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Jon Gosselin Settles Up with TLC

2/17/2010 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TLC and Jon Gosselin have settled their respective lawsuits against each other .... TMZ has learned.

Jon Gosselin Settles Up with TLC

TLC sued Gosselin claiming Jon violated their contract by talking smack about the show and appearing on rival shows for pay.

Gosselin countersued TLC, claiming the network caused him to suffer harm to his "reputation."

Terms of the settlement are confidential.

Jon and Kate


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I believe that TLC was in the wrong and they knew what Jon was saying about them was true. If it wasn't, then they wouldn't have settled with Jon and the terms of the settlement wouldn't be confidential. They fired Jon for no reason and Jon fought back.

In my opinion. TLC did destroy's Jon name. How? They have made him out to be the bad guy. They wanted Kate to shine and Jon to look like he wasn't a good father.

Kate has done some stuff as well, but TLC made sure that she was hidden.

Kate is not innocent.

I hope that Jon didn't agree to let his children be back on TV. The children doesn't need to be making money for either parents.

I thought that TLC was doing a show with only Kate.

If Kate is back on the air with the children, I hope the ratings are so low that TLC has no choice but to cancel her new show.

1705 days ago


You go Jon!!!!! I hope you get the kids while Kate continues to use them for sympathy to try to advance herself on DWTS when she can't dance. 3 nannies paid to raise them when there is loving family (that the kids also love) that are denied to see them all because they disagreed with her once. Plus she needs them close to pull them out and use them at will. She should be seeing a shrink to learn how to be a loving mother and person and not DANCE LESSONS which are obviously over her head and ability. We can now add dancing to the long list of things Kate CAN'T DO.

1658 days ago


Kate is the abusing jacka$$ in this family. She should be alone.....she doesn't play well with others. Everytime she opens her big ugly mouth we see how uncaring and rude and distructive she is and has been to her family.

1658 days ago


Reputation?! What reputation?! He destroyed that when he started whorin' around with everyone before he was even legally separated let alone divorced. Nice for his kids to see their Dad acting like that. Then saying he "despised" his wife (the kids mom) on national T.V. NIIIICE!

This guy is now fat, with a bad complexion and NO T.V. appeal. The only reason he's suing for custody is so that he can follow up with child support form Kate since she's the only marketable personality between the two of them.

And, he can always sell his million dollar condo he bought in New York (guess he couldn't find a place in P.A. for less to be nearer to his kids).

Can you spell L O S E R!!!

1650 days ago

Joel Kent    

Let's all look back at the episode of them going to Hawaii and the way Kate behaved at the airport, she did not act like he was a partner at best it was a teenager that she had hired to take care of the children. Kate is a bossy, sociopath that believes that she rules the world. Now on the flip side she married a man that adores her, but is nothing more than a big kid himself. So her behavior coupled with his gets you what we are all seeing now. So until they both own up to their short comings this will continue for ever it appears.
And why on earth would Jon be paying 22K in child support? That figure is insane???? Please lets get real these people are common folk that happen to have 8 children that TLC saw as a cash cow.
Thats really what tis is about......

1637 days ago
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