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Mischa Barton Smoked Out -- Just a 'Rollie'

2/17/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mischa Barton admitted what she was curiously puffing on the other day telling us last night outside of Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills, it was nothing more than "a rollie."

Mischa Barton: Click to watch
According to the incredibly reliable Urban Dictionary, a rollie is "a cigarette that you roll yourself" ... or a "real cool guy that lives in Washington." We're guessing she meant the former.

BTW -- anyone notice the pack of pre-rolled Parliaments already in the car?


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Ya right and the pope is Jewish

1678 days ago


unlike some of the others here, I know nothing about rolling cigarettes and jailhouse smoking habits. But if she was smoking a J and driving, then she deserves to be arrested.

1678 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Great choice of cars. That classic Cadillac she drives gets something like 9 mpg in the city. I bet it will end up in the body shop most of the time.

1677 days ago

TV Gord    

If that was a tobacco cigarette, she really skimps on the tobacco. That spliff was scrawnier than she used to be.

1677 days ago


Druggies = Liars

It's a natural law.

1677 days ago


To those who think smoking dope is cool: sure, but how about when you're driving? Doesn't that change things? Drink, smoke,talk on the phone, text someone, sext someone, do your nails, whatever---but not while you're driving.

1677 days ago

Savannah, Ga Chick    

I think it is funny she is smoking parliaments, those are one of the cheapest brands you can buy. Maybe someone is running out of the O.C. money. Between all the food she has managed to tuck away, the drugs she is on ( I htink it is more than just pot), and trying to keep up with the jones' She is broke, or damn near close to it.

1677 days ago


Rollie my ass. Just say "no comment" Mischa. Now you seem like a toker and a liar.

1677 days ago


OMG what makes me mad is that she smokes and drives.What a stupid bimbo.ur setting a bad example and ur not helping the cause to make weed legal.what if she got in an accident? I swear it takes one stupid person to screw everything up for everyone else.

1677 days ago


I've never seen a person who rolls their own cigarettes smoke it down to the roach and suck on it like they're taking their last breath. She should lay off the "rollies" she doesn't have the brain cells to spare.

1677 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

She has been photographed smoking pot while driving before. She's proof you can become addicted to pot. If she wants to be a pot-head, go for it -- just never get behind the wheel of a car!

1677 days ago


Somebody send the video of Mischa smoking a doobie and driving erratically to the LAPD. The police need to keep an eye on her especially when she's in her car.

1677 days ago


LOL #4

1676 days ago


ok lol some of you are just mean. leave her alone. 1st of all maybe it was a cig and if you dont want to listen her thenwhatever. 2nd if it is weed who gives a fu*k. really! and 3rd you guys are saying she is fat and to put it down and stop getting the munchies....i say how about you worry about yourselfs and not worry about what she is doing with herself. ITS NOT YOUR LIFE ITS HERS AND SHE WILL DO WHAT SHE WANTS. GET OVER IT. yu guys sit here and bash her but i wonder how you would feel if it was your pic up here and everone bashing you. calling you fat or a lier or whatever. think about that. no one is perfect.

1676 days ago


So basically, Sarah, what you're saying is that you're 100% in favor of people driving while under the influence?

1676 days ago
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