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Tiger Woods On the Run

First Photo

2/17/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods is back in black.


We got this photo, taken earlier today, of Tiger jogging near his home in Florida.

He's wearing his Nike shirt and shorts -- important because Nike stuck by him.

Tiger is not wearing a wedding ring.

It feels like this was a photo op ... taken by Getty Images. It's not a paparazzi agency. If it were, it could have been worth millions. The photo was taken by Sam Greenwood, a Getty sports photog who's pretty famous.

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No Avatar


I'd watch if he was playing in a more suitable game like the Masterbater's Open Tournament. Then I'd shut my eyes! ~ Not the Masters.

1675 days ago

Better Than You    

Who cares. Golf sucks. The only good thing to every come out of it is Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore.

1675 days ago

No One Gets Out Alive    

I guess his face finally healed up. Tiger, you are a fraud. It doesn't matter how many fake photo opps that you post. You may be the greatest golfer that ever lived, but you are also the lowest person as well. You will never be trusted again, take that to the bank.

1675 days ago


People, the person jogging with Tiger is a MAN, it's his personal trainer, bunch of idiots!!! HAH!

Anyways, say what you have to say, Tiger! Don't worry about people believing it or not because there will always be haters out there who will trash you, so just say what you want to say and it's ONLY for your WIFE and KIDS NOT the public! Going forward, just focus on your wife, kids, and golf! I'm still a fan! See you at the games! Beat the record, Tiger!!!

1675 days ago


Not sure if this was covered already, but is he running with a dude or a chick? I think it's a man, but the small (man?) boobs and feminine looking face are throwing me off.

1675 days ago


A trainer with man-boobs, lol

1675 days ago


Boycott this PHONY, BALONEY press conference, where NO HARD QUESTIONS ARE ASKED. Let him run it on his website. The media is NOT around to peddle his BS and lies. Screw him! Also, keep following around this jerk and see how long it takes him to start cheating again. The sports media dropped the ball BIG TIME on this jerk, and just kissed his ass. It was only THE ENQUIRER that broke the REAL story about his womanizing.

1675 days ago


He's still as homely looking and nasty as ever. He will make a statement on Friday and will play the victim I'm sure and want sympathy and pretend he's sorry. He'll probably even shed crocodile tears regarding his unexcusable conduct. The only thing he's sorry about is that his nasty life style was exposed.

1675 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

POLARBEAR is a big fat stupid retarded fool! No matter what the voices in your head tell you, Tiger is coming back! FU POLARBEAR FU!!!!!!!!!!! and your phony morals!

1675 days ago


He's always going to be the butt of jokes now, forever more. But a rich butt, lol.

1675 days ago


Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? Hes not the first and he wont be the last to cheat. let it go already he F'ed up big time its life people need to worry about whats goin on with there own life and let the man do what he does best and thats PLAY GOLF!!!

1675 days ago


Listen Tiger Woods is NOT any differant from anyone else who is an athelete these men have women throwing themselves at him for real Im a girl and been with my man for 20 years been there and its sucks but he grew out of it and were living happy ever after he was to young to get married to begin with I think that marriage was forced by his dad or whoever I think he learned his lesson let him just do what he does play golf anthing else is not our business he made a mistake but what would the average man do if he had thousands and thousands of women hot women at that throwing themselves at him eventually you'll give in hes human and humans make mistakes give him a break and get over as soon as tiger starts winning NO ONE will ever remember his personal problems thats for sure NEVER JUDGE UNLESS YOU'VE BEEN THERE JENINE REYNOLDS FROM PHILLY

1675 days ago


bwhahaha FU PAP's tiger is one person who said he didnt want his pic taken by yall and he didnt have it taken by yall.

1675 days ago


It's BS for Tiger enablers, excusers, and supporters to claim that a famous, wealthy person can lead two entirely different lives. Such a person is an imitation of a real, decent human being. Tiger is a phony person. I don't know how Elin can stand to be near him.

1675 days ago

ex lax    

I still thinks it funny, he chasing after a one legged transvestite

1675 days ago
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