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I Lick Your Boom Boom Down

2/17/2010 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 40-year-old resurfaced on MySpace, looking anonymous.


Born Darrin O'Brien, the name Snow stands for "Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy."

Believe it or not, Snow has released five more albums since "Informer."


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Have you ever noticed that everything about Snow that appears online, whether this blog or the wikipedia article talks non stop about Marvin Prince? Heck, when it comes to Snow, Marvin Prince is many times larger - or so they would have us believe - than Snow. It appears to me that Mr. Prince or his posse do the writing on Mr Prince's behalf to try and prop up someone who's skillset has not risen on its own merit yet. Shame. Who, in their right mind would want to work with someone who so fervently goes after one of his own claimed successes?

Marvin Prince is often seen in Toronto, toting his backpack and cane hobbling. He is apprently in school at the Trebas Institute. Maybe he is building or refreshing his engineering skillset while carrying his backpack to and from school at his Ajax home day after day.

Being critical of someone so many years after a problem may be an indication of the depth of the person. Doesn't it? Go out and do something large Mr. Prince. Make your own name and your own reputation without having to malign someone else in order to make your reputation. Edit your "super-sized" status out of Snow's copy that appears on line. Embrace the high-level values you claim to possess. What is it that makes one artist want to trash another? Maybe its a little euphoric?

Yes, I have met Snow on a few occassions. I cannot say I am a fan particularly but Marvin Prince and his people should get off their self-righteous horses because the skeleton's do tend to come out when they are least expected. How many Juno awards and nominations do each of these two have? With or without each other?

Does Marvin Prince have talent? I believe so.
Does Marvin Prince have the breadth and depth to make it? I believe so.
Does Marvin Prince have skeleton's in his closet? I believe so.
Does Marvin Prince really have an injury? Probably. How was it caused? No, really?
Does Marvin Prince have a long line of solid, acclaimed productions under his belt? I can't seem to find many online, can you?
Does Marvin Prince have a long line of discovered artists to his credit? I cannot seem to find that either, can you?

Stones need to be put down. Build your own career with pride and integrity is what all need to do. Choose well.

Hiding, namelessly behind the anonymity of the blogging world isn't such a fun when you are on the receiving side? At least tdotsitgirl uses her own, normal handle - sort of.

1530 days ago


WELL I think I should clarify this back and forth of who did what, I have first hand knowledge of this whole issue between Snow and his ex partner Marvin Prince & I do say ex partner because in all Snow's earlier interviews when his song "Informer" busted on the scene back in 1993 Snow aka Darrin O'brien referred to Marvin Prince as his partner, I went into depth doing my research for my book "Why one hit wonders fail" and I found very interesting Snow mother whose name is Donna Obrien on the Adrienne Clarkson Show clearly saying in the interview "if it wasn't for Marvin Prince her son Darrin would still be in Jail, Marvin use to tell me (Donna), he's going to make my son a star & I use to laugh at this teenager telling me this, but it was really Marvin Prince who believed in him (Darrin) & when 2 people are in a business one has to be pusher and Marvin Prince was the pusher". I also looked at MTV do***entary for Spring Break Daytona & Snow clearly states 3x on 3 seperate interviews that Marvin Prince wrote the song "Informer" but the last verse was written by a Jamaican kid named little Reds, so to the above comments get yopur facts straight before you try to slander an individual, because before Snow made it where you! when Marvin Prince was running all over North America to get Snow signed.....but interesting enough in Snow's earlier do***entary's the only person he ever talked about was Marvin Prince, I watched Mr Prince on the television show CVM in Jamaica & clearly they resurfaced all the old interviews with Snow talking about Marvin Prince & Marvin Prince being behind the scenes for the platinum selling soundtrack "Booty call" & Ice Cube movie "Dangerous Grounds" ....what I see here is alot back biting and jealousy, but all you just did was give Marvin Prince free publicity & made it known even more for what Marvin Prince has done

1459 days ago


Blah Blah Blah that should be the chorus of snow's new song ....he only had one hit couldn't come back a real example of a one hit wonder the best thing he has going for em is hanging out at Remy's in Yorkville trying to act like he's somebody, nobody cares!!!!! its been proven in all his record sales when he tried to come back, he just continued flopping, he's a failure....Snow is an example of what not to do as artist...the track he did with the Jamaican boys, they crushed him on his own track, it was like a bulldozer running over an egg!!!!!! thank goodness for eminem to be an inspiration to white artists like myself, eminem has been putting out hit after hit, Snow or should I say flop tart, the best thing Snow should do is go to the bars by York University & sing at least, he'll get a tip!

1452 days ago


can Snow make a comeback? No!

if Snow dies do you think his records that did not sell will sell? Hell No!

should Snow and his mom make a record? Hell yeah she wants the spotlight! also since Snow sold his mom's house for money, that would be a great forgiveness present they should call the album "SKIN FLUTE"

Where can Snow be found? @ Remy's or local clubs on richmond St

is Snow going to open for local toronto artists again? most likely they need a joker to open the shows!

will snow be able to speak Jamaican? only if he continues to read how to speak Jamaican books!

is Snow conscience killing him because he had a relationship for 5 years behind his wife Tammy back before she died? I don't think he cares he's abused her so much.

Will Snow be allowed back in Jamaica? I think he's embarrassed since he got his ass kicked & threatened not to come back.

Will Snow ever make the movie about his life that he talked about? I think he should and call it "the wanna be Jamaican Cornball from Allenbury who wears mc shan pumas"

Where do we see Snow 5 years from now? in a bar in pum pum shorts singing with a 3 piece male band called "Battie riders"

Is Chubb Rock Tanya from Koch still on Snow's Jock? well she will get her chance now that Tamei is dead, Snow ****s anything!

Does Snow believe his own hype? he can't spell hype!

1451 days ago



1446 days ago


This message is to the above comment posted by CHARLES. I do not disagree with your statement, Im wondering how you know so much.My guess is you are close to him, How did u know about Tameis death, How do you know him,do you know who this 5 year relationship is with, and what happend with this woman at KOCH?

1446 days ago


charles, darrin is not a very good speller and did cheat on tamei,and he has been talking about his life movie for forever but is tangled up with the wrong people obvously because it hasnt happened yet..i know him well,& judging by your comment you do to. id love to talk to you privately.

1357 days ago


Sheri heres my email address I can be reached

1344 days ago


charles your address didnt work

1327 days ago


SHERI can you give me your email address, id like to ask you some questions, cause you seem to know a lot about snow, thank

1316 days ago


Sorry sheri it's

1313 days ago


TONY my email is

1234 days ago
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