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Jon Gosselin Settles Up with TLC

2/17/2010 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TLC and Jon Gosselin have settled their respective lawsuits against each other .... TMZ has learned.

Jon Gosselin Settles Up with TLC

TLC sued Gosselin claiming Jon violated their contract by talking smack about the show and appearing on rival shows for pay.

Gosselin countersued TLC, claiming the network caused him to suffer harm to his "reputation."

Terms of the settlement are confidential.

Jon and Kate


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Does this mean Kate and TLC will be back to exploiting the Gosselin 8? Haven't these children been exploited enough? Let them find out what a normal life is all about for once, no cameras or WORKING CHILDHOOD TO MAKE MOMMY RICH OR FAMOUS!
PS... Did Jon agree to mind the children again while Kate promotes her new book for 2 years around the country with her bodyguard, Steve Neild? At least now, she won't have to hide her fine dining and partying.

1648 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Can Gosselin sue himself for harm to his own reputation?

1648 days ago


Jon, Jon go away.......That's all I got.

1648 days ago


Bend over Jon. Get use to it!

1648 days ago


This family was filmed going down hill for a long time. Kate was an abusive bully and if he treated her the same all hell would have broke loose. He whored himself around town probably to show Kate she can't rule him anymore.....WRONG...just as she didn't care how her actions affected their children, he also didn't care how his actions affected their children. He should have stopped production before they got their mansion and demanded they go to counseling, and if she refused, go without her. That I think would have earned him more respect. TLC wouldn't have liked it though, because more drama = higher ratings. Except for me, I stopped watching the show because I couldn't take Kate anymore. She could learn from 12 Around the Table and 19 kids and counting.I think both Jon and Kate should be ashamed. Hopefully they go to counseling now, for their children's sake,see a mediator and take care of what the most important business of all is...Their children.

1648 days ago


Jon Gosselin joins the JERKS OF AMERICA CLUB.

Now hopefully, he will join the EXIT AS FAST AS YOU CAN CLUB!

1648 days ago


OMG! @22 u got to be kidding about the CAT...People like Jon glides threw any legal problems they have& come out smiling.Jon will be on TV making money..The apartment thing will slide threw as well,plus hailey not going to sue jon..Jon going to start with a clean slate..All this crap about a suit is over & the Apartment thing will be over as well..It started out JON GOING JAIL over TLC,but Jon lost& won ..I betJon lawyer like a public defender,FREE,FREE...

1648 days ago


Jon Korean,plus his children part Korean..To me none of the children looks like kate..kate did mention that the korean genes are dominate over white genes..The children are so beautiful..I just hope the children will follow Kate footsteps,and not be so LAZY like thier DAD and use people.....

1648 days ago


First Shawn and Tila, now Jon and TLC. It must be the reason for the season on St. Valentine. Who else will make up this week. Dibs on Lindsay and Sam.

1647 days ago


Shame on TLC. This jack ass basically accused this network of abusing his children due to the conditions they were being placed under during the tapings of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the minutes Jon says he will allow TLC to resume taping his kids if they back off TLC goes for it. If someone had eluded to the fact that I was abusing their kid/kids you had better believe I would have seen that suit all the way through and TLC should not have backed off on this. Jon is the only one responsible for his reputation being ruined. His actions and his actions alone did that not TLC. Jon is a spoiled brat. Never was that more clear then when he was when he was booted from the show, due to his childish/whorish behavior,and as if to say 'if I can't have my way I'll show you' he accused TLC of wrong doing when it came to the children and pulled them from the show. But instead of TLC standing up to this idiot the minute Jon basically says 'if you drop the suit you can tape the kids again' TLC settles. Is TLC that desperate? If someone has accused me of what he accused TLC of I would have said 'Sorry Jon you made your bed now lie in it' and I would have continued with the suit even if I knew he would never be able to pay a dime of it. I am disappointed in TLC.

1647 days ago


How do you sue someone for harm to an already sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl reputation?

1647 days ago

Donna - Phoenix    

aahhhh, your fifteen minutes of FAME over so Quickly.

1647 days ago


Well I'm glad there was a settlement, but I certainly hope Jon didn't buckle under and allow the kids to be filmed. If he did he's a royal smuck.
I still think TLC sucks

1647 days ago


So sick of the Gosselins. Make them go away. The parents and kids whine too much and are too spoiled.

1647 days ago


Harm his "reputation"..the entire nation already knew he was a secret Jon!

1647 days ago
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