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Nancy Kerrigan's Brother Allowed to Live w/ Mom

2/17/2010 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy KerriganNancy Kerrigan's brother -- who faces charges of assaulting his father -- will be allowed to live with his mother after posting bail.

The judge changed the terms of Mark Kerrigan's bail this morning ... if he posts $10,000 bail, he can move back into the family home with his mom. The D.A. objected to the change, to no avail.

We're told if Mark posts bail, he'll have to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet and he can only leave the house for limited purposes.

Mark will also have to stay sober, and submit to random drug and alcohol testing.


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Nuclear Family Ties    

Remember folks....Mark is probably under the influence of heavy major tranquilizers legally prescribed for his post traumatic stress disorder from his Army days even though he saw no battle time.

Mark will be nice and compliant..drooling in the corner of the house like a 99 yr old dude in a nursing home. Its quite possible Mark has forgot his name and what planet he's on.

1688 days ago


Nancy Kerrigan should NOT have let this happen. Now her mother is in harms way. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.

1688 days ago


he will have to stay sober. oh yeh, he's going to do that. alcoholics can stay sober on command. this family is nuts.

1688 days ago


Yep, a family with a problem. But I wonder if it's as incurable as the Palins: Did you know that Sarah Palin named her son after the disease he has?

Watch this video to see how the clinical word for the disease, is "Trig", the name chosen for the kid. Very classy, Sarah, very classy. Sarah Palin aught to be banned from being a parent.

1688 days ago


i agree with you all and i cannot understand how his family would even want him there after such a traumatic event.the memories and seeing his face knowing what he did would be way to much for me to deal with.kerrigan never seemed like the smartest cookie to me when they had all the interviews with her.guess it runs in the i am still trying to figure out the broken throat.he choked him the man died regardless of heart problems it was more a breathing/pulmanary problem sustained from the crushing issue that brought on the heart problem.either way the man was gonna die from not being able to breathe or have a coronary from it for lack of oxygen and excitement/stress

1688 days ago


I guess murder is allowed here now..You can go out beat some one shot some one run them down with a car inject them with drugs...ANYTHING and kill them and it is ok around here..Damn....his mom will piss him off... where do you think she will end up?? Next to her her hubby...HELLO !!!!!!! what is this world coming too? If you want to kill someone join the service and go fight in the war going on....

1688 days ago


Looks like if you commit the crime, you don't have to do the time, in Massachusetts anyway. From Teddy Kennedy's bridge to nowhere killing of Mary Jo, to Dr. Amy Fisher's accidental shotgun blast killing of her brother, pipe bombing attempt at knocking off her boss and going postal over a child's booster seat at a pancake house, to Nancy K's brother's strangulation of his own father, Massachusetts sure excuses a lot of white on white crime.

1688 days ago


killing someone and getting to stay out of jail...celebrity justice.eAT sH#$t Nancy..Pugface.

1688 days ago


This is called enabling - the same attitude that has been covering up for that crazy witch college professor all her life. Sbe just killed three people, and her husband is still defending her. She shot her own brother, but the mother claimed it was just an accident.

1688 days ago


So, basically, now when he gets mad he can kill his other parent.

1688 days ago


What?? So he can kill his mother next??

1688 days ago


They are all enablers. This is what they do. This is why they call them enablers. Just wait till he doesn't get the booze he wants from is mother when he is alone with her. I hope she has a lifeline on her to call police. He will never get the help he needs if they do this. They should practice tough love, let go and let god. They don't get it. They are trying to make the mother feel better by bringing him home.(!!!) "Oh, your father loved him and wouldn't want him in jail, it was an accident" Nancy's money will not fix this problem. He is an alcoholic who needs AA. The worst thing they can do for him is ENABLE him!!

I think Tonya should be outside waiting to help to!

1688 days ago


white on white crime?? lots of black on black crime in the hood!!!

1688 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Once again the hard liner commenters on TMZ didn't know what they were talking about.

1688 days ago


@#1 - Apparently, in Massacusetts, even if you put a bullet in someone's body it's not murder if your parents say it's okay - just ask Amy Bishop.

1687 days ago
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