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Brittany Murphy's Dad: I Was Denied from Grave

2/17/2010 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's father claims he was turned away from the cemetery where his daughter is buried after he asked officials to point him in the direction of the star's final resting place.

TMZ spoke with Angelo Bertolotti, who told us it all went down Monday afternoon when he arrived at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills and asked several employees for directions to Brittany's grave.

Bertolotti claims he was directed to the main office where officials refused to give him any information about his daughter ... despite the fact that Bertolotti claims he offered to provide proof of his relationship to Brittany.

FYI -- Bertolotti is not listed on Brittany's death certificate ... the section marked "father" was left blank.

Bertolotti tells us he was "raging" after being denied ... especially because he brought a special trinket to place on Brittany's grave.

A Forest Lawn rep tells TMZ, their policy is to allow people with proof of a relationship to a deceased person, access to the gravesite. The rep says they're checking into what happened with Mr. Bertolotti.

But Bertolotti isn't done fighting -- he says he's going to the L.A. County Coroner's Office today to get his name on Brittany's death certificate.


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Kinda seems like that should be public information doesn't it???

1711 days ago


The father should have legal rights to visit his daughter's GRAVE.

I still say there is FRAUD against the mother sharon murphy and her son in law simon on the charity. It appears they put all the money went in their own POCKETS.
I hope the investigators are still researching this so called charity.

1711 days ago



1711 days ago


#18 Barbie: I can't find anything that says he was barred from the funeral. Can you please cite a source?

And talk about getting money after her death! What about that bogus suit Simon was to file against Warner Brothers, blaming THEM for her death? That is just insane!

As for proving a relationship before being allowed into Forest Lawn, I don't doubt it. There are MANY famous people buried there and they have to regulate the flow of traffic, just like anywhere else.

Imagine trying to have a funeral for your own loved one on the anniversary of Michael Jackson's birth or death. There would just be too much mayem going on and it would be disruptive. Limiting flow to just relatives keeps the integrity of the property as well as the privacy of others trying to bury their loved ones in tact.

That said, why was Dr. Murray allowed in?

Plus, there is an issue of vandalizing graves and things like that.

1711 days ago


Brittany Murphy is dead dead dead who cares the more TMZ writes about her isn't going to make her rise from the dead and do a tell all about her self. She's dead dead dead move on.

1711 days ago


Sharon Murphy and Frankenstein Monjack should be ashamed of themselves! Brittany's father should be allowed to visit her grave to pay his respects and to make peace. That is disgraceful behavior! And he NEVER should have been left off of the death certificate!

The mother and the ugly-azz husband claim to be so distraught, yet they had enough presence of mine to continue their BS in regards to the father, on something as important as the death certificate and the "visitor's list" at Forest Lawn, who is also a disgrace!

Disgusting -- the both of them!!!

Believe me, wherever Brittany is, she has forgiven him.

1711 days ago


I do not understand the significances of why he feels compelled to place his name on the death certificate. I can understand if it was a birth certificate.

1711 days ago


Enough about Britany, TMZ!
It is becoming ghostly.

1711 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I believe this story but I sure cannot believe Forest Lawn would deny ANYONE from Visiting ANY gravesite or niche, especially a father. Usually, you only have to ask where so and so is buried and they tell you, give you a map, done deal.

I think something is up with that not so grieving widower of hers.

1711 days ago


"Angelo Bertolotti, Murphy's father, told that it's okay he wasn't invited, as he doesn't want to go. “I just want to remember her alive, he said. He has plans to eventually visit her grave, but about a month or so down the line."
The Father was listed on her Birth Cert. He is going to rectify the ommision on the Death Cert. so he can visit her resting place.
What makes the problem worse is security is even escorting fans away from the grave.

1711 days ago


Like another poster said, how was Dr. Murray allowed to visit MJ at Forrest Lawn along with the camera crew???

Sounds like Forrest Lawn is controlled by Monjack, probably paid off. Monjack should not be allowed to visit since he was partly responsible for he death. Besides Monjack had Brittany's mind controlled with pills at the hour of their marraige and all the way through until her death.

I read on the newstand this week that Monjack was telling Brittany that people wanted her dead, but not to worry because he would take care of her. I think he was telling her the truth, except he's the only one who wanted her dead!

The age difference between Brittany's mother and her father shows that Brittany's mother was not right in the head, even back then at the approximate age of 20 years old.

I found it odd, that Sharon Murphy skimmed over the questions about Brittany's family in the Larry King interview. She said she had no siblings (did not mention the half siblings, even if they were not that close or raised in close proximity.) Sharon Murphy skimmed over the father, too.

It's true, you have to divorce yourself from the dysfunctional family members, or else, you too will become dysfunctional. These people want to keep you down along with them. You have to understand these people will never change, nothing you can ever do will help them, they were this way all of their lives.

1711 days ago


There was no mistake or oversight with the death certificate situation and the father being turned away at the cemetary.

If Monjack and Sharon are so grief stricken, how could they contemplate the HUGE undertaking of a combined gala and memorial service just WEEKS after Brittany's death? They want FAST MONEY!
Brittany deserved a well-planned event, not something thrown together in 24 hours.

1711 days ago


j....WOW, that's some good reporting right there!

It's ridiculous that they wouldn't tell her dad where she is burried. We don't KNOW why he wasn't in her life and it's NOT our business. This is a freakin cemetary, let the guy in!!

Her husband and Mom are MORE than suspicious!

1711 days ago

Bobby From NY    

they didnt want her father to be on the certificate because he could then have a claim to her estate and file an appeal and tie the money up for years in litigation.for all we know he wasnt allowed to be part of her life growing up.i could see this mother intentionally driving him out of her life because thats more money for mamma.a lot of mothers think the father is nothing but a sperm donor maybe her mom is one of them.who knows why they divorced? could it have been a greedy mother/wife.he may not have even known where she was until she became to famous to visit and im sure mamma murphy wouldnt allow it.this makes me NOT trust her mother even more.this fake ass foundation all the larry king stuff monjak suing hollywood all adds up.

1711 days ago


Thanks for putting up the story, TMZ. What you left out though is the fact Angelo was in tears, his elderly heart 'WAS' broken because he would not be allowed to View his own Daughter Brittany's Grave. For Chrissakes It's Situated "Em" a PUBLIC C"Em"ETERY!!!

... OBVIOUSLY *MON-onucleosisjack* is "holding *that "c"Em"etery" BY *their collective DEATH-worshipping BALLS*. I bet *he's a luciferian/Devil-worshipper/KABALLIST* 'JUST' *like they are* "too"... check *the d"Em"onic pics he* "took" of Britt 'JUST' before She Passed...

1711 days ago
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