous oh so good, oh so perfect, and oh so clean and pious people who know it all, can do it all, and are so much better than that bad Mom. It is nauseating.

The US legal system is not set up to support resolving problems, it eliminates them through brutal punishment even of children, it is cruel, barbaric, and inhuman. May be Alla did not have the money to hire a sitter, may be there was nobody available, may be she was in peril and needed to get some items, may be medicines ? What do we know ?

But judging others makes us feel so good about ourselves, right ? How about looking at the causes of the problems that criminalize desperate people in this hammer slammer kill it all problem eliminating legal system ? For example why not building neighborhoods in a village like fashion where neighbors can support each other, little stores are in walking distance and so on ? But no, let's fragment society even more by building soulless suburbs where everybody sits isolated in their nice and neat cubicle backyard and their American dream house - left alone to deal with all life's adversaries. Can it get more stupid ?

It does not only need a whole village to raise ONE child, it takes a whole village for us people to live healthy and humane and stay intact. I am very sorry for what happened and it shows how sick our society is that such a thing actually can happen. Every mother, except she is mentally ill, loves her children and just does the best she can. Now Mom will be jailed and the little guy will go - where ? How good is that ? But I hope all the self-righteous revenge driven bigots are happy now !

1707 days ago


TMZ should use the pic on the right for a look-alike with Brooke Hogan!

1707 days ago


She does not deserve to be jailed for 5 years or any years. It was a foolish thing to do. She probably got away with it in the past, thinking he would be okay as before, but a child is still a child and something bad happened. At least should have called him or had him call her. 5 years old is way too young to be left alone but she needs counseling and probation. The child would suffer more if she is jailed. Seems she would be able to afford a nanny or drop him off at a daycare or something. She thought he would be okay, as foolish as it was, when he did not want to go with her and and wanted to stay home. Most likely, she thought he was "mature" for his age and would be okay. No excuse, but its the same scenario as parents that leave their kids in a running car to go into a store because they are sleeping and someone hijacks the car! Being a single parent is no excuse to jeopardize safety, but its hard being single. She has got to find him a daycare. I had a 24 hour daycare that I would drop my child off for short stays for something like errands, dates, etc and it was such a God send. Hope the judge has mercy on her.

1707 days ago


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1561 days ago


that is so despicable - reminds me of my parents :(

1377 days ago

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