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Brittany Murphy's Dad: I Was Denied from Grave

2/17/2010 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's father claims he was turned away from the cemetery where his daughter is buried after he asked officials to point him in the direction of the star's final resting place.

TMZ spoke with Angelo Bertolotti, who told us it all went down Monday afternoon when he arrived at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills and asked several employees for directions to Brittany's grave.

Bertolotti claims he was directed to the main office where officials refused to give him any information about his daughter ... despite the fact that Bertolotti claims he offered to provide proof of his relationship to Brittany.

FYI -- Bertolotti is not listed on Brittany's death certificate ... the section marked "father" was left blank.

Bertolotti tells us he was "raging" after being denied ... especially because he brought a special trinket to place on Brittany's grave.

A Forest Lawn rep tells TMZ, their policy is to allow people with proof of a relationship to a deceased person, access to the gravesite. The rep says they're checking into what happened with Mr. Bertolotti.

But Bertolotti isn't done fighting -- he says he's going to the L.A. County Coroner's Office today to get his name on Brittany's death certificate.


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I know that it's trendy and BS-macho to hate on women-- I constantly see knee jerk woman-bashing, with low-life foul language, in the posts at TMZ-- but lighten up on Brittany's poor mom. It's gutless, sexist, and just flat out wrong. Brittany's husband has the sole right to determine where and how she is buried, who gets to see her grave, and even what personal info is on her death certificate. His rights are protected by law. Her mom has no control over any of this, and she is likely devastated by her daughter's death.

As far as her father goes, Brittany had issues with the way he treated her, and her mom, and she was ashamed that he turned out to be a mob boss, and ended up spending 20 years in prison because he didn't care enough about her to do right and stick by his family. She was ashamed, and didn't want anybody to know. She was also a little frightened of him, and scared of the people he might have angered. She also had hard feelings as she and her mom had a difficult life because of her dad's abandonment of them. Her husband, or cousin was probably just doing as Brittany would have wished, by leaving him off the certificate. She was estranged from him.

1645 days ago


You know bobby, that makes sense. It is not like Sharon did not know the what the Father did when she married him, there are all the classic signs of a stagemom/controller here and EVERYTHING since Brittany's death has been about money. It seems everyone has blamed Monjack and given Sharon a pass, none of this was outside her realm of knowing.

1645 days ago


... STFU and GTFO... *e"M" TROLL*. NO ONE HAS ANY S"Em"PATHY OR "Em"PATHY for Sharon Kathleen Murphy WHO KNOWINGLY HAD *sex* w/ A NOTED MOBSTER and Created Brittany w/ him. Angelo ALREADY had a history of *criminal activity* AND Sharon ALREADY KNEW IT.

Speaking of "already"... Angelo has ALREADY paid his debt to society and now wants to See his OWN Flesh and Blood Daughter's Final Resting Place.


1645 days ago


What #38 said explains a lot about the father being left off the death certificate and the reason for the estrangement, but the father should be allowed to visit the gravesite. Sounds like there's a lot of similarities between Monjack and the father.

1645 days ago

su.san smith    

RUMOR RAT got this story first! hee hee hee

1645 days ago


You know the more I think about it, why back in 2003 when the father was enjoying time with his daughter, would he come out with an interview "I was a gangster" and embarrass Brittany, that part of the story makes no sense, could it have been a way to cause the estrangement in the first place?

1645 days ago


#38 You know absolutely jack about the past... The fans & those who truly loved Britt will see this through so precious Britt can RIP. Truth my friend!

1645 days ago


And if it was not in the Fathers interest to do this then who else would benefit from the estrangement?

1645 days ago


That doesn't take an evil genius to figure out who would have profited also who would have had the info as to when he would be in the AP So the Rag could get a pic!!! She couldn't stand the fact that Britt had others in her life that she loved regardless of what she was told. That my friends is fact!

1645 days ago


To Brittanys Dad,

go to "find a grave" her gravesite info is public and listed below...including the plot.........

Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)
Los Angeles
Los Angeles County
California, USA
Plot: Bright Eternity, Lot 7402, Grave 1

1645 days ago


I know Brittany's Father and her family. They never wanted ANYTHING from her except the ability to show her the love they had for her. Her brothers and sister had a good relationship with her until they were slowly eased out by others who's interest in her was more selfish. They were not invited to the funeral and out of respect they stayed away. Yes, Angelo had a colorfull past and paid and did his time, but he's a old world classy guy and loved his daughter deeply. He didn't deserve this.

1645 days ago


... of COURSE Britt 'WAS'n't "afraid of" Her father AT ALL - do a Google search of an article on Britt and Angelo Bertolotti on the UK SUN website. Use key 'WORD's "Brittany, Father, Mobster, Sun" and the artcle will be first result "Em"cluding a PICTURE of them having dinner together in the late '90s...

BTW... "class" #39. *Thanks* for hijacking my moniker (*sarcasm*) BUT PLEASE BE MORE "SPECIFIC" as TO *WHO WERE THE "wrong people"* RESPONSIBLE FOR steering Britt "Em" the WRONG *direction" for Her "career" and Her "Life". 'DON'T' BE A COWARD... 'JUST' 'SAY' *their "NAMES"* e.g.,: JOANNE COLONNA, NICOLE PERNA, BAKER WINOKER RYDER.. oh YA... AND *JEFF KWATinetz* "too". I HOLD *these "people" PLUS MANY 'OTHER's* AS WELL AS *SKUM-thario* and Her "Mommy Dearest" Sharon Kathleen Murphy RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT Helping Britt GET OVER Her *addictions* AND "eating disorders" WHICH SUBSQU"Em"TLY HASTENED Her Death.


1645 days ago



Please, by morning, have an update stating that Brittany's father has visited her grave, delivered the trinket, and received an appology from Forest Lawn for their inappropriate behavior and handling of this matter.

If not, TMZ should escort Brittany's father to Forest Lawn to make sure he finds his way without any disturbances.

1645 days ago


Something is so wrong with her death!!
TMZ can you please help us (her fans etc) seek justice!! Please do not let her die in vain!!

1645 days ago


Samper===You asked where I had read that about Murphy's father not being allowed to attend the funeral. Someone kinda, sorta answered that question. It was on radaronline, which I don't read. I beleive it was either right here on TMZ or Popeater, but it could have been radaronline.

He wasn't allowed to attend the funeral for whatever reasons. I didn't make that part up, why would I ? It was in print here. It seems like it was a long time ago now but actually it isn't that long ago at all.

This father was going to the grave to pay respects to his daughter, Forest Lawn even without the proof should have allowed him to go to her gravesite, I mean the guys 90 years old, what harm would he have created or done to bar him from going there ?

1645 days ago
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